View Full Version : Normal Sentinel = Catachan Sentinel?

07-01-2008, 14:55
I remember some time ago that there were specific catachan sentinels, that came with the Catachan upgrade sprue containing the heavy flamer and all. I was going to get one for my Deathworld Veterans, but when looking through the online store, I couldn't spot any, nor did I find them anywhere else.

So I bought a normal sentinel from a local store in hopes of converting the needed parts to it. When I opened the box, it contained the Catachan sprue as an added extra.

Am I mistaken, or has GW just slapped the two together? The price was same as a normal sentinel (12) as opposed to the Catachan and Cadian ones (15).

Chaos and Evil
07-01-2008, 14:59
Yep, the standard sentinel kit comes with the catachan upgrade sprue.

Partisan Rimmo
07-01-2008, 16:11
They did something similar with the Inquisitor range at one point

24-11-2015, 13:04

Please excuse the resurrection of this old thread. I was going to ask a similar question but this came up on the search.

Can someone confirm if the current Imperial Guards/Astra Militarum Sentinel contains the bits of the Catachan Sentinel, specifically the bits with the plants/foliage.

Also if not, is it out of production.

This the the sprue I am referring to:


Lord Damocles
24-11-2015, 16:16
The current Sentinel doesn't contain the camo netting parts. The sprue was re-cut to include the heavy flamer, chainblade, and Catachan crew on the standard sprue(s), but the foliage didn't make the cut sadly.

Your best bet is eBay etc. to find it nowadays.

27-11-2015, 14:53
ive got tons of them sitting in my bitz box i think, you looking for one specifically?