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07-01-2008, 20:13
Having a difficult time dealing with 5 of them. With no shooting, I'm only left to magic them (Slaanesh style - either make them move somewhere else, or have them not move at all).

But for actual tactics and combat, my only thoughts are to let a screen get killed and allow for a nice overrun into something else.

Are there any unit that would do the job justice, or do I have to give my knights to it (while letting go of other better, tastier units).

Or perhaps I'm going about this all wrong? Any insights would be great.

07-01-2008, 22:00
Well 5 PK costs about 275 pts. That is a huge investment in points usually worthy of equally heavy costing units on your part.

I play both brets and chaos regularly so I have some good insight here.

The PK will outmanouver what they want, so you may wish to get stuck in with your knights. But any good general won't let you.

PK really have little effect on a frontal charge, as their lack of static CR is usually too much for their killiness to overcome. So let them charge your fronts of marauder units, and speed bump your more fragile ones.

The big thing is to keep them off your flanks/rear. So keep some fast cav, beastherds in reserve to protect yourself from them. I find chariots work best at "area pinning". but marauder horsemen with flails work well too (just keep your horsemen from getting bowfire).

There is no shame in having a hard time dealing with 275 pts of troops. Just remember it weaknesses and where you can exploit that.

In short, don't chase them, wait for them to come to you.

07-01-2008, 22:22
It would help if we knew what your general list is since there is a lot you can do with a chaos army...

In general though, you have a lot of cheap throw-away units you can use to take the charge. Let them hit and kill 10 marauders and overrun into warriors or whatever you have behind. Then you counter charge with the chariots.

Also you could use that nasty slannesh spell to move them in front of you so you can charge them ; )

07-01-2008, 23:16
i think the best way for you to deal with units like this are as follows

1) Chaos Spawn are great, he cant predict the movement and have 360 charge, blood beasts are also very good with S5, combine this with T5 and being unbreakable.

2) Exalted daemons are another good tool, as he lacks the static combat res to screw you over somethign as simple as soul blade of ether will make short work of them at strength 5 (remember that he only gets his ward save).

3) beast herds are again great, skirmishers with rank bonus, strength 4 champions and spears, hell you can even go as far as addding a BSB with the banner that gives them posion attacks, thats a total of 12 strength and 3 strength 4 attacks, very nasty!

4) Magic, magic missles, hell even bear anger would be great at this stage!

08-01-2008, 00:15
At first I was playing a Khorne list with Warriors, Knights, Bloodletters, and Bloodbeasts. I was a recent convert from Dwarves so naturally I went with the heavy, more point costly stuff first.

But now I've learned about Slaanesh and speed, so I don't have any blocks of infantry. I'm doing an Undivided army now with 2 knights (Khorne, Slaanesh), 2 chariots (one is Tzeentch), 2 marauders, 2 puppies, a unit of 5 centigors, and 4 screamers. My General is Undivided and in the non-marked chariot, whereas the other Exalted is with the Khorne knights (the Slaanesh are Chosen and with Rapturous Std.) and both Slaanesh lvl2 Sorcerers are on horseback.

I guess I fear the Pegasus more than Grail, simply because of range. If they moved slow, I'd care less about them.

Perhaps I should use my Slaanesh Knights as the Anvil when the Peg. overrun. Would make them hit me on 5's, with a 2/3+ armour save when they charge.

I could also get the 205 point unit of 25 Marauders w/sword and board and FC, which would put me at a +4 before he even hit me and a 5/6+ armour when he charges. But that would require me to swap that in with another unit, instead of just using the Knights which I already have.

I think I wast just not using my Knights well enough. Thanks for the tips!

John Vaughan
08-01-2008, 03:49
The key to beating a super-unit like that is to use a large block of chaos warriors (perhaps even a ridiculous number) to out-rank them, as well as using a battle standard. The best way to win is to just beat them in combat resolution.

Want them to move slower? Use Slaanesh magic! Simple as that!

The Anarchist
08-01-2008, 21:55
my advice, 12 furies can normaly deal with or tie up for plenty of time a set of PK. they also cna fly, not bad in combat and can take enough punishment, especialy aganst Bretonia to get across the table quickly and relitivly unharmed. this is the simplst and probably only tactic better minds than mine ahvn't already stated above.