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08-01-2008, 18:46
At some point soon I'll be facing Ogre Kingdoms with my newly constructed Bretonnian army (still in the making) and what I'd like to know is can anyone from experience tell me how to properly use Pegasus Knights against the Ogres? I have my own ideas but I'll wait and see what you guys have to say and see if we're on the same page with this. Thanks. :D

The Anarchist
08-01-2008, 20:52
My first question is how many points is the battle likly to be, and how many PK you ahve?

for more general advice, PK can't realy go wizard hunting when facing OK, however they can still go for the odd Warmachine; the Scrap launcher namly. if your feeling confident or got enough knights you cna also go looking for some of OK's mroe unusual units that opperate more individualy; go for his gorgers and yetthes, your likly to loose some knights this way, but if you can keep these troublesome units occupied it should be worthwhile.
the other obvious use that PK are normaly used for; flanking is just as usefull aganst the Ogres as normal. the added bonus is Ogres usualy don't have much rank bonus, so if you can get a flanck charge or rear on them it will be more effective than usual.

this is jsut my two cents off the top of my head.

08-01-2008, 20:54
Well against ogres it is totally different... you don't need to worry about a lot of the things you have to in other armies so it will be fairly straight forward.

I would take a unit of about four. At this size you can flank attack a unit and have 3 models attack and have one extra incase you take wounds. You can also get away with only 3.

So first turn fly off to the side (one that doesn't have leadbelchers and few butchers) and next turn charge. He will be going first so you should have no problem setting up for a second turn charge.

If you take a larger group you could even charge right off the bat, but I wouldn't suggest it except against weaker units. Unlike other armies you won't be killing off the kill zone and you will be taking attacks back, and ironguts hurt.

Also keep fear in mind. There's nothing worse then going for the charge and failing due to fear in such a way he can charge you next turn. On that note, your knights errant will be gold this game.

Remember to post the battle report : )

08-01-2008, 21:44
Ok we're playing 1000 pts. and I'll be facing:

1 unit of 5 Ironguts
1 unit of Bulls w/ Ogre Clubs
1 unit of Bulls w/additional hand weapons
1 Butcher
1 Bruiser w/ great weapon
1 Gorger

What I was thinking PK's and maybe Palladins on RP's (2) and try character hunting. Maybe not very effective but I've faced Ogres before and that Butcher has got to go! I wanted to run a unit of 5 Knights Errant w/ Errantry Banner and the Battle Standard Bearer w/ the Virtue of Duty and supported by a unit of Knights of the Realm. That's what I'm thinking so far...any ideas?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
09-01-2008, 00:13
I would consider taking some archers with those stick things. Take maybe some pegs a general bsb (both generic) and a unit of 9 knights of the realm along with a unit of like 6 knights errant(not in lance formation) Then take 3 or 4 peg knights. A scroll caddie might be nice if you can find the space. I have never played against ogres so my wisdom is lacking and/or useless.. Tell me how it goes!:)