View Full Version : Help with Raven Guard Markings

22-09-2005, 14:52
OK, here's my problem...

The Insignium Astartes book, IIRC, remains largely silent on this issue, merely calling out the company number on the knee pad as the main difference with the Codex...

The Index Astartes article (recently reprinted in IA4, right?) states that the ROLE of the marine dictates his shoulder pad rim color:

RED for assault.

GREEN for tactical.

YELLOW for devestator.

Now, the picture of Capt. Shrike's 3rd company in the new SM codex has EVERYONE with a RED shoulder pad rim. Regardless of role.

So, has Shrike broken with Corax, is the IA article now "wrong" and are we to assume that the Raven Guard now follow the "classic" Codex Ultramarine method of shoulder pad rim denoting company or, has GW goofed?

I think I'll stick with the IA version, but I'm just wondering what other's are thinking.

(That is, if anyone else is thinking about it! Given the RG's current state, probably not, but, you never know, right?)

Brother Othorio
22-09-2005, 16:57
my money says goofed, they also goofed the White Consuls in the Codex and How to Paint Space Marines ignores the IA fluff for White Scars, Iron Hands and Salamanders.. the Eavy Metal team really is getting sloppy these days.. (at least there was a decent reason when they did the unfluffy Red Corsairs in the Chaos Codex)