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Ok, I know this is long but with unbreakable armies battle tend to last a long time.



Leading the remains of her Dark Elf force that had just been defeated by a Dwarf Slayer army. Magdalena knew they were being pursued, but thought they had finally gotten away from the Slayers. When suddenly one of her Shades appeared and ran towards her. Magdalena said, “What news do you bring of the Slayer Army?” The scout responded, “My queen the Slayers are still behind us, their relentlessness has kept them on our tail. At this rate they will catch us by nightfall.” Magdalena knew her army would be slaughtered if they were too fight again they were too weakened from the first encounter. She thought aloud, “Slayers behind us and High Elf realms to our flank.” She patted her Dark Pegasus while pondering what to do. Then a devilish grin grew on her face. “I know what to do”, she said. She began to summon a spell of Dark Illusion, suddenly her Pegasus was now a Black Dragon, “This will attract them for sure”, she said” Then she commanded, “Wait here, I shall return soon” and flew into the air on her illusion made mount…

The Dwarf Daemon Slayer was yelling for his army to keep moving, “We’ve got be close, and then we can die with honor”. Then up in the sky from beyond the trees appeared a Dark Elf women flying on a Dragon heading north into the High Elf realms. The Daemon Slayer said, “That’s her, follow her, and slay them all.” The entire Slayer army turned north and marched into the High Elf Realms following the Witch riding on the Dragon…

Magdalena glanced over her shoulder, and saw the Slayers following her. It was working and now she would spring the second part of her plan. She quickly changed her mounts appearance to a Pegasus and landed next to a small heard of Elven Steeds. She then cast her illusion spell on the on the Elven Steeds, and soon all of them now looked like various evil creatures (Dragons, Manticores, Dark Pegasus, etc) She then mounted her Pegasus steed and flew away from the valley. As she did she saw the Slayers were fooled by the illusions and they began to slaughter the poor helpless Elven steeds. She also noticed a small high elf army on the other side of the ridge. How delicious she thought. She wished she could stay and watch the outcome, but knew it was not wise and so flew back to the remains of her army…

Helglen, the Archmage of Saphrey had almost returned home after fighting the Wood Land spirits several days ago. He thought to himself, “His army would be home in a day or two. So good it would be to return home and relax…” Suddenly, he heard sounds of Elven Horses screaming in terror, being fluent in Animal Tongue he also heard screams of help us anybody? He summoned Ferelen his Noble Battle Standard Bearer. When Ferelen arrived he saw distress on Helglen’s face, and asked “What is it?” Helglen replied turn our army around, Horses call for help behind us beyond in the next valley and we must help them!” Ferelen gave the command and the army turned and marched into the valley. On arrival they saw Dwarfen Slayers, slaughtering defenseless steeds. Helglen, was outraged by the gruesome sight and told Ferelen “Prepare for battle with the Slayers, They must pay for their cruelty!” ...

High Elves:

Helglen – Archmage, Level 4, Seer, Ring of Corin, Dispel Scroll(Lore of Life – Master of Stone, Master of Wood, Howling Wind, Father of Thorn) – 340 pts.

Ferelen – Commander, Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of the Gods – 130 pts.

Galadrieth – Commander, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Shield, Great Eagle, Reaver Bow, Talisman of Protection – 180 pts.

Creylin – Command, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Ithilmar Barded Elven Steed – 97 pts.

19 Spearelves, Full Command, Lead by Helglen – 239 pts
19 Swordmasters, Full Command, Standard of Balance, Lead by Ferelen – 322 pts.
5 Silverhelms, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command – 150 pts.
5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection, Champion (Rayal) armed with Enchanted Shield – 225 pts.
10 Archers, Musician – 126 pts.
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts
6 Shadow Warriors – 90 pts.

Total: 1999 pts.

Dwarf Slayers:

Karadrak - Daemon Slayer, Great Weapon, Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Cleaving, Deathblow – 246 pts

Maldrim - Dragon Slayer, Great Weapon, Deathblow – 89 pts.

Zarmak - Dragon Slayer, Great Weapon, Deathblow – 89 pts

13 Troll Slayers Great Weapons – 143 pts.
14 Troll Slayers Great Weapons – 154 pts.
20 Troll Slayers Great Weapons, Giant Slayer – 235 pts
20 Troll Slayers Great Weapon, Giant Slayer – 235 pts
1 Doomseeker – 65
1 Doomseeker – 65
1 Doomseeker – 65
9 Long Drong Slayers, Long Drong, Musician Standard Bearer, 195 pts.
15 Brother Hood of Grimnor, Great Weapons, Giant Slayer, Standard Bearer, Master Rune of Grimnor – 285 pts
1 Goblin Hewer, Malakai, 2 Slayer Crew – 130 points.

Total: 1996 pts.


Helglen the Archmage would be general for this battle.


High Elves:

Helglen turned to Ferelen who was already studying the Slayer army to build his battle plan. Helglen asked, “Well is your suggestion” Ferelen replied, “Do you see the way the terrain is laid out. They have a rocky hill and a small copse of woods nearby with another at the end of the other side of the valley and we only have one large rocky hill. Also notice they have a Goblin Hewer I have heard tales of such a machine before they are very effective vs. ranked troops. As I see it you’re Spear Elves and my Swordmasters should form a straight line jetting out from the hill, and we should keep the Dragon Princes, Silverhelms and Galadrieth with his eagle behind them. It will almost force them into deploying on the Hill for sure. Helglen said, “I see your point with life magic I could summon Master of the Stone and attack the machine, of course you do realize they will most likely get one attack at our major units.” Ferelen said, “Better one attack then many, but you must weaken the machine as soon as you are given the chance”. Helglen nodded silently in approval. Galadrieth! Ferelen ordered, if you can land behind the wood near that hill the Hewer will not be able to shoot at you. Keep this in mind. Finally, the Archers should deploy on our left flank, the Repeater Bolt Thrower on the Hill and the Shadow Warriors have already snuck into the woods on Slayers Right Flank.


Seeing the newly arrived enemy on the battlefield, Karadrak ordered his Slayers to stop. The illusions had not yet warn off of his army and across the field he saw Dark Elves deploying for battle. He yelled “There they are across the field prepare for battle” The Slayers hastily formed a battle line. First near the copse of woods on the left flank a unit of 20 Troll Slayers, with a Doomseeker on their right, then another unit of 20 Troll Slayers and another Doomseeker. Next to the Doomseeker and slightly in front of him the Unit of Long Drong Slayers, with Karadrak and his Brother Hood of Grimnor. Next a unit of 14 Troll Slayers and Maldrim, and another Doomseeker, then another unit of 13 Troll Slayers and Zarmak. Finally, the Goblin Hewer on the Rocky Hill.

To Battle:

Suddenly, Karadrak and the rest of the Slayer army starting screaming and surged forwards toward the Elves.

Helglen was astonished by how quickly the Slayer units moved forward. Now after all of the screaming and running, the Long Drongs and rest of the Slayer units were more than halfway across the battlefield and formed a battle line almost the same as their deployment.

Malakai stood by his Hewer and crew. He saw the elves had lined up in a straight line which would weaken the effectiveness of his weapon, but then saw his target. One of the Elves was riding a large bird and about to take flight. He gave his crew perfect measurements and several axes went flying from the machine. Two of them struck their mark and both hit the Elf on top of the eagle, one in the arm and the other square in the chest, even his magic gem could not stop them and he was knocked from his Great Eagle killing him. Leaving the elves stunned by the accuracy of the infernal machine.

Helglen, was angered by the loss of his friend, but he ordered his troops to hold their ground. Nesra the Great Eagle of Galadrieth flew forward and landed in front of the Slayer unit with Maldrim facing toward the Doomseeker on his left. Daring both of them to charge.

The Shadow Warriors moved from the trees and fired toward the slayer unit nearest them 2 slayers were killed by the arrows.

22-09-2005, 17:39
Helglen sensed the magic resistance of the Slayers, and summoned all of his power and directed it at the Goblin Hewer. But amazingly the spell was dispelled by the Slayers resistance to magic. Next Helglen, summoned another spell the winds started to howl and a vortex surrounding him and his troops appeared, the Slayers could not dispel it and it continued to howl and swirl.

Finally the Repeater Bolt Thrower fired at the large Slayer unit approaching, and killed 3 slayers with a volley. The Archers opened fire on Long Drongs unit and killed one of them.

Karadrak, laughed don’t these elves realize we are Slayer and cannot be stopped, “Forward”, he yelled. Maldrim had seen this trick before, the eagle would obviously flee if it was charged, so he moved his Slayer unit forward it, but the swirling winds now hampered his units movement as well as the Doomseeker next to him. As he looked around he saw Long Drongs unit fire into the wind, but the bullets were stopped dead by the force of the wind. He also saw the rest of the Slayer units were hampered by the winds also only being able to move forward slightly.

Just outside the winds radius, Zarmak’s unit of Slayers moved towards the Elven Archers and on the other side of the battlefield, only one Slayer unit was able to move forward without the wind hampering its ability. Malakai turned his machine at the Elven archers and fired, but the whiling axes only hit a single archer and it stuck in his leather cloak without harming him.

Nesra, The Great Eagle, wanted revenge for his fallen master, Galadrieth. He charged the Doomseeker in front of him. Nesra attempted to dodge the Whirling blades of the spinning dwarf, but was hit and wounded twice, but was also able to wound the dwarf once in return.

Then in perfect unison, the Spear Elves and Swordmasters reformed into 20 models and 4 ranks. This now gave the units they were protecting, both Dragon Princes and Silverhelms a clear view to the Slayer units heading towards them.

Helglen, now summoned all of his power again and directed it at the hill were the Goblin Hewer and Malakai stood. The Slayers resistance could not stop the spell, and rocks flew from the ground. Malakai took cover behind his machine, but one of his crew was killed the machine could fire again but would take long to reload. Then Helglen, Summoned the Winds once again, but it was dispelled by the Slayers resistance. Finally, Helglen pointed his ring at the Daemon Slayer in the unit behind the Long Drongs, all of the runes on his weapon fade and now his weapon is just a Great Weapon since its magic had been drained.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower and Scouts opened fire at the same unit of Slayers again and 3 more Slayers perished. While the archers fired on Zarmak’s unit and in an incredible display of accuracy were able to kill 4 of the Slayers heading towards them.

Karadrak ordered Long Drongs to move his unit forward and followed them with his unit of Brotherhood of Grimnar. The Doomseeker in the middle followed along side. Karadrak surveyed the battlefield things were shaping up according to his plan.

On the left flank both units of Troll Slayers moved forward one lagging slightly behind still having not caught up from the initial surge across the field. While a Doomseeker was in between the two units. On the right flank Maldrim’s unit of Slayers had wheeled and moved towards the Dragon Princes daring them to charge. While Zarmak’s unit continued towards the pesky archers. Soon his units would be in combat and then the elves would taste the steel of their great axes.

Once again Malakai’s Hewer fired, but this time Malakai over adjusted and the shots landed behind their target, the Dragon Princes and the High Elf Commander Creylin.

Helglen signaled Ferelen to hold his ground and let the Slayers get a little closer. All of the Elven units held their ground. Helglen then pointed his ring at the Brother of Grimnar unit behind Long Drongs. Within seconds their magic banner began to glow and the runes lost their color. Helglen then attempted to summon Master of Stone on Malakai, but the winds of magic were fickle and the spell failed. Finally, Helglen knew he must focus all of his power into his next spell. He concentrated and summoned Howling Winds, the Slayers could not stop the spell from being cast.

With that the Repeater Bolt Thrower opened fire on the Slayer unit on heading towards it. 3 Slayers fell to the volley. At the same time the Shadow Warrior moved toward the Slayer unit rear and fired killing 2 more Slayers.

On the other side of the battlefield as Zarmak moved his unit forward, the Elven archers changed formation into two ranks preparing for the inevitable charge to come. The let their arrows fly and 2 more slayers went down to the arrows.

Nesra and the Doomseeker continued the battle. This time the Doomseeker’s spinning axes could not wound the tough hide of the Eagle and Nesra’s talons ripped out the Doomseeker’s stomach leaving entrails everywhere. The Doomseeker then pitch forward and fell to the ground.

Karadrak cursed the Elven magic, as the Howling Winds slowed all of his units down once again. “Forward”, he yelled. All of his units moved forward again hampered by the Howling winds.

Malakai and his last crew member to ready their Hewer for its next shot.

With the Howling Winds still swirling, Ferelen looked at Helglen, they nodded approval to each other and with a loud cry of “To Ulthuan” all of the High Elf units charged forward. The Silverhelms and Ferelen’s Swordmasters charged into the Large Slayer unit in front of them. While at the same time the Creylin’s Dragon Princes and Helglen’s Spear Elves charged the Long Drongs protecting the Brotherhood of Grimnar and the Slayer General. Long Drong and his unit fired at the charging Dragon Princes, but the Winds were too strong and the bullets stopped before reaching their target.

The Giant Slayer champion in the Slayer unit charged by the Silver Helms and Ferelen’s Swordmasters issued a challenge. The Swordmaster champion accepted and killed the Giant Slayer in two strokes. The rest of the combat was fierce, Ferelen killed 2 slayers, while the Swordmasters and Silver Helms killed 3 more leaving no Slayers to strike back. The High Elves has won the combat, but the Slayers would simply not break.

In the other combat, Long Drong challenged the Dragon Princes and it was accepted by Rayal the Dragon Prince Champion. Rayal wounded Long Drong with a quick thrust, and Long Drong fired both pistols, but Rayal enchanted shield deflected the attacks. Creylin and Dragon Prince were brutally effective. Creylin killed 2 Slayers with his Greatsword while 2 more were skewered on Dragon Prince Lances and 2 were trampled by the horses. Even the Spearelves killed a few this left only Long Drong, the standard bearer and the musician, but the Slayers held their ground.

22-09-2005, 17:39
Nesra having just dispatched the Doomseeker, but still heavily wound charged towards the Goblin Hewer. Malakai drew his Repeater Pistol and fired two shots, but neither hit their mark. Nesra was too wounded and misjudge how far he could fly and was driven to the ground failing to reach the Hewer landing a few feet in front of it.

Karadrak laughed now that the Elves had charged it was time for a counter attack. On the left side of the battlefield he saw his Slayers attempt to charge the flank of the Swordmasters, but the Howling winds denied them from reaching. He saw a similar result on the Right side of the battlefield where Maldrim’s unit attempted to charge the Dragon Princes in their flank, but failed. He saw no way to charge the Dragon Princes or Spear Elves because his unit of Grimnar could not fit. In anger he charged out of his unit and into the Dragon Princes, barley making it due to the Winds. He swung his Great Axe and killed 2 Dragon Princes, while Rayal and Long Drong Continued to battle, Rayal struck first again and this time ran Long Drong though with his longsword. Creylin and the remaining Dragon Princes failed to kill any Long Drongs. The Dragon Princes could not hold their ground, even with Ferelen and the Battle Standard nearby. The turned and outdistanced the Long Drongs and Karadrak. Who were now both on the flank of the Spear Elves and Helglen.

Both Doomseekers saw Ferelen’s Swordmasters and the Silverhelms charge the Slayer unit, to avoid them. Now that the Slayers had held, both attempted to plow into the Silverhelms, only one was able to make it the other was hampered by the Howling Winds, However 1 Silverhelm was killed on impact. Ferelen and the Swordmaster struck the unit of Slayers and 5 more went down to their 2 handed weapon, The Silverhelms added 2 more, while amazingly one of the Silverhelms Elven Steeds kicked the Doomseeker and wounded him and the battle wound continue.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower opened fire on the Slayer unit attempting to charge the flank of the Swordmasters and 2 more Slayers were killed. Now the Shadow warrior moved forward and could see the Doomseeker that failed to reach his target. They fired their arrows and one wounded him.

On the other side of the battlefield, Zarmak’s Troll Slayers charged into the Elven Archers, Zarmak killed 2 archers, but the rest of the Slayers failed to kill any. In return, one of the Archers was able to kill one Slayer. The Archers outnumbered the weakened Slayers and barely held their ground.

Helglen saw the Slayer General, Maldrim’s Slayer unit on the left flank and a Doomseeker on his right flank, with the Brotherhood of Grimnar in front of him. He ordered his Spear Elves to charge the Brotherhood hoping to get far enough away that his controlled winds around him, would protect his unit. The combat, was quick, both sides killed an enemy. The Elves outnumbered the Slayers, and had ranks causing a victory for them, but the Slayers held.

While this was going on Ferelen and the Swordmasters along with the Silverhelms continued to fight the Slayers and the Doomseeker. The Doomseekers spinning blade failed to penetrate the Silver Helms armour. In return, the Silverhelm champion was able to land a fatal blow on the Doomseeker and he collapsed dead. Ferelen killed 2 more Slayers, while the Swordmaster and their champion add 3 themselves. In return, the skill of the Swordmasters was too much and the Slayers failed to land any attacks.

Across the battlefield, Zarmak and his Slayers killed 3 more archers, who failed to kill any in return. The Archers broke and ran, only to be caught and scattered by Zarmak and his few remaining Slayers.

Creylin rallied his Dragon princes and turned them around hoping Helglen’s Spear Elves could hold for a little longer.

Seeing the Dragon Princes rally, the 2 remaining Long Drongs moved to protect Karadrak from a possible charge.

After resetting his Hewer Malakai and his remaining crew fired at Nesra the Great Eagle in front of it. 2 whirling axes imbedded in the eagles chest and it collapsed dead.

Karadrak saw the Elven mage run away from him, and knew he had to bring him down. He charged into the flank of Helglen’s Spearelves and at the same time the Doomseeker charge into the other flank. Karadrak’s Great Axe cleaved 2 Spearelves, while the Doomseeker’s spinning blade wounded Helglen, and killed 2 more Spearelves. The Spearelves fought back and killed 1 Slayer and one landed the finishing blow on the Doomseeker, but there were too many casualties and Helglen and Spearelves fled combat. They were pursed by Karadrak and the Brotherhood. They were caught and destroyed by Karadrak and the Brotherhood, with the Doomseeker trailing behind.

Creylin and his Dragon Princes charged into the remaining 2 Long Drongs, Creylin’s Greatsword killed both of them and they overran into Maldrim’s unit of Slayers behind. Maldrim was caught on the wrong side of the unit and thus unable to engage in combat. The Giant Slayer Champion issued a challenge and it was accepted by Rayal the Dragon Prince Champion. Rayal easily killed the Giant Slayer with 2 strokes. Creylin killed 2 more Slayers with his Greatsword and there would be no return attacks.

Ferelen’s Swordmasters and the Silverhelms had seen the demise of Helglen and the Spearelves but it only strengthened their resolve. Ferelen saw the other Slayer unit on the Swordmasters flank preparing to charge, and moved to help counter the charge. The rest of the Swordmasters and Silverhelms kill 3 more Slayers leaving on 4 left, but still they held their ground.

Now the Slayers that had been weakened finally charged into the flank of the Swordmasters, but the elves skill was so great the Slayers failed to hit any of them. In return, Ferelen and the Swordmasters killed 3 Slayers including the Giant Slayer.

The Brotherhood reformed to face the Silver Helms and Swordmasters fighting the Slayer unit. While Karadrak moved towards them to aid his other 2 Slayer units.

Ferelen knew if the Swordmasters and Silver Helms could wipe out the unit in front of them Silverhelms would be free to move and avoid the charge from Karadrak. The Silver helms knights failed to kill any Slayers, but their horses killed both Slayers in front of them, freeing them from combat. While the Swordmasters killed on 1 Slayer and one remained. Ferelen and the Swordmasters fighting the Slayers on their flank killed 3 more and lost only one Swordmaster in return.

The Silver Helms moved away from Karadrak who were on their flank and in perfect charge position.

A hail of arrows from the Repeater Bolt Thrower hit the Brotherhood and 4 fell dead.
Lastly, the Shadow Warriors could now see the Karadrak and fired, one of the arrows stuck in his arm, but he reached and plucked the arrow from his skin and threw it on the ground in disgust.

Creylin and Rayal continued to battle against Maldrim unit. Maldrim had finally gotten into combat and challenged Rayal accepted. Maldrim’s attacks were deflected aside, by Rayal’s Enchanted Shield, but Rayal failed to wound in return. Creylin’s Greatsword brought down 2 more Slayers and his horse trampled another.

Suddenly, at the edge of the battlefield and sound of Elven Horns and an Elven Mage chanting some incantations. Karadrak visions changed and he realized these were not Dark Elves they were fighting, but High Elves. He ordered his remaining Slayers to withdraw from the battlefield. Ferelen saw the look in Karadrak’s eyes and knew something was amiss. Then, in his mind, an Elven voice saying “let them go they have been tricked, it’s not their fault” With this Ferelen, ordered his men to stop fighting and withdraw also. Ferelen quickly ran to where Helglen unit was destroyed, looking for any sign of him. Then a large piece of rock moved, and Helglen removed his cloak revealing himself. Ferelen was relieved Helglen was still alive.

Final Results:

High Elves: 1263 pts
Slayers: 1063

Total of 160 pts in favor of High Elves, but technically a draw.

Sorry this was long, but since they don’t break the battle went on forever.

Let me know what you think?


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Huh, no comments at all. Oh well it was a bit long

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It was good! But I couldn't think of anything witty to say...

25-09-2005, 14:16
Well, there is definately 1, maybe 2 mistakes I can see with the Slayer List:

First of all, the Brotherhood of Grimnir cannot be given the Master Rune of Grimnir. Only the Army Battle Standard Bearer can be given Master Runes from the Runic Standards section.

Secondly, the Daemon Slayer is noted as having a GW as well as Master Rune of Swiftness and Rune of Cleaving*2. There was little point to taking the GW as it would be unusable until the Slayer got hit by Vaul's Unmaking. In this case, I'd have forgotten about the Runes and taken the GW.

27-09-2005, 00:45
Yes, We'll the reason he did that is because he figured I might vauls unmake it. so if that ever happens then he has a great sword. Are you sure about that, I'm not a dwarf player, but since it only costs 50 and Grminar could take a 50pt magic banner, I just figured he could take it.

27-09-2005, 17:30
On the Banner, definately.

It is stated in the Dwarf Army book that only BSBs can take Master Runes.

This has since been confirmed in the SoC FaQ, available from the GW web-page.

As to the GW, I went beserk initially (ok, not quite, but given the number of people who get this wrong...), until I thought about it and guessed he was opting for it in case it got Unmade. But a sword... no self respecting Dwarf would use any puny sword (except that nice one from Albion :D)

28-09-2005, 18:17
Thanks for the Update on the Master Rune I didn't know it was the case. I'll let him know to.


30-09-2005, 18:34
Well no there technically isn't anything in the dwarf book saying only BSB can take master runes but the points limit makes it so. We all thought that was the main purpose of the MR Grimnir and Brotherhood but yes this has since been corrected in the SOC FAQ.

Good battle ;)

02-10-2005, 11:03
It is stated in the Dwarf Army book, just not very clearly.

Master runes are placed upon Battle Standards by the priests of the temples of Grungni, Grimnir and Valaya.