View Full Version : "Star Wars: Empire At War"

John Wayne II
01-01-2008, 15:33
I have played the demos of this and the expansion pack and have enjoyed it for the most part. What are people's thoughts on it? The ground combat seems ok, a cross between C&C and Ground Control, and the space combat, while not having the depth of something like Homeworld, is probably the best aspect of the whole game. The management section is simple enough to understand while adding depth to a game that would otherwise be just another RTS. To those who have played the game...should I get it?

The pestilent 1
01-01-2008, 16:18
It's fun... Until you realise that it's about as balanced as a rock and a feather.
The third faction (Zann consortium or some rubbish?) Is utterly broken, many units are pretty much pointless the moment you have unit X and most battles come down to spamming the hell out of bombers and frigates.

Like I say, it is fun, but I've not touched it in a Loooong time.

01-01-2008, 17:13
The ground battles are rubbish.

The space battles are a laugh.