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23-09-2005, 19:28
I am going to start Tomb Kings, any advice would be great.


23-09-2005, 19:32
Well, a Tomb Prince and a Liche Priest are requierd, so you'll need them :) Next I'd suggest a box or two of skeleton warriors and a box of chariots. Cavalry are not that effective in TK imo but scorpions are amazing. Tomb Guard are also very effective as can be the screaming skull catapult.

25-09-2005, 03:02
Tomb Prince is one of the best heroes in the game with T5 and 3 wounds.

DEFINATELY pick up a screaming skull catapult, I havent played a game where those done awesomely.

User Name
25-09-2005, 05:55
tomb scprpions are great as said before

What you take depends on playing style but I tinhk I can give a general outline of a good 1500 point army

lich preist herophat

20 skelaton warriors, full command

20 tomb gaurd with banner that gives d6 models back

5-7 light cav

3 chariots, full command
prince in chariot of fire

3 ushbti

giant or casket

This is just an example of what things are good/useful, please feel free to tweek it to yuor own playing style

27-09-2005, 11:37
I've now got about 2k of TK.

I started by buying the 50.00 box set. This includes the basic troops that you'll need. You can then add bits on depending upon which style of army you want. I added lots more chariots for maneouverability and a unit of tomb guard for staying power. Added to that a couple of liche priests and a prince on a chariot, it came to about 1500. I then added a bone giant and Ushabti to bring it up to about 2000.

I found it was good to use a base core of troops and then play test new models using subs from other armies to see if they fit.

Good luck, and remember...don't let them near your liche priests or its game over!

28-09-2005, 00:03
already a thread on this http://www.warseer.net/forums/showthread.php?t=11382

29-09-2005, 06:01
Skellies, skellies, skellies
And more ushabtis and scorpions, u'll never go wrong.

30-09-2005, 03:39
IMO bone giants have varying uses. But for the points, I'd rather go for ushabtis or more troops.

Muffin Man
30-09-2005, 05:55
All the TK specials are very good, but which ones you take really depend on how you want to play as TKs are fairly expensive limiting your selection. The battalion box is probably a good place to start, you're almost certainly going to use everything in it no matter what type of army you decide on. Although with regards to the horsement in the box, there seems a be a great divide between the TK players who think horsemen are utter crap and those that think they're brilliant. In either case you'd probably want to give them a shot before you decide for yourself.

Also, some simple cheap purchasing hints, don't buy the TK riding chariot box, just place a normal foot TK in one of the plastic chariots, exact same thing. And when you get enough TK bits, buy the VC skelly box instead (more skellies, same bodies, but the VC's have different shields and don't get bows).