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i am chaos
06-01-2008, 13:21
i am a HE player and need some advice on how to beat a staff member how has gobbos some advice is needed
my army list is:

star dragon
Armour of caledor
the amulet of light

level 2

level 2 3
the seerstaff of saphery

(32) spearman

(12) archers

(12) archers

(2) repeater

(6) sliver helms
high helm

that comes to about 2001

06-01-2008, 13:33
i don't think you're supposed to post the points for everything

Disciple of Caliban
06-01-2008, 14:19
Repost this in the army list forums and you should get more advice on the list.

As for tactics against the gobbos just remember their low LD and the rest should fall into place.

Concentrate fire to panic units away from the general, and use the dragons to fly around behind the gobbos scaring everyone rather than charging into combat. With a flank or rear charge the gobbos will dissolve to both the dragon rider and the silver helms, and so long as you force him to fight your spearmen straight up he wont be able to beat them (remember, gobbos fear any elf unit they dont outnumber 2 to 1)

Hopefully thats some help, more advice on the gobbo list would be useful

06-01-2008, 14:20
Level 23 wizard gives alot of magic.

06-01-2008, 14:57
Level 23 wizard gives alot of magic.

23 now?

Grrr, New High Elves are so overpowered. I'm writing an angry email right now!

Anywho, Gobs are not scary. Their like three feet tall and scare easily. Shoot em up with arrows, light em up with magic and finish em off with the dragon/knights.

Aim for the dark robed ones first though. If/When the units panics any hidden fanatics get trampled.

06-01-2008, 16:00
Seems so easy the way you put it :p
I don't know the gob army composition, but odds are he has better magic (he should, I know I would), and numbers. There's nothing I would fear in the army posted above, save for the dragon's terror. When that is dealt with (not too difticult), well...
Sorry, I really got no advice for a 2000 point army with one infantry and one cavalry unit.
Shoot them? Scare them with the dragon? I don't really see what you really expect there, sorry. I don't want to sound mean, pedantic or anything, but there's just so much you can do with the army above, tactics-wise.

06-01-2008, 16:12
I'd lose the dragon tbh, I'm against using such things in 2k point games. With the points saved you could invest in more proffitable things like more archers or infantry blocks (I'm no HE player so I'm not sure exactly howmany you could get)

06-01-2008, 16:22
the dragon causes terror..., vs night goblins it's the pwn + his breath attack isn't a breeze either as goblins also have T3 , even a sun dragon could do some wounds (again panic test)

Dragons own those low leadership ****'s (unless they're undead/immune to pshychologie)

Btw , give the prince a halberd so he has strenght 5, i also would drop those silverhelms cause they won't be able to break any goblin unit... dunno about flankin, cus 2k points he's have LOADS of goblins to set up. drop some spearmen and take a lion chariot
Maybe even go for a moondragon instead of a stardragon , cus he's probably will have a BSB wich grants his goblins poisoned attacks (bubaai dragon)

06-01-2008, 16:26
(posting here as well to promote the discussion...copy from the army list forum)

Let's see how we can tweak this list (assuming you haven't got any other HE models lying around..). By the way, I'm replying having in mind the Goblin issue you mentioned on another post.

- You have 32 spearmen, 24 archers, 6 horsemen and 2 bolt throwers... I suggest merging 14 archers with the spearmen to make lothern sea guard. This way, you can have 3 units of spearmen (two of which will be sea guard) instead of your initial one.

-Star dragon seems too much to me. You'll be perfectly fine with a moon dragon instead. (and you'll save some points, too)

-The equipment of your characters doesn't seem right: The amulet of light is only good if you're facing ethereal creatures, and goblins aren't ethereal for sure... Armour of Caledor is good, but i'd give your prince the reaver bow as well (you don't want him stuck in combat from the first turn, as you'll need to take full advantage of his dragon's terror and shooting capabilities), and equip him with a halberd for that constant s5.

-Mages: You need to boost your magic phase a bit. If you do so, you might be able to cast a drain magic or two, thus cancelling your need for the annulian crystal. What I recommend is buying one of your mages the ring of fury and the silver wand (instead of the seer staff..I know, not as good, but cheaper!) and giving the other the Jewel of the Dusk and a Dispel Scroll (boosting both your offence and your defense).

-Make your spearmen first spears and give them the War Banner.

-Swap the archers for shadow warriors: they are more effective and can be proxied by modeling archers wit swords and stuff...

SO, the list I'm proposing looks like this:

-Prince on Moon Dragon, Armour of Caledor, Reaver Bow, Halberd
-Mage, Lvl2, Jewel of the Dusk, Dispel Scroll
-Mage, Lvl2, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand

-15 First Spearmen, champion, standard, War Banner
-15 Lothern Sea Guard, full command
-15 Lothern Sea Guard, full command

-5 Shadow Warriors
-5 Shadow Warriors
-6 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

-Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
-Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
That's 1999 points...

Overall, you are limited by the lack of solid special choices, but the army has potential if played correctly...
Your shooting and magic is above average, and the units can hold their own in combat until the dragon or the cavalry comes to the rescue!

06-01-2008, 16:28
Well the way I see it, you just have too few units. I've seen reasonable success with a small army with a dragon against goblins myself, but then I had access to a lot more attacks than you do, so I'd probably lose it (even if the terror can be very nifty).

In any case, as it stands, no matter what armour and shooting you pack, the two combat units will be hopelessly outnumbered by the goblins. I'd probably shave off some points on the magic and shooting. Trim down the large spearman unit a little, and get more 20-man spearmen units instead. They don't need to be super-large because you'll probably just get outnumbered anyway, so it's a much bigger concern to not get flank charged. Several units can support each other.

I'd also suggest a throw-away eagle to lure out fanatics early on.

06-01-2008, 18:41
If you are playing high elves any you need help, you must realy suck.

And now I have to ask:
Why do you even bother posting stuff like this? Either post something useful (since you're such a tactical genius), or stop wasting internet space!

Every army takes a bit to get used to, from army building (this is where i am chaos' army suffers) to deployment and actual gaming... So, bugger off or (even better) give him some helpful insight!


i am chaos
06-01-2008, 19:46
thanks guys it has been a really big help