View Full Version : Help me finish a 2000pts Wood Elves Army.. Please!

22-09-2005, 10:38
I haven't played Warhammer or 40K in several years due to time and money constraints, but "luckily" I recently had an emergency major operation and have to take several months off work to recover, which leaves me with plenty of time to get on with one. The new Wood Elf models totally swung it for me, so i've decided to plan out a 2000 point army of them which i've started buying.. I've got a bit stuck as to what to do with the last 350pts though, so any suggestions (as well as those for the rest of the army list or anything in general) would be much appreciated. Thanks! It doesn't have to be tournament winning or anything, just fun and not totally impossible to win with.

One thought I had was maybe some Wardancers with a Wardancer noble with the blades of loec, as that seems like it could be a pretty effective unit, any thoughts? Anyway, my list as it currently stands..


+ Oaken Armour
+ Amber Pendant
+ Great Weapon
= (236)

+ Level 2 Wizard
+ 2 Dispel Scrolls
= (175)

411 pts


10 Glade Guard (120)
10 Glade Guard (120)
8 Dryads (96)
8 Dryads (96)
18 Eternal Guard
+ Full Command
= (234)
18 Eternal Guard
+ Full Command
= (234)

840 pts


6 Wild Riders
+ Full Command
= (192)
3 Tree Kin (195)

387 pts

Total = 1638 pts

Thanks again to anyone who reads or replies!

22-09-2005, 21:04
I like the list, the two units of eternal guard are pretty boss.
Wild riders are sweet, and tree kin are soooo goood, 4+/5+ is awesome combined with str5/to5.

My next addition would have to be either a little more magic or a little more shooting along with a unit of wardancers.

Try boosting the Glade Guard to 12 and add another unit of twelve, then the wardancers

Or boost the glade guard to 12 and add a spell caster, lvl 2 with a bound item or such. This will give you a bit more magic defense and add to you magical offense. Then yet again the wardancers should come in too.

I think your base list here is mighty fighty, which is sweet, it just needs to be complimented by some more ranged stuff. Good Luck, it just tempts me more and more to do these gents.


22-09-2005, 23:06
I would highly reccomend a BSB, you would then have two LD9 stubborn units who could re-roll failed break tests. My only criticism would be you don't have much to force people to come at you. This need not mean more shooting, merely the ability to eliminate your opponents shooting/magic. Two Great eagles would go very nicely in this list I think, and at 100 points for both they're a steal.

23-09-2005, 03:56
add another wizard for th dispel power

24-09-2005, 09:57
Thanks for all the replies! Suddenly what seemed like quite a large points gap to fill isn't nearly big enough! I completely understand about what you mean about making the army more shooty to draw the other army forwards, especially as it's one of the strengths of the Wood Elves.
I also thought my army was a bit weak magically too.. Maybe another spellsinger with a dispel scroll and the deepwood sphere?
A battle standard bearer was in my initial army list, but I dropped it out after deciding that LD9 (or 10 if they are close enough to the general) would probably allow them to stay in combat long enough for something else to flank charge their opponents.

Thanks again for replying, it's given me a lot to think about!