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07-01-2008, 02:47
Wrote this one up today. Army is assembled, 50% painted. Suggestions and comments would be appreciated, thanks.

Prince (621 pts)
Blade of Leaping Gold
Golden Shield
Dragon Armour
Star Dragon

Prince (438 pts)
Armour of Heroes
Vambrances of Defence

Noble (214 pts)
Battle-standard Bearer
Heavy Armour
Barded Elven Steed
Battle Banner

Noble (191 pts)
Reaver Bow
Talisman of Protection
Heavy Armour
Great Eagle

Noble (139 pts)
Heavy Armour
White Sword
Mask of the Merlord

Mage (135 pts)
Level 2

16 Archers (201 pts)
Full Command

11 Spearmen (149 pts)
Full Command
First Among Equals
Lion Standard

11 Spearmen (124 pts)
Full Command

10 Seaguard (155 pts)
Full Command

15 Swordmasters (325 pts)
Helm of Fortune
Standard of Balance
Full Command

16 Phoenix Guard (335 pts)
Amulet of Light
Banner of Sorcery
Full Command

16 White Lions (320 pts)
Guardian Phoenix
Banner of Arcane Protection
Full Command

8 Silver Helms (224 pts)
Full Command

Tiranoc Chariot (85 pts)

Lion Chariot (140 pts)

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers (200 pts)

Total: 3999 pts

07-01-2008, 05:49
for a 4k point army you have the weakest magic defence id say swap a noble and a prince for some mages you really need them in 4k and if you dont need defence give them lore of fire and burn everything

07-01-2008, 05:56
WHAT!!!!! 1 mage in 4k!!! WTH u need atleast 4. not enough bolt throwers. 4-5 is good enough.

08-01-2008, 01:06
So, what about dropping the Lord on Dragon and with those points adding a Dragon Mage (I just got the Dragon, so I'm bound and determined to use it and that would add the 'burn everything' clause) and an Archmage (or would it be wiser for maybe taking two mages)? Not a big fan of magic myself, but I do see the need for it. I don't often play 4k games, to be honest, so I don't tend to take many mages to begin with. I like fighting a hell of a lot more then casting spells. But what the heck, I'll give it a try.

As for the bolt throwers, I prefer bodies over machines. I have never felt the need for more then 2 BT in my armies. God, I can't even imagine how dull it would to paint another three of those bloody contraptions!

Thanks for the advice,

08-01-2008, 04:26
why dont you keep you lord on dragion and then skimp on your nobles because a dragon mage is way to unprotected for its points and its better to have them on foot in units so they can live longer

08-01-2008, 14:05
Yeah. I'll drop some of the nobles, and drop a few magical items. Could probably save a few points if I reduce the magic items I gave to my units as well, perhaps. Slap on a few more LV 1 and 2 mages then. Never used greater then LV2 for my HE (though have used some pwerful sorceresses for my DE). Thanks.

08-01-2008, 14:45
Your swordmaster unit does NOT need the helm of fortune
It is really a waste of points

08-01-2008, 15:39
In a 4K game, you'll get absolutely slaughtered without more magic defence. I'd recommend at least 3 Mages, but don't bother to upgrade them unless you're going to take an Archmage as well- you'll never get a spell off. I'd add the Annulian Crystal (Steal a power dice), Sigil of Asuryan (Destroy an enemy spell... maybe) and 2 scrolls to them, at the very least.

Do you have more Core models? I'd combine the Spearmen, and add some more little Archer units to take you up to 4... maybe ask your opponents to play 3999 points instead if you can't.

08-01-2008, 18:07
Okay, drop the helm. As for Core . . . I can field more spearmen, but I've only got the one box of archers. My friends are pretty loose with proxing units, so even making two units of 10 archers each I could scrounge up some models to substitue.

08-01-2008, 19:43
Sneaky tip: put the accessories from the Bolt Thrower sprues onto individual 20mm bases. Then you can count them as another 4 Archers :D

08-01-2008, 20:08
Done and done!

08-01-2008, 20:30
I agree with EvC and some of the others, but I have some different takes. Blocks(18-20+) of Spearelves are important, especially if you are running a 4k and need some character protection for all of those mages, heros, princes, ect...2 at least

Why Spears? The price for armored spears have gone down to 9 pts for a spearman, which is great! On the other hand, specialized elite troop prices have gone up from 13pts to 15pts for some (like SM's). Also, spears complement characters as they help each other to better combat resolution and protect from heavy combats as elites step up for that purpose. Spears can wheel strategically and take on charges at a diagonal that leave enemies with exposed flanks and pass combat resolution with character support.

Concentrate you units of spears into one unit for now and see what you think. A unit of 20+ spears will do just fine with a character and a warbanner, cast the 3 spell stubborn on them successfully and you have a guaranteed flank the next turn. They will hold.

08-01-2008, 20:32
I know you need some more core if you do choose to group up your spears. You may have to just buy more core... a solid investment