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04-01-2008, 23:01
OK, this is my attempt at a High Elf Foot Army. Tell me what you think.

1 Hero w/ Radiant Gem of Hoeth (lvl 1 Wiz w/Bear's Anger), Hvy Armor

1 Hero w/White Sword (GEN) (+2 Base Str/Killing Blow), "Re-roll combat/enemy armor" one use gem, Hvy Armor

1 Mage (lvl 2) w/Ring of Corin, Scroll, 3D6 Leadership one use

1 Mage (lvl 2) w/Ring of Fury, Wand +1 spell

18 FirstSpears w/command + warbanner

18 Spears w/command

20 Swordmasters w/command

10 Archers (no command)

6 Shadow Warriors w/champ

*7 Pheonix Guard "attachment" w/command

2 Tiranoc Chariot

2 Bolt Throwers

1 Eagle

Total: <2250

* This "attchment" idea is something I have been thinking about. I am considering using Pheonix Guard to screen shooting away from my Sword masters (field them directly infront) and also to deform enemy lines. With their 4+ Ward and 5+ armor, they have over a 70% chance to save against str 3 fire and always a 50% save vs anything else. They could perhaps take a charge, get lucky with some saves and quite possibly hold up a unit if they can obtain some easy kills (which is possible with 8 attacks always first).

They will always strike first with the halberds (STR 4, WS 5), cause fear, and with LD 9, I don't have to play them near the hero and gives them a better chance to hold a charge. They can also double as a ferocious flanking unit.

The unit is 135 points, which is tradable for a small unit of Silver Helms. I swapped them out and fluffed up with a "no-cav" approach. It's different for sure. I still kept the eagle (I know..not a footman :p ) and scouts to help with warmachines/march block. Could pheonix guard hold thier own as a screening/flanking/annoying unit? Yes, I think so. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

04-01-2008, 23:42
"+ Battle Banner"

I assume you mean warbanner?

I wouldn't give the attachment a banner, since it's 100 easy victory points for your enemy.