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06-01-2008, 16:54
Here's an updated 2000pt Empire list taking into account alot of the suggestions people have made. I received a lot of good feedback so I'm going to try to incorporate as much as I can without changing the original list too much. I like my empire toys so I want to try and keep the units the same. I will probably try out different character combinations such as a mounted EC, a mounted BSB, or an EC mounted on a pegasus and see what I like but I have the models completed for the characters in this list.


Elector Count, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, great weapon

Warrior Priest, Dawn Armor, great weapon, barded warhorse
(Dawn Armor may be expensive but I want to give him something to keep him alive. Alternatively I could go for sword of might and enchanted shield instead.)

Captain, Plate Armor, shield, lance, barded warhorse
(Many responsed included keeping this guy cheap to add more punch to one of my knight units.)

Battle Wizard, lvl 1, warhorse, 2 Dispel Scrolls


6 Knights, Full Command, Steel Standard
(Captain goes in here.)

6 Knights, Full Command, Warbanner
(Warrior Priest goes in here.)

24 Spearmen, shields, Full Command
Detachment: 10 Halberdiers, shield

24 Swordsmen, Full Command
Detachment: 10 Halberdiers, shield


5 Outriders, repeating handguns

5 Outriders, repeating handguns




Helblaster Volley Gun

Helstorm Rocket Battery

Total: 1961 pts
4 Dispel Dice, 2 Scrolls

So I have some points left over. I was thinking I could get either Banner of Arcane Warding for one of my infantry blocks to boost magic defense or Banner of Valour. Alternatively I could just beef up my spearmen and swordsmen. What do you think?

bigbear bailey
06-01-2008, 19:39
more men the better... So beef up the blocks of guys...

Ha-ha you and that dawn armor ha-ha... you crack me up bro, let him have it since he "needs" it LMAO...

I might make one of the units of outriders a unit of pistolers... That way you can have some cheap fast cav to throw away and to go kill warmachines...

06-01-2008, 20:32
Don't worry DawnArmour is actually good, im an advocate of the dawn armour myself.
A tactic for more magic defense is to drop the dawn armour (and give him the enchanted shield if you want) and give the priest the sigil, then swap the steel standard for banner of arcane warding, that gives both knight units good magic defense which is very handy as those guys are as hard as nails, but come in small squads.

Magic will be fired at your detachments, outriders or knights, not your infantry IMHO, as well as missile fire so BoAW may be wasted on the infantry.

07-01-2008, 06:06
I was thinking about the two units of outriders. I probably need some fast cav that can march-block so I may drop one of the outrider units for a unit of pistoliers and beef up the other outrider unit. What do you think is a good size for outriders?

I know Dawn Armor is a bit expensive for the WP but I do need something to keep him alive longer. I could go for enchanted shield, and sword of might and save 5 pts. I'm not sure if I should give the WP sigil of sigmar as well or if this is too many pts tied up in a character. I'm also thinking of giving the WP sword of might and shield instead of the great weapon, giving him a 1+ rerollable save.

bigbear bailey
07-01-2008, 15:40
Look, I am going to stop this crazy Dawn armor ****... I have found that if you are putting you heros in units of knights then one of two things are going to happen.

1.)They well either charge and kill the hell out of whatever they can hit befor it hits back

2.)They fail and the whole unit gets over runned

Now, do you see any where in there that you need a good save? My priest on a warhorse has NEVER (and I mean NEVER) been killed in had to hand with his knights EVER. Now he has been run down a few times but that has nothing to do with the fact that he died in honorable combat. If you want to waist the points and give him it then go ahead, but it's not a good choice....

The shield and sword are better IMHO...