View Full Version : Requesting Ideas For Tournament Messengers/Objectives

05-01-2008, 22:45
Hey folks,

I'm headed to a tournament later this month and I have to bring 3 objective markers and 3 messenger models. I have a couple of ideas, but wanted to hear from the Warseer crowd on what you would build in the same situation. I play a Death Guard based Chaos army and would like models that go along with that theme, but to be fair to everyone lets open this discussion up to other armies as well - I'd like to know what everyone does for these kinds of models.

Any an all ideas are appreciated, thanks in advance!

07-01-2008, 11:14
A few years back we had to have both messengers and objectives for the US GTs. I was fielding an IG army converted from Lizardmen, so I themed both from that. Messengers were easy, just used lizards from the lizard swarm on a standard 20mm base. For the objectives I took some of the lizzie glyph plates and mounted them on a 40mm base along with a tree stump and a lizard from the swarm.

Given your theme, I'd go with some sort of pestilential zombie or nurgle Marine models for the messengers, and maybe some sort of icons on 40mm bases fro the objectives.

07-01-2008, 13:00
FW Nurgle preachers (and perhaps the 'oh god get me an aspirin' psyker) would seem the obvious choice for nurgle-themed messengers, but may be a little steep price-wise.

Inquisitorial henchmen (scribes etc) painted appropriately would be fun, as might the cherubim they already look twisted enough that a decent paint scheme would make them look very appropriate.

As to objectives, how about:
a) A vial of chemicals containing a Dark Adept's sinister biology experiments.
b) A dreadnought sarchophagus.
c) Dead plague marines reclaim the geneseed!
d) The top of a missile silo containing a chemical warhead.
e) Imperial plans.