View Full Version : HE VS DE, help with army list, plz.

16-04-2005, 02:29
I am looking for some guidance on an HE vs DE army list... I have all of the major troop types available in numbers, so that's not an issue. I have played the HE quite a bit, and I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with a list as I have never went up against DE.

I am looking for help at 2150 pts... Thanks (Urgent, game tomorrow. :) )

16-04-2005, 02:34
Um, Shadow warriors hate Dark elves if that is any help. Does your opponent play shooty, large infantry block, fast cavalry force, or other? That would help us help you.

16-04-2005, 04:18
I am not sure what he plays, as this is the first game he is going to take a pure DE list. He normally plays Cult of Slaanesh.

I expect Cold One Knights, Chariots, etc...

Suggestions are welcomed.

16-04-2005, 04:27
Then I'll go with my obsessive. Two dragons (One High elf, the other Asarnil) and a big rock.

Seriously though, since he plays Cult of Slaanesh a bunch, I would expect to see more than a few of the Witch elves making an appearance, since they are very similar. And since you expect chariots, and knights, I'd suggest the Bow of bolt thrower death on a guy on an eagle, Bolt throwers, and since high elf specialists have a bigger Initiative than the Dark eldar counterpart, and because they kick so much ass, swordmasters. Last, some shadow warriors to screw with his chariots is a good plan.

But mostly, I'd bring a big rock.

Major Defense
16-04-2005, 20:50
Two dragons (One High elf, the other Asarnil)

Are there rules for Asarnil anywhere?

16-04-2005, 21:08
As a Dark Elf player whos main opponent is a High Elf player you are possibly one of the more difficult opponents for a Dark Elf player.
Your Heavy cavalry is faster than ours, your chariots are faster, your spearmen fight in 3 ranks (this is a much bigger deal than you'd think) you can bring much more magic to bear.
Rant over.
My biggest difficulty when facing my opponents High Elf army are the two large (20 +) units of Spearmen with standard. 5 wide and 4 deep you'll have full rank bonus and 15 attacks if he charges you (which he won't do if he's clever) or 10 if you charge.
He will constantly be trying to outflank these units so he can charge their flanks and aviod the many ranks of Spiky Death.
So have these blocks flanked on either side by a chariot.
Silver Helms are useful too, while they may not be as fast as Dark Riders, they are faster than anything else in the Dark elf army and hit just as hard as any other Heavy cavalry unit.
Dragon Princes, bleh! If I don't want to get charged by these guys then I have to sacrifice a unit of Dark Riders to blocking their path.
Great eagles are also a pain, allowing you to block march moves or chase lone sorceress models around the table.

You may not think that the Stoic rule is such a big deal but to most Dark elf players it is a nightmare. no matter how much we may whittle down your units with magic and missle fire, you'll keep on coming. If we ever get the chance to charge your flanks, your troops may glance to on side, merely shrug then carry on fighting.

17-04-2005, 00:42
Are there rules for Asarnil anywhere?
In Chronicles 2004 and in ArmyBuilder. ;)

Basically, think a ROR, Hero+Rare, High Elf Lord with W2/In7 on a dragon. Harder to hit by missiles, bonus on monster reaction test.

The most important thing to remember is that Dark Elves must pursue High Elves because of their hatred. This makes Great Eagles and Shadow Warriors truly awesome against them, being able to trick them into pursuing from the table or into forests (did you say he uses...Cold One Chariots? :evilgrin: ). Or just set up a charge with 2 of your units. Or make those Cold One Knights pursue so that their flank is facing one of your RBT's.

Major Defense
18-04-2005, 17:17
Are there rules for Asarnil anywhere?

I found Asarnil. He's not horrible but I could only see him as useful for squeezing two dragons into a 2000 point army.