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22-09-2005, 22:20
when GW converts all their mini's to plastic, how will this be a benefit?
will they lower prices?raise prices? they say it will be easier to produce, so what do we gain from all plastic?

22-09-2005, 22:23
Well... Easier conversions and lighter carrying cases spring to mind.

Alco Engineer
22-09-2005, 23:24
I don't protect my plastic minis as generally they don't chip when they whack into each other. It'll be great not to have to safely pack them anymore

22-09-2005, 23:45
Higher profits for GW.

Easier conversions, lighter carrying cases, lighter wallets for us. :D

23-09-2005, 02:43
This isn't really a rumor . . .

23-09-2005, 08:58
so what do we gain from all plastic?

Why should we gain anything from it - we are not shareholders after all!

That said, some people like metal models (heftier, less assembly, crisper detail), others like plastics (convertability, light weight). People who like plastic will naturally be hapier to see more plastics, and the people who like metals will be less happy.

I can already see the moderators coming to this direction with their flashlights - strap on your seat belts and prepare for a flight to the Other GW Discussion forum where this topic belongs to. :cool:

23-09-2005, 11:02
I agree with Alco Engineer`s point,...

half my woodie army has started chpiing of paint because of all the godd*mn metal figs. .... and plastic is easier to glue....

23-09-2005, 11:48
you get a hell of alot more detail into a metal mould over time so putting everything to plastic will degrade the state of the models in general

23-09-2005, 12:37
you get a hell of alot more detail into a metal mould over time so putting everything to plastic will degrade the state of the models in general
think so?....

I got my new woodies some time ago,... and I was impressed by the detail GW managed to put in it

23-09-2005, 12:48
Well, as stated plastics glue together much easier, and I find there are generally less "gaps", so 8 pounds of putty is not required!

On Plastics you wind up with a lot of extra "bits" to use elswhere, a good thing.

On Price, plastics may be a little more economical for us (the consumer), but the way prices keep going up I wonder how long that will last.


Ivan the Black
23-09-2005, 13:08
As a DoW general who basically has to convert everything, plastics are a godsend. Mixing and matching the pieces allows for a lot of conversion opportunities.

I also find plastic models to be easier to paint, primarily because I can paint individual parts before gluing them. This makes it much easier to get to the hard to reach locations that are found on a fair number of metal minis.

Crazy Harborc
23-09-2005, 17:08
I LIKE the lower weight of a mostly plastic army while I am transporting it.
I like the ease of flash removal.
I love the ease of gluing.
I like Testor's/Model Master's, matt finish, paints. On plastic, priming isn't a "must do".
Much easier to move those loaded movement trays. I don't have to try for a "deathgrip" because the tray full of 30 minies feels like it weighs five pounds !!

25-09-2005, 16:50
I myself prefer plastic minis to the metal ones, it just makes things so much easier for assembly, conversion and so on.

25-09-2005, 17:34
Heretic 0.0

I love metals. I prefer to be able to feel my models are there. They also fall overless if there movement tray hits a lil bump. More detail.

Then again im just against change.I think some minis should be plastic but models that are of a nice size ( ogre sized or oveR) should stay metal. It will feel wrong the day i lift a light unit of rat ogres/dragon etc

The big models deserve the detail i think. Rank and file troops should be plastic but big uns should be metal. Anyhow thats my opinion so...yeh

27-09-2005, 09:36
I have to agree with the Deathmaster. Metal is by far the better material and great to paint (in my opinion). The detail on plastic models is getting better and this may eventually sway me to the plastic side. However, if anyone out there has seen the amount of detail on the new waywatchers, then they will have to admit that the plastic min's just aren't up to the job.....at this time.

Ivan the Black
30-09-2005, 03:05
The level of detail found on metal models definitely makes it the material of choice for characters and such. However, in big units I think the level of detail is lost in the quantity of troops and so plastic is plenty fine.

Also, metal models seem to chip paint more easily then plastic models in my experience.

Alco Engineer
30-09-2005, 03:38
Also, metal models seem to chip paint more easily then plastic models in my experience.

That's right. that's because you get a greater force from a greater weight and so the paint comes off easier

Also the metal ones make a mess of the plastic ones I pack them in snapping arms off etc.

I wouldn't change leaders and monsters etc. But anything from a rank and file and cavalry in WHFB to most squads in 40k should be plastic IMO. It would just make packing (and converting) much easier. It would also be nice not to have to take a bottle of superglue to every game (admitedly this could be avioded by buying a GW carry case but I don't want to fork out AU$75 for 1 when i need 6.)

02-10-2005, 12:56
You don't end up covered in superglue rocking back and forth crying "ohhhh god i HATE metal models"

02-10-2005, 14:28
barbarella, I'm sorry, what did that contribute? And what is it meant to mean.

Plastics can be superior to metals for the reasons mentioned above, however they "feel" worse than metals IMO, which is just my own, and doesn't need to be shared by any other.


02-10-2005, 14:49
When I first got into GW games I got into 40k. So I started collecting a force of Armeggedon Steel Leigon, all the minis are metal. I have had them about a year now and have had to repaint almost all my figures atleast one already for the chipping of paint! My plastic Daemon Hunters force I have had almost as long and have never had to repaint a single one, needless to say they are plastic. For me, I like the weight of metal, but the constant touch ups are starting to get to me

02-10-2005, 14:54
What she(?) meant was when your gluing together metal models, you often end up with "leaked" bits of superglue when you push parts together, which works its way onto your fingers, but you don't notice because you're holding the parts together. You wait 5 mins or so, try to put the fig down, but then realise it's glued to your fingers much more solidly than to itself.

I hate that.

Long live plastic figs!

02-10-2005, 14:59
Id personally like to see the amount of detail that go into GWs models improve a little more before Id be prepared to take an all plastic army. However, my current VC army is pretty much made from plastics.

+ points.
+ Very light to carry, therefore good to manouvre around on the battlefield
+ A doddly to stick together, and very easy to convert
+ They dont chip on the edges like metals. Thats something that really annoys me.

- points
- Tend to snap if you have fiddly bits and your not careful
- Plastic flashing is difficult to deal with if your an inexperienced modeller
- Going overboard with the Polycement tends to 'Nurglise' your miniatures.

I prefer some of the new plastics to the metals. SMs, Chaos Warriors and the Skeletons/Zombies are all top notch!

02-10-2005, 15:13
I think there was one detail left out in the superglue all over the fingers scenario...
The figure is still in pieces because the stupid glue wouldn't take.
Generally for metal models I try to add in a pin to help hold the join so that I can put it down after a few seconds.
If I am having a bit of trouble with the glue then I keep a small ball of green stuff on hand and push just a little onto the join to help hold it as well.
When it's all dry the green stuff can be filed down and as a bonus it holds the whole join solidly.

04-10-2005, 02:52
Yeah that's what i meant tzeentchgiant scared me with the bitchiness so i didn't want to post again.

04-10-2005, 03:15
I have just started to try my hand at some conversions and plastics definitely strike me as easier for this purpose. However, I do like the detail the metal models have. I would have to say that overall I like the idea of plastics for troops but keep the characters and such in metal.

04-10-2005, 03:35
Yeah I'm going to go with the plastic for rank and file, metal for special stuff and characters view.

I'm not totaly sure that stuff like the plastic marine characters are a good thing, and I really don't think it would work for fantasy.

I'm all for specialist games stuff being metal cause they just look cooler. The new human blood bowl team is amazing.

04-10-2005, 07:18
Yeah that's what i meant tzeentchgiant scared me with the bitchiness so i didn't want to post again.

Well, when i first read your post, you can really see how it looks like spam, sorry for being so intimidating, and as you so elequently put it "bitchy".

Also, hot avatar.


Capitán Sánchez
04-10-2005, 15:05
Plastic means low production prices and are easy to convert.

* stops and thinks *

* notices prices have just rised more than ever *

* notices plastics are no more multipart as torsos and legs are now in same piece, as well as full of holes to glue weapons and banners ---> impossible for convertions *

Errr... forget it, please.

In fact I have a 8000+ DoW army, and about 90% of it consists of metal models.

I really hate plastics. :mad: