View Full Version : Kosher Zoats.

04-01-2008, 00:10
Would Zoats in hive fleet Colossus use any other hive organisms or bioweapons?

Or --> Whats Kosher in a Zoat army?

04-01-2008, 00:22
I'm not really sure, but i believe that Colossus only contained Zoats
Later in the Zoastro-atilla war i think Colossus recieved aid from other hive fleets.
So it's really up to you i guess.

04-01-2008, 00:25
Their weapons looked pretty much like scaled up 'nid weapons of the time... So I'd say yes, but the weapons would probably be separate, like early 'nid weapons, not as symbiotic. Meaning that there wouldn't be a connection between strength and damage (is that still in there? I lost track a while back).

04-01-2008, 01:44
They are only described as being centauroid in anatomy. Other than that, feel free to do whatever you feel like.

I myself have made afew (pics here (http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i95/totgeboren40/Zoats%20Collossus/)).

Though now afew years later, i only like the big ones. They are really how i see the Zoats. The rest were just a wacky idea at the time. :P

04-01-2008, 02:00
Wow, those gaunts are swell. There is somthing there, little less nid I guess and thats about what I could expect to convert. (love the gas masks, how where they done? Sounds strange but they remind me of the aliens from void.)

I still got those two troop choices to fill. (What is legit background wise?)

Anyone heard of conversions based off Orcs or Lizardmen?

I am more then willing to use Non-GW source miniatures ($ is a minor issue), I dont plan on going to a GT or even RT with an army like this.