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03-01-2008, 17:07
For a long time I've thought that the best way to go is to pick a theme and go with it. My army lists are usually symetrical so that I have the same thing on each part of the board so that my opponent can't pick out my weaknesses.

For the first time I tried a list (lizardmen) where I tried to take as many different types of units as I could and it did great. It seemed I always had the unit I needed and with smart deploying I was usually in a good march up.

Thinking back to when I've played big lizardmen or ogre games (4000+) and used everything I had done very well then too.

So in general is it better to have a mix of all the units? Or do copy and paste armies do better?

Disciple of Caliban
03-01-2008, 18:49
Mixed armies are normally more competitive, because, as you say, they have something for everything.

On the other hand, there are no shortage of 'themes' that allow you to build appalingly powerful lists, for example all the folk who field 2 Stanks and a load of handgunners and artillery saying its the nuln army, okay that could be true, but then what is the war altar doing there? or the SAD, etc etc

03-01-2008, 19:24
As a sidenote, the Imperial College of Engineers is in Altdorf. So logically their contraptions would be more available to an Altdorf army.

A Nuln army with lots of Stanks is not fluffly and is a poor excuse for cheese.

03-01-2008, 19:31
Maybe I should have been more clear. By theme I am meaning more of a 'based on'/ copy and paste army.

So an army theme on skinks and coldone riders rather than a mix of everything.

03-01-2008, 21:50
Well i wouldnt class that as a theme myself, i would call a themed army more one based on fluff, i think the kind of list you are talking about actually tend to be branded as cheese, RAF brets? gunlines, khorne cav forces.

These lists are certainly very powerful but i doubt you will find them very rewarding to use.

03-01-2008, 21:54
This is what I find interesting. The copy and paste armies are the cheese ones, but it seems that mixed/balanced armies do better in general.


Gunline empire is worse than balanced empire in most cases.

03-01-2008, 21:57
depends what your up against, the thing with say fighting a mixed army vs a gunline is that atleast with a mixed army your actually going to have some units trying to move towards you, fight you and generally create a more fun game for both parties. A gunline will pretty much just sit back and roll dice picking targets, perhpas cheese is really more a term used with dull lists?

03-01-2008, 22:43
You seem to be using 'themed' to suggest a slightly one-dimensional army so I'll respond with this interpretation and hope it's correct.

The one-dimensional army will either win big or lose big. Against some armies they will find it easy to impose their game and against others they will find themselves unable to adapt. The flexible army, however, will always have some way of reacting and will always contain at least a portion of the 'achilles heel' of a more purposeful list.

03-01-2008, 23:13
If you're just playing with friends, it doesn't really matter what you take, aslong as it's not too cheesy. Just choose the units you like the look of and want to use.

In competitive armies, you have to play to your armies' strengths and pick a variety of units that will help you win. Don't go overboard cheesy though think up some cunning plans and tricks that will, put simply help you crush him. Use several units together to defeat his and always keep track of your armies overall plan, at the same time trying to shut down your opponent. You should have a variety of units to deal with multiple threats of different armies because especially in tournaments, you simply don't know what your opponent is going to throw at you. It's fine taking a dwarven SAoD (shooty army of death) but your single purposed units won't help you when you vs a Bret. army made up entirely of Peg. Knights. If you are playing competitivly, you need a variety of units and have to be able to react to your oppoonent.

I would advise going against symetrical army lists in comp. games unless it's cheesy (Bret. Peg. Knights) simply because such armies excel at one thing and although your units may be fast, or have a good toughness and save, if your opponent has a varied list, has some skill and plays to your unit's weaknesses. then your a gonner. Thats why varies lists are better IMO because the variety of units means that one tactic alone will(should) not undermine your army. Your opponent will have to use different tactics and strategies to defeat the seperate components of your army instead of repeating the same one killing off your units one-by-one. A balanced army is best because it can take on most (except for cheesy) armies and has appropriate units to deal with your opponents weaknesses. You should (if you choose the right units) be able to take part (and with some luck dominate) each of the phases. They are also more fun to play IMO because you vary your tactics each game compared to some one sided armies where you do the same thing each game. Seriously, playing a dwarven gunline style army has to get boring after about the 10th game...

I hope this helped you abit.

Disciple of Caliban
04-01-2008, 11:18
As a sidenote, the Imperial College of Engineers is in Altdorf. So logically their contraptions would be more available to an Altdorf army.

A Nuln army with lots of Stanks is not fluffly and is a poor excuse for cheese.

Your right of course, i was thinking of the 6th edition empire gunlines of cannons and handguns and obviously just got myself confused. Thanks for the correction