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Heinrich Jäger
23-09-2005, 20:18
Alright here is the story you are a Spec ops team for the allies, and your mission is to head deep into German held territor during WW2 (1944 to be exact, just after D-Day). A large industreal complex has been reaserching, produceing and shiping out tanks to Normandy to stop the Allied advance, you are to destroy the Complex. It is heavily fortified, so running and gunning wont work.

You can just shoot and kill unimportant guys within your post, but for big things, Like tanks you end your post with you shooting at it and I will post the Result.

EX. You spot a tiger tank over on the ridge, you aim with your bazooka, and fire...
(my responce) THe rocket bounces off the tank, with little damage.

You can get injured.

Character Format:

History (Brief)

23-09-2005, 20:42
Name: Ruben smith
Rank:Captain/ British inteligence agency
Equipment: silenced luger pistol, hip flask, swiss army knife,german papers and documents, money, cigarett case, binoculars and a lockpick
Appearence: wears a dark jacket and inconspicuous clothes. he has wavey brown hair and deep blue eyes.
History: Ruben Smith was born in whitechappel London in 1912 to an english father and Indian mother. His father was a famous explorer who served in india in world war 1. He grew up around adventure and has a natural talent for acting or lying). He immediatly signed up to the army when political tentions grew between britain and Germany. He was quickly enlisted into the british inteligence agency (now mi6). He was inserted into geramany a few months ago and has just met up with the specil ops team as an atached spy.