View Full Version : making a new IP?

floyd pinkerton
03-01-2008, 22:07
hi guys,

supposebly I need a new IP for my xbox 360 to get it working on live.

how the hell do i do this?


04-01-2008, 07:19
either Via your router controls, by going into the IP section and manually assigning a new IP.


By going into your network connection properties on your PC and manually assigning a IP there.

Both are down to how your network assigns IPs, and also how your ISP assigns your IPs, remembering that your external IP will be vastly different from your internal IPs (the ones on your network).

Really i need the exact name of your router along with its code-thing which makes up part of its name and the type of operating system your using as XP and Vista have different methords of doing things.

Gue'la Koholic
04-01-2008, 19:29
Yea, I think that stating exactly what you have and how you connect to the internet would greatly help us assist you with your foray into xbox live. Plus, who told you needed an new IP? I never really cared how my 360 was assigned an IP, as it worked as soon as I plugged it into the router. Anyone know if it's DHCP default?

04-01-2008, 21:58
a new IP can be needed (on the internal network) to locate the x-box if your main computers IP is the same.

Its all down to how the router assigns the IPs.

Gue'la Koholic
07-01-2008, 17:44
Most routers are smart enough to assign different IPs to different NICs. In fact, I can't think of any reason that a router would ever do this. I don't even know if he actually has a router in the network or what, since the OP just says new IP on the xbox. He's going to have to let us know what's going on if he wants any sort of answer. Looks like the 360 can be set up in the same way as most windows boxes for networking.