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Colonel Haizelhoff
05-01-2008, 10:45

Hi everyone,

I decided to start a traitor guard army and when I was thinking of the fluff I came across this idea. If I were a renegade commander trailed by an inquisitor I'd surely disappear into one of the many uninhabited deathworlds.
Models are gonna be a mixture of catachan and cadian to give a more unorganized look, with some newbies who have not ditched their flak armour.
I might do some old looking artillery (small ones) to make morītars and I have one tanith first and only boxed set.

Here are some pictures of my first models and plz do comment, even negatively.

First my sniper placing a booby trap from front and side,

Then my second sniper,

there is one picture of my sketch,

then my commander (was thinking it would be kinda like with Gaunt a colonel-commissar),

and the rest of my sketch.

All comments needed thanks.

05-01-2008, 11:47
Pretty cool idea but I am not feeling that foliage. It looks like green mist on the bases, but its not too bad for the tree.

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-01-2008, 13:41
Yeah sry about foliage, but the GW flock is not good for bushes, and I want to make the bases look like from a dense jungle, maybe I'll try some lichen-like thingy when I get hands on something like that.

05-01-2008, 14:01
Use clump foliage instead.


Mr Feral
05-01-2008, 14:07
Yes, I would reccomend litchen, a little bit on each base would go a long way. The army idea is good BTW. One criticism is that the paintjob seems too "busy" if you get me, and watering down the paints a bit will help too.

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-01-2008, 14:27
I'll waterdown in the future:D, however if you're refering to the colonel-commissar I wanted his skin to look ugly and wrinkly.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-01-2008, 09:47
Heres something I came across and liked, but feel free to criticize:(

Colonel Haizelhoff
08-01-2008, 17:22
Oh and I don't know if it's a little off topic, but do you guys have any cool name ideas for the will be renegade militia. I'm off to buy some 60 infantry next weekend and after that you'll see some infantry.

Mr Feral
08-01-2008, 17:52
It's not off-topic if you're inquiring about ideas for your project. For names you could try some of the Catachan regiments or something like that. BTW what models are you using for the infantry?

08-01-2008, 18:28
Those models look pretty good, but my favourite part is the green. It really looks like a swamp to me. I'm wondering if it was intended as such, because if it wasn't, I'd reccomend you do it more. It looks cool as swamp-bases.

Colonel Haizelhoff
08-01-2008, 20:08
Mr. Feral I'm combining the Cadian and Catatchan boxes (I have enough spare heavy weapons so I'll just buy 20 man boxes) to give a less organized militia group look.

Thx cortholax it's the bases are intended to make a swampy moisty deathworld feeling. What I mean is that the bases look to me like some marshland with jungle vegetation, but they are meant to please everyone. I'm making it important in this project that others give their ideas so I won't end up with an army nobody else likes (yet again). So C&C plz.

A pic of my chimera (I decided to use IG codex) will be coming tomorrow.

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-01-2008, 14:25
I've been trying naming the army and although I decided a catachan regiment would sound too loyalist after a look into Codex: Eye of terror I found a nice name: Ubridius Light Infantry. I decided to name my army the 93rd Ubridius Light Infantry "Jungle rats" led by the almighty Nidel "dark heart" Chastro with his trusty lieutenant Roberto Che. For doctorines I'll propably use: Veterans, Jungle Fighters, Drop Troops (represents ambushers), Rough riders and special weapon squads.

Last are some pics of my chimera. PIP :D

plz comment, criticize etc.

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-01-2008, 18:01
Hi guys,

I finished the chimera and decided to put online the final pics. There you can also see all the models I've made, which isn't much, but when I get the infantry on Saturday I'll start power building. After shopping I'll also try out the list with some old models at my friends house (He's gonna try out the new Orks). Then I'll give you an update I'll also show you the army list, probably tomorrow, and if you guys have cool conversion ideas plz do tell. I am going for a renegade look so mutants are unfortunately out of the question. Here are the pics plz. Comment those too.

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-01-2008, 17:34
My god I'm posting the fourth time in a row. I guess I should just stop posting... here are pictures of my painted HQ command squad. I played against my friend yesterday and won so the army list is looking. I won't post the whole list, but here is the idea: I have small 5-6 man units of veterans, special weapon squads etc. deep strike (represents units ambushing) and throwing demo-charges and firing plasmaguns, meltaguns and flame weapons. The rest of the army forms a firing line with about 7 mortars and 3 heavy bolters, 1 demolisher and snipers. I think I'll take a sentinel with a lascannon to deep strike behind the enemy and shoot their tanks in the rear. plz C&C.

Mr Feral
13-01-2008, 17:45
Woah those pictures are dark!
The flesh and the camoflague looks good, but it's hard to tell with these photos.
One question, do you use inks/washes on these? That would improve the general look by bringing out the detailing. The other thing is the basing, I recommend some flock which would be simple enough to do.

Yeah more light with the photos would be better.

13-01-2008, 20:38
It's cool that you've gone with more of a bronze for the metals, I don't think I've seen that on Catachans. I think the clump foliage would look good with these guys. The minis have so much camouflage on them, that the plain green bases look out of place to me.

Colonel Haizelhoff
14-01-2008, 08:20
Sry for the dark pictures. Yes I use inking instead of drybrushing...mostly. The bases are still open I think I'll add some kind of orange cactuses or something cool. I'll add something to the bases and add new pics (lighter ofcourse).

Colonel Haizelhoff
14-01-2008, 15:47
Oh wait a minute I forgot that the models in the pictures didn't have foliage yet. Well the models all have the same foliage I put on the earlier models, but I'm still thinking of those exotic plants. I did not inkon the first 3 infantry models and will ink them for better texture as soon as I can get away from my new infantry.

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-01-2008, 16:55
Here are updated pictures including the new lieutenants command squad (troops choice).:D

Mr Feral
15-01-2008, 17:22
Nice infantry!
That's the plastic tank commander's head on the Lieutenant isn't it?
*palm to forehead for not thinking of that*
I like what you've done here. For a small amount of constructive criticism, water down the paints slightly and try and leave a line of black between armour / flesh. It makes the paintjob seem neater.
But yeah, nice one and keep going!

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-01-2008, 17:43
Ty, yeah I got the tank commander head from a friend of mine. I haven't heard of that black line between armor and flesh so thx. I'll try it out on the rest of my 100 man army, and I'll try watering down a bit more.

Mr Feral
15-01-2008, 18:33
The black line technique is called "blacklining" I think :p. A good tip I read was to instead of painting it in, using a very fine graphics pen. Something like that.

Colonel Haizelhoff
16-01-2008, 11:52
I tried the black lining, although I did it with chaos black with a small drop of water to get it to go between the flesh and metal. Here are some PIP pics of my armored fist and 3 vets.

16-01-2008, 12:16
You've chosen a very difficult way of painting infantry there. I guess you want them to look dirty, but it's very difficult to paint 28 mm miniatures as dirty without making them look like they've been shot with a paintball shotgun. I recommend trying a more simple colour scheme. For example, if you want them to have skin covered in mud, then paint it all brown and highlight it with a brighter brown or beige. Don't paint the skin brown, green, black, skin-colour and red, because then it just looks messy and unrealistic. The same goes for armour and uniforms. If you make it too "dirty" then it doesn't look realistic.

Some nice conversions here though, for the infantry. The vehicle looks a bit too boxy for my tastes.

Hope that helps.

Colonel Haizelhoff
16-01-2008, 12:45
Sure mate,

I try to please everyone on this project, but when making a infantry heavy IG army I don't really have the guts to make each model the best and the way I do it now is fast, Though as you said not so realistic.

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-01-2008, 16:40
I've been working on my infantry platoons. Here is a heavy bolter dude.

Mr Feral
17-01-2008, 17:11
Is he meant to be firing the HB? It looks more like he's holding on to it. The Catachan / Cadian hybrids look promising.

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-01-2008, 17:18
Well I know it seems stupid that the firer is not actually firing but since it would be even more stupid for the loader to be carrying the heavy weapon and that really is a cool pose IMO, this is the best option.

Mr Feral
17-01-2008, 17:32
I don't necessarily think that the firer not using the gun is stupid, however personally I'd try to make the dude interact more with the HB (just my take on things), or one person loading / firing the gun and the other one observing / pointing / shooting.

Have you seen / used the HW boxed sets? They come with plenty of heavy weapons and it's possible to create more than the 3 HW teams that GW suggest.

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-01-2008, 17:46
Yes I have but I see them pointless when I already have so much heavy weapons,(you only get 6 models in a box) My other HB team is made using parts from that box

Mr Feral
17-01-2008, 18:00
Yeah but that's an extra three Missile Launchers and Mortars to give to other infantry. That's cool, and now you have to get everything painted up!

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-01-2008, 20:00
Well I do see your point, but I don't think the box is next on the buy list. When you get 6 cadian/catachan models (yes plenty of heavy weps) and with the same money you get 20 models. But, most importantly I need a sentinel!

Mr Feral
17-01-2008, 20:07
Ah Sentinels are awesome. Why I don't have any yet I don't know. I got my last set of HW teams with the Cadian Battleforce so I saved a bit of cash. The HW set seems to be more useful in conjuction with the normal sets.

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-01-2008, 12:39
Thats true.

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-01-2008, 18:24
Here are pictures of my WIP rough rider sergeant

Colonel Haizelhoff
22-01-2008, 16:30
Maybe this will please you more here are pics of the almost finished roughrider. He's got the base, highlights and cleaning to do

Mr Feral
22-01-2008, 17:50
I like the concept, it's different to the normal Cold One conversions that people do. However I think it would look better if the rider interacted more with his mount, perhaps some reins or something similar? Nice Hunting Lance though, very barbaric.

Colonel Haizelhoff
22-01-2008, 18:09
mmhmm reins... yeah... that would be easy with greenstuff... but wait I think I'll make chains. Very chaotic.

Mr Feral
22-01-2008, 18:12
Even better, chains would be nice and easy to do.

Death Korp
24-01-2008, 16:19
Hmm, intersting ideas here....

I like how you've mixed the kits together, really does give it a rag tag look. I now want to do more on my Chaoschans now!


Colonel Haizelhoff
24-01-2008, 20:06
Ty Death Korp.
Here are the foliage I picked up at my local pet store. They were even labeled jungle plants for terrariums.

Comments and criticism are pleaded for as always

Colonel Haizelhoff
25-01-2008, 18:47
Well here are pics of just done troopers still a little finishing off to do but anything to get u all (yes all) posting.

Mr Feral
25-01-2008, 19:14
Nice infantry. I would say to trim down the foliage a bit (perhaps just one leaf per base?), it overcrowds the bases a bit. I like the rust though, that's pretty cool. In your previous post, the Heavy Flamer dude looks pretty bad-ass.

Colonel Haizelhoff
26-01-2008, 08:30
thx mr. feral.

Here are updates on my tanks. First the demolisher conversion I've been working on which was influenced by the british Mk.1 (worlds first battlefield used tank) and then the upgraded chimera, where I took away some of the boxiness and added tracks on the sides. BTW the tracks are from a old codex whirlwind.

Colonel Haizelhoff
26-01-2008, 15:35
U guys think this model would be better commander for the army. He's made from an Medusa V possessed and green stuff and the stick he carries in the other arm is a whip (you know a horse whip which commanders had in WW1 and fancy ones in WW2).

Captin Korea!
26-01-2008, 16:19
I like your rider alot! very, very cool looking! The tanks are also intersting. I may have to make one for the mutants.:rolleyes:

Colonel Haizelhoff
26-01-2008, 17:13
Appreciate it a lot Captain Korea. The chimera is meant to have a stripped of look on the hull and the firing point was something I just wanted to do (instead of the normal firing slots).

Colonel Haizelhoff
27-01-2008, 14:55
Here is what I've done so far (2 troops choices, HQ, 2 Elites and 1 rough rider).

MY 100 POST.

Mr Feral
27-01-2008, 15:00
You certainly paint quicker than I do! The army looks quite impressive en-mass. Well done!

Colonel Haizelhoff
27-01-2008, 15:13
Thx mr. feral sometimes I fear I'm painting way too fast for it to be good. I can't wait to take these guys to my local GW (actually 50 km away because only one in Finland :() and play a 500pts combat patrol with as much troops as possible.

Colonel Haizelhoff
30-01-2008, 14:56
Has any1 ever pld catachans or against them. Tactics advice is always pleaded for. If I would just play and not mind of the results I'd have my infantry heavy army equipped for swamping the enemy with guardsmen, but I've heard a great deal of criticism about that:(

Colonel Haizelhoff
31-01-2008, 16:24
Hope my panzerfaust pattern missile launchers will get you talking.

Mr Feral
31-01-2008, 16:32
*talks away*
Looking good, although I would mount it on a 40mm base because the cover he uses overlaps the base too much.

Colonel Haizelhoff
01-02-2008, 07:10
Maybe I'll cut down the panel, or just take it off, 'cause I wanna emphasise the guerrilla theme with small bases (makes the army seem more massed). Thx anyway:chrome:

01-02-2008, 20:18
This project is pretty sweet!

One suggestion, have you thought of using the new ork trukk model for 'chan chimera? with the orky bits like glyph plates the trukk makes for a rough looking transport rig!

Just my tuppence :D

Colonel Haizelhoff
02-02-2008, 21:17
General Dissarray thx! I have thought of a truck and seen a few conversions, but I'm aiming for infantry heavy, maybe after finnishing 200pts. I'll make 1 just for fun!

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-02-2008, 11:22
Updates! Here is the sentinel I bought from GW on Friday. It's got a lascannon and hunter-killer missiles + the armored crew compartment of course.

Mr Feral
03-02-2008, 11:33
Thnaks a mad looking Sentinel you've got there. How many are you getting?

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-02-2008, 12:28
Propably keeping it low due to the infantry heavy concept but they are cheap. If I would take another one it would have to form a squadron with the first, since I really want to take 2 rough rider squads, and squadrons are bad:(, so not sure.

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-02-2008, 15:19
Alright I decided to paint some armor today after so much infantry and here is the finished leman russ demolisher Mk.1

Mr Feral
03-02-2008, 17:15
Where's the Demolisher Cannon?
It looks like a Rhino ATM (nice tank rider though)

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-02-2008, 17:57
Soz heres pics from the front:cries:

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-02-2008, 14:06
Heres my list plz comment and criticise:

Doctrines: Jungle Fighters (in each squad), Ambush (drop troops), RRs, Special weapon squads, Veterans

Command HQ: HSO, Commissar, Grenade launcher, mortar

Fire support squad: Heavy Bolters

anti-tank squad: Missile launchers

Mortar squad

Special weapon squad 1: demo-charge, melta guns

Special weapon squad 2: Demo Charge

6 Veterans: 3 plasmaguns, heavy flamer

6 veterans: 3 plasma guns, heavy flamer

3 catachan snipers

Junior officer HQ: heavy flamer, 2 flamers

3x Infantry squad: grenade launcher, mortar

Armoured fist: Heavy flamer, flamer

Chimera: 2 Heavy flamers, heavy stubber,

5 RRs: hunting lances, veteran w/ power sword and honorifica Imperialis

5 RRs: Hunting lances, veteran w/ power weapon

Sentinel w/ hunter-killer, armoured top, lascannon

Demolisher: Heavy bolter

It hasn't got all wargear (Command squads), but you will get the idea.... I hope!

Mr Feral
05-02-2008, 17:46
Is this the Catachan list?
How many points is this?
The list looks decent enough.

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-02-2008, 19:15
This is codex IG 2000pts.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-02-2008, 11:58
Was thinking of perhaps swapping the second special weapons squad into having snipers and giving the second veteran squad a missile launcher for better firepower. Thoughts?

Mr Feral
06-02-2008, 12:00
I was confused about the list because of the inclusion of Catachan Snipers. I think your suggestions sound OK, it's your army after all.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-02-2008, 12:01
I was confused about the list because of the inclusion of Catachan Snipers. I think your suggestions sound OK, it's your army after all.

lol no I was just asking opinions since I'm not the best tactician:D

Mr Feral
06-02-2008, 12:28
lol no I was just asking opinions since I'm not the best tactician:D

Nor am I, I just paint what looks nice ;)

Colonel Haizelhoff
08-02-2008, 18:29
Guys heres the fully painted sentinel (well ok not fully finished) but I decided to leave out the hunter-killer missiles. I also went to play at my local GW store and won!!!!! wooohooo, but it only was a 500 points combat patrol (55 models).

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-02-2008, 09:26
Here are some heavy weapons (mortars and 1 heavy bolter). Thoughts?

09-02-2008, 16:00
Hi Colonel

Cheers for the post, your models are coming along quite well. A very different take on the same concept! That's what makes renegades so much more fun too.

Anyway, thanks for the idea on the heavy flamer conversion too. I know I sort of 'liberated' it, but hey, it looks good! I also quite like how your conversions are from whatever is there, reminds me of my style of converting! That first auto-mortars does look nice though *subtly begins to shift closer to the 'Liberate' button again* :D

Congrats on the win too, here's hoping there's many more where that came from!

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-02-2008, 16:03
Hey I dont mind "liberating" it's really actually nice to hear ppl like somthing I do so much they actually copy it, besides Mr. Feral has just as well liberated the tank commanders head from me:D About different pespectives of Traitors I really just wanted to do a more "sane" force, with more criminals/mercenaries/rebels than chaos heretics. It's kinda a mix where any1 can come (as long as you survive the jungle) and the commander is the essence of chaos. As any good commander this guys troops will follow him to what ever chaotic pacts and deeds his corrupted mind has waiting.

Mr Feral
09-02-2008, 16:26
besides Mr. Feral has just as well liberated the tank commanders head from me:D

And it turned out rather well :p

A small suggestion, try a highlight on the edges of the tanks to bring out the detailing.

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-02-2008, 10:03
Thx for the tip Feral, I was just gonna do it. Here are pics of the banner I made (just had to make one:D) C and C pllllzzz

Captin Korea!
10-02-2008, 13:44
I love that banner! for your list I would exchange the Mortar squad for a auto cannon or lascannon; every time I fought people with these they dont really but a dent im my troops although its usful vs orks and nids.

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-02-2008, 17:10
Love to but jungle fighters dont get lascannons, and I think it would be stupid for 1 squad not to take the doctrine and have lascannons, but I'm working on better anti-tank:D

Captin Korea!
10-02-2008, 22:54
use the camlion doc for +1 cover saves then? a 3+ building would be useful for a heavy weapon team.

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-02-2008, 04:58
Cant mix in same army and I already have heavy flamers which are only for jungle fighters.

Captin Korea!
13-02-2008, 01:21
Curse my lack of codex rules!

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-02-2008, 13:48
Np:), anyway heres the complete banner model with a monster round base. Please comment because I really think I did well with this guy but I want you're opinions too

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-02-2008, 19:47
Here are also pics of 2 rogue psykers (I'm using schaeffers last chancers to represent snipers, psykers and the army leader with his political colleague and advisor) and a lieutenant.

Mr Feral
13-02-2008, 20:11
That's some gnarly GSing on the Rogue Psykers! I like the banner as well, perhaps a touch of black to define the Chaos star better?

Captin Korea!
14-02-2008, 22:25
Flaming hands! nice :D

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-02-2008, 17:54
Well thx for comments guys.

Mr. Feral: I originally had black all around bu the white wasn't smooth enough so I started smoothening it out and now it's gone all over the black. Will have to add the blacks back so don't worry:D.

Well I thought that maybe with a nice pic of my work desk I could get a few points up my rating for the thread (it's really terrible and feel bad about it:cries:) so here's where I make my models happen:)

Mr Feral
15-02-2008, 19:14
You should see the state of my painting desk, it's covered in various WIPs :rolleyes:

Now get some paint on those Psykers!

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-02-2008, 19:56
Yes sir :)

Colonel Haizelhoff
16-02-2008, 14:04
Heres a bad pic of the finished rough riders, propably some close up pics tonight or tomorrow but Dawn of Wars are just so addicting:chrome:. I'm also painting the psykers, I'm trying some molten effect on the hands like in the banner.

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-02-2008, 08:30
Here are some individual photos.

18-02-2008, 02:19
Man I love that second commander. He really has the look of an insane nazi zombie general that has been holed up in the forrest too long (Check out the movie "Shockwaves - SS Zombies from the deep" and you'll see what I mean).

And I really love the zombie like skintone you've got on the soldiers. The Demolisher is nice but maybe you should have bulked it out a bit to differentiate it from a vindicator?

The chimera looks much better with tracks, before that I have to admit it looked like the ugliest ork shoe box truck ever. Now it looks like the orks stole a chimera, chopped it up and sold it back to the 'umies (just typical of those deffskullz...).

Good idea to drop the whirlwind/hunterkillermissile conversion, although you could have made it into a support sentinel (check out imperial armour 3 for rules). But a support sentinel squadron requires you to have a normal sentinel squadron and you said earlier you wanted to cram in two RR squads, so no.

All in all, I'll be following your progress.

P.S. liked the heavy flamer conversion :)

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-02-2008, 07:06
Lol as I said after getting to 2000 points I might redo the chimera using the new ork trukk, but till then I'll just have to use the shoe box:D

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-02-2008, 15:43
Well guys I have not been progressing do to my new general project log and DoW, but hope to finish the psykers soon.

Captin Korea!
18-02-2008, 16:53
The riders are win!

Colonel Haizelhoff
19-02-2008, 17:51
Thx m8, Mr. Feral helped with that.

Colonel Haizelhoff
20-02-2008, 10:19
Heres some PIP pics of the 2 psykers.

Colonel Haizelhoff
22-02-2008, 10:08
And finally the finished psykers, also the next WIP, a special weapons squad with snipers and the lieutenant. Then at last the thing thats been keeping me busy, a DKoK paper Russ from the general project log.

25-02-2008, 06:04
Hi Haizelhoff, brilliant stuff done since last time I snuck around here and had a look. I'm particularly liking the flaming hands you have on your psykers... hmmm... they may yet join the Haizelhoff-pattern heavy flamers in my regiment (yep, that's right, Haizelhoff-pattern heavy flamers :D)

Colonel Haizelhoff
25-02-2008, 13:16
Glad to see the efforts of the haizelhoff gueriilas have not gone unnoticed since you've already named a heavy flamer after me:D. Updates on the special weapon squad and the lieutenant. The snipers look odd with the upright 3 normal fellows but it really makes the army more interchangeable as I can use the three lasguns in other squads.

Captin Korea!
26-02-2008, 01:22
I like those gullie suites! I dont know how Id use them in a urban chaos army though.

Colonel Haizelhoff
26-02-2008, 15:08
Thanks, ofcourse you can paint the net with urban camo and position it between rubble. Ghillie is really one of the treats of a jungle fighters army :)

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-03-2008, 11:27
Some updates and fun. First a diorama of the last outpost defenders preparing for the chaos charge. Next the whole army together, numbering around 90 models and the new infantry squad, with the veteran sergeant gifted a larger brain by the chaos gods:D. C&C plz.

Captin Korea!
15-03-2008, 20:27
90?! holy-moly, how many points is that?

Rabid Bunny 666
15-03-2008, 20:31
Ooh, me likes them Psykers, this army looks great, the rag-tag feel is especially cool, something all renegades should have.

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-03-2008, 21:58
The army is about 1850 pts. Thx for the encouragements and I also think rag-tag is the way to go. Anyway I'm starting my second mortar battery, trying to make them really entrenched. maybe make use of that ghillie earlier...

Death Korp
16-03-2008, 01:03
Wow, very nice stuff here mate :)

I see you have collected a fair amount of Traitors now. Are you going to add some Daemons and CSMs to the Force for a Apocalypse army, or are you sticking to this army?


Colonel Haizelhoff
16-03-2008, 09:39
I'm starting word bearers due to the new cool blood letters coming out in may. That project is on the general project log, but propably I'll still add some traitor flyers because IMO the CSM flyers are rubbish and whats apocalypse without flyers;).

Mr Feral
16-03-2008, 09:55
I like the Word Bearer, the red looks better even if slightly too thick.

Colonel Haizelhoff
16-03-2008, 13:13
Yeah just hate the normal word bearer color scheme it's too clean. Also I believe that instead of clearly having the berserker models and plague marine models, the Word Bearers would idol all the gods and change allegiance depending on the needs , since they after all believe they themselves are greater than daemons (save perhaps greater daemons). This might seem unfluffy for most people, but IMO well possible (a little like Abbadon).

Captin Korea!
18-03-2008, 21:50
Black legion word bearers! So... black bearers?:p

Colonel Haizelhoff
27-03-2008, 18:44
Guys after much consideration I'm leaving this army at 1800 points and going on to make the word bearers. If I will add something it will be on the general project log.

Final signal..... Haizelhoff out!

Mr Feral
27-03-2008, 19:24
A painted 1800 army in two months?