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07-01-2008, 20:25
Here is my 2250 Tomb King List for critique. I'm still building it up and haven't played with it yet.

I'm being kind of stubborn. I want a King and a Prince, so I only have 2 Liches. If that kind of build is doomed to failure though I won't have much choice other than to change it I suppose.

So let me know what you think!

Tomb King
Light Armour
Crook and Flail of Radiance, Golden Ankhra

Tomb Prince
Golden Eye of Rah-nutt, Chariot of Fire

Liche Priest
Collar of Shapesh, Heiratic Jar

Liche Priest
Skeletal Steed
Staff of Ravening



8*Skeleton Light Horsemen

7*Skeleton Light Horsemen

24*Skeleton Warriors
Light Armour, Spear, Shield
Full Command
Standard of the Cursing Word

19*Tomb Guard
Full Command
Banner of the undying Legion

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion


07-01-2008, 23:03
First off, let me say that the character slot allocation isn't bad at all. THis way you still have a fairly powerful magic phase while retaining the fighting potential of a King.
Some thoughts:

- With Tomb Kings you have 2 choices: Either force the enemy to come to you with shooting and the casket of souls, or charge across the field using the more maneuverable aspects of the army. The way I see it, you're going for the second option, but still need a bit of tweaking to get it right.

-Tomb King: 5 S5 attacks that always strike first is good and the same stands for the 4+ ward. However, the cost is steep and you still can't auto-break chariots with that sweet S7. What I'm suggesting is either a mundane Great Weapon (cheap), of the more costly Flail of Skulls, which will make your king a combat monster, especially against multi-wound opponents. As for the Ward Save, I'm an advocate of no ward save at all for your Tomb King. At 4 wounds and T5, your best bet to keep him alive is magic and...the vambraces of defense. Alternatively, you could give him the collar of shapesh (your hierophant won't need that, read on). Another item to consider would be the crown of Kings. It usually makes the difference between having to dispel the incantation with one or 2 dispel dice.

-Tomb Prince: The chariot of fire is a really good choice, although I'd rather give him a sword of might for that S5.

-Liches: The one on the steed is fine (although you'l have to think twice before sending him forward with the fast cavalry...more on this later), the Hierophant would benefit greatly from the cloak of dunes, instead of a ward save. With a little experience, you'll be able to keep him out of harm's way easily with that 20" movement.

-Light Horsemen: Utterly ineffective in a Tomb Kings army, as they are denied the basic 2 privileges of fast cavalry: March movement and flee reaction. There's nothing fast cavalry can do that chariots can't do better. If you're set on using the horsemen, make them heavy horsemen, give them command group and a War Banner. That unit packs some punch, and costs about as much as the 2 fast cavalry units combined.

-Chariots: They're great, the only addition I can think of is a banner and a musician in the prince's escort.

-Skeleton Warriors: Not a fan of the spears (or the magic banner, for that matter). I'd make them hand weapon and shield, and give them the banner of undying legion instead. (great tarpit unit)

-Tomb Guard: Solid choice, although the Banner of Rakaph suits them better. You'll find that being able to reform before you charge is priceless! Since the unit is the personal bodyguard of your King,it's all a matter of getting it into combat (which is where the Icon's power comes into play).

-Tomb Scorpions: Really good, nothing to add here. (maybe you could drop the one later on and add 2 tomb swarms, for the sake of diversity)

-Ushabti: great fighting unit, 4 of them will break through any opponent (save lord-level fighting characters, of course). They can handle their own even if the hierophant dies, which is golden!

-Lack of Rare choices: It won't hurt you much, but you could always replace the cavalry with a bone giant or even 2 screaming skull catapults (although your playstyle will vary greatly if you do the latter)

What I'm proposing:
-Tomb King, Flail of Skulls, Vambraces of Defense
-Tomb Prince, Chariot of Fire, Sword of Might, LA, shield
-Liche Priest, skeletal steed, Staff of Ravening
-Liche Priest, Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar

-3 Chariots
-3 Chariots, musician, standard
-24 Skeleton Warriors, LA, shield, full command, banner of undying Legion
-10 Heavy Horsemen, Full command, War Banner

-Tomb Scorpion
-Tomb Scorpion
-4 Ushabti
-19 Tomb Guard, Full Command, Icon of Rakaph

Hope this helps, feel free to discuss


09-01-2008, 12:41
Thanks for the advice! I'm used to playing Dwarfs, so I am leaning towards a more aggressive and magicky army with my Tomb Kings. And I forgot to mention, they are probably going to be running up against pure Ogres (no gnoblars) most of the time. Here are a couple of thoughts I had:

-I was planning on putting my Tomb king in with my Skeletons. I was hoping his strike first attacks and the Banner of the Cursing Word would help to reduce the number of attacks at the skeletons and help them generate more CR, hopefully leading to an autobreak.

-I was planning on putting the non-mounted liche priest in with the Tomb Guard. I gave them the banner of the undying legion as it gives me the best return for my points (restoring expensive tomb guard as opposed to cheap skellies).

I originally had him flying around with the cloak, but I'm nervous about him getting shot down with the new 7th edition shooting rules.

- I do kind of like the idea of replacing the fast cav with a bone giant, but what would I do with the mounted liche priest then?

Thanks again for the advice. I'm really looking forward to getting them up and running.

09-01-2008, 13:16
Light Horsemen are not ineffective in a TK army, I use them over and above the standard archer unit, two units of 6 that are always useful for using that 8" of movement + incantations to march block, supressing fire and bait as well as protect a liche priest if he is mounted.

Last game my opponent spent at least 1 spell per phase he could have used to target something useful trying to destroy just one unit of 6 which would eventually go on to kill his last mage and leave the magic phase wide open for my last and brutal charges that gave me a massacre (chariots vs high elf spearmen... YUM!)

09-01-2008, 15:20
I was using a Tomb king when i started too, but after I lost like 15 games in a row, i tried the HLP, which i find much better than the King. I use 2 princes a HLP, and LP. I find this much better point wise as the Tombking is evey expensive compared to the Tombprince, and not that much better.

If you wonna rule magic, take HLP with the palaque of mighty incanations! That rules!