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22-09-2005, 13:52
if a unit that is stubborn loses a round in hth combat against a unit that cause fear and has higher unit strenght. Does the stubborn unit autobreak or does the stubborn rule nullify the autobreak rule?

22-09-2005, 13:56
Stubborn rule does not nullify the auto-break rule - they run the same as everyone else in this case.

22-09-2005, 16:22
Exactly. Stubborn just means that all break test are made against the unmodified leadership. If fighting against a unit causing fear however you don`t even get to make a check (if your unit strength is lower), thus the stubborn rule doesn`t come into play.

22-09-2005, 16:53
ok thank you.

22-09-2005, 17:10
HE White Lions w/ the Lion Standard (i think thats what its called) then a hero wearing a loremasters cloak are one damn tough cookie to crack ;)

Stubborn ld 9 or 10, 2+ ward vs magic, lion cloak vs ranged + hiding in woods and lastly... the standard making them immune ti fear and terror ;)

- g0ddy