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08-01-2008, 01:51
Take a look of this and tell me you`re opinion

Chaos lord of tzeentch = 493Ptos
- Golden eye of tzeentch
- Staff of change
- Disc of Tzeentch
- Shield

2x Chariot of tzeentch = 240 Ptos
18x Horrors + 2 Flamers = 320 Ptos
18x Horrors + 2 Flamers = 320 Ptos
3x screamers = 99 Ptos
1x Hellcannon = 270 Ptos
10x Marauders with great weapons, light armor and full comand = 105 Ptos
10x Marauders with great weapons, light armor and full comand = 105 Ptos

Casting pool 8
Dispel pool 4

08-01-2008, 16:55
Looks scary to me. Have you tried this list? Did you have any problems in combat?

08-01-2008, 17:26
Those Marauder units don't need the banner, or perhaps even the champion. it's an easy 200 vp for your opponent - 100 for the unit, and another 100 for the banner. Or at very least easy to be shot at, in which case you'd lose the banner.

I'm assuming they're for flanking purposes? If so, then they won't need the banner, since you could save those points and get more Marauders.

Other than that, it seems alright.

09-01-2008, 00:18
Thank a lot for the replys

well about marauder, as you said i used it for flanking and support my horrors in combat but they are very weak and in the shooting fase normally their turn around and run.... losing this ptos
may be i should use a pair of chaos spawn

09-01-2008, 19:49
There are some good qualities about this list. First, I like the horrors, they are evil and can hurt a unit pretty badly. I also like the Hellcannon, it take alot of courage to use this piece well. I also like the chariots of tzeetch to help pump up the PD and the lend support to your line. The screemers are good value too.

But there are some things that I don't like. The lord on the disc is almost a quarter of your point total. And for what he can do, I don't think this is worth the price you pay. Don't get me wrong, I think it is better value than a tzeetch dragon, but still at close to 500 pts, you are putting alot of faith in one model. Plus you have no dispel scrolls (although the Staff of change is great at dispelling).

Here's my suggestion. Slowly over the course of a few months ... I would start to rethink how you use your magic phase entierly. Here's an option you may not have considered. Downgrade your lord to an exalted on a disc and use him as a fighty character tooled up to dish out some serious killing. Then to get the use of the Staff of change, take a beastlord of Tzeetch and give him the staff of change and armor of damnation. He should have a retinue of beastherds to help protect him and you may want to research the "superherd concept"

You can still have a mortal general as both characters have ld 8. Also give the hellcannon the demonic gift that acts like a dispel scroll to have that security. This will need you to re-allocate your points.

But you can do this by trimming the marauders down or using spawns. Maybe even sacrificing a unit of horrors to accomodate this.

I like what you have done to your army already. It looks well themed and could win quite alot. But, I think that it has some serious issues around lateral movement, and combat presence. The game will be decided in the first rounds. If you can kill enough of his important stuff early you'll win, if not then he will win. This can get boring after a while.

Little Aaad
09-01-2008, 20:30
Marco is right. I would say use a ex champ on disc though and a plain sorc lvl 2 with lore of shadow to use unseenlurker on your marauders for that 16 inch charge. Death has some reliable spells also.

This ruins theme though. If you want your theme to stay, then Marco has the advice for you.

09-01-2008, 21:06
or swap the disc guy for a deamon prince or lord of change

09-01-2008, 21:25
Drop the standards from the marauders, and the light armour.
Your just giving your opponent an easy 110vp for each unit above its cost without them.

I'de probably get loads of chaos warhounds instead of the marauders.
As well as some furies.

Other than that, it's a perfectly reasonable list.
Not a lot in the way of magical defence really...even with the staff 4 dice doesnt go very far in stopping the enemy casting at you.

You could swap your lord for 2 exaulted champions, both on discs of tzeentch.
It leaves a few points spare...no staff of course but you can cast spells twice per turn then (assuming both have those spell).

Nothing really wrong with the list though.
Use it as it is and you'll probably find yourself tweaking it into the advice everyone is giving over time anyhow.