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sing Sang a song
03-01-2008, 00:15
so i got one more battalion and one more spellsinger with money i had and i made a list 1500pts for my tag match and here goes

spellsinger lvl2 calaingor's stave, powerstone=175
spellsinger lvl2 the deepwood sphere, ranu's heartstone=170
branchwraith lvl1 a murder of spites a lamentation of despairs=165

2x10 glade guard musician=252
10 glade guard=120
2x5 glade riders musician=258
2x10 dryads=240

5 waywatcher=120

1500pts total

this list is actually add-on of my 1000 point army which faired pretty well won 3 game out of 5 (destroyed my friend's swordmasters before they can kill anything)
my branch wraith is actually bait to make my friends waste their dispel dice early on so they cant dispel other spells from spellsinger (they only use one wizard for some reason)
waywatcher are to take out warmachine and reduce number of enemy core units that way i can put all my efforts to other enemy units and my 2 units of glade riders will try to stop enemy from marching and also take out pesky enemy core units, also im going to use use dryads to take out any enemy units that survived my hail of arrows
what do you think?:p

sing Sang a song
03-01-2008, 15:26
umm any comments??

03-01-2008, 15:44
For an army based on core you still have over a third of the points tied up in characters...

In general though I think it would do fine.