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Da GoBBo
10-01-2008, 19:14
:eek: Like i asked, why was the piece on Grimgor versus Tyrion removed? One of the funnier threads in a long time :D I only got to read the first page and want to see where this was headin for. Please put it back :angel:

10-01-2008, 20:51
Agreed... I was funny indeed, but I believe some trollish behavior started to unravel due to the nature of the posts and the way the OP started the thread.

11-01-2008, 12:57
Now I will never know what people thought about my uber-night gobbo boss :(
But recalling the way the thread was opened, I can understand such measures.

11-01-2008, 13:18
Repost the Gobbo Boss, I just got curious!!!

bigbear bailey
11-01-2008, 14:10
me to bro... I want to see the man...

11-01-2008, 17:01
Ow.... let me think... Against Tyrion...

I think it was something like this:
A night gobbo warboss on giant squig to get as much attacks as possible, with the One hit wunda to chop straight through his AS, the Tricksy trinket to negate his ward save, the spiteful shield to pop-out the odd additional hit and the effigy of mork to make him harder to kill. Add some light armour, against other stuff than tyrion. I think this guy should be able to do 2 wounds to the the elf before he dies. And only for something like 200 points. But I don't know al of Tyrion's special rules and stats (wounds?), so can't make a good prediction.
The main problem is the regeneration, I think.

He could do with a few more attacks though, but I can't find a way to achieve this, cause the combination really needs the magic weapon and enchanted item, and those are the only options in the O&G list that also have items giving additional attacks.


Did a few test-rolls, and with some luck (well, maybe a bit more then 'some'), you could be able to score 3 wounds in one go! If he does not have any more special rules I do not know about. And the effigy can prevent him from dying on the moment they get in combat.
Come to think of it, maybe a chariot would be handy with the impact hits, but a bit easy CR with Tyrions S7 or so.

11-01-2008, 19:02
Nice character indeed!!!

I did mine but dropped the Effigy of Mork and added Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At. That 5+ WS may prove useful.

11-01-2008, 21:35
Thats a very nice gobbo!
(tyrion has a regen save now, so its 2+ armour, 4+ward, 4+ regen and 4 wounds)

And to why the thread got closed:

Maybe it was my fault.... and i am sorry that no more people saw your goblin boss :)

(i i really cant understand US forums rules, you can have guns, but if someone uses bad language on a website all hell breaks lose and it "corrupts" the innocent :( and on all other kinds of game forums, MTG and such, you can call people noobs without getting banned for a day, but apparantly there is no noobs in warhammer........)

12-01-2008, 03:33
This is no 'other kind of forum', this is WARSEER! Their forum, their rules, no discussion.

About the gobbo, I'm not sure about the Best Boss' At, the trinket says it negates all ward saves in base to base, and I think we had a discussion here wether or not this includes the model itself. So, to avoid any troubles, I decided to go for the effigy.

But wow! 4 wounds? Crazy stuff... But I see possibilities, since the trinket negates wards in base to base, so this also includes attacks made by other characters.

But to be honest... I think we're going of topic...

12-01-2008, 05:53
fwiw, I see base to base as requiring contact...
thus, as a model cannot contact its own base, the gobbo's save would be, well, safe.

12-01-2008, 12:02
But to be honest... I think we're going of topic...

He wanted an answer to why the grimgor thread got closed... and i gave him that, i really cant see that being of topic.

12-01-2008, 14:31
I meant about the gobbo boss.

bigbear bailey
12-01-2008, 15:06
yeah but he is way cooler then some fool saying Grimgor sucks... I should come after him for that you know...

12-01-2008, 15:21
I should come after him for that you know...

Be carefull i got banned for saying something like that :(

Da GoBBo
13-01-2008, 17:53
Please use this thread to discuss the gobbo boss and anything you want to. All I really intended to do was expressing how I felt about the removal of the thread. I always like the "u shouldn't use expensive fighters" "but they rock" "their rockhard" "no special characters period" kind of conversations :D

About the gobbo, it's still a gobbo. I wouldn't trust him to do, well ... anything usefull ... let alone slaying one mighty elfything, no matter what his equipement.

13-01-2008, 18:12
My choice to actually fight him would be my dwarf lord. Shield, Shield bearers, Great weapon, rune of Kragg the grim, rune of striking, rune of cleaving, runic armour, Rune of resistance, rune of stone, runic talisman with master rune of spite.
I probably wouldn't kill him, but I'd probably be able to tie him up for a while, while i can use the 100 points less that . With a Str 7 i should at least be able to wound that poncy elf enough to make him lose at least one wound.

Or maybe I'd just go for the cheap option, dwarf thane with rune of breaking, two runes of striking and a rune of stone. I certainly won't kill him but if i hit him at my now fairly decent WS 8, still lower than his nine though, i can smash his pretty little weapon and watch his , relatively) puny str 4 attacks bounce off. (Or does he enough have a hand weapon, by RAW I could render him totally impotent, I mean his attacking characteristic). And as an added bonus this thane is a bargain at 137 points.

13-01-2008, 22:11
Dwarf Lord
GW, Shieldbearers.
MroSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MroSpite.
Thats Rerollable 1+ save, and 4+ ward.
Also attacks that are greater than S5 is resolved at S5.
So against Grimgors attack, you have rerollable 3+ save and a 4+ ward.
And better strength, and far better save.
Not even Grimgor will take that Dwarf in 1 turn.

14-01-2008, 03:42
On the subject of Gobbo bosses, my favorite combo is;

Warboss w. Ulags Akrit Axe, Iron Nashas and Amulet of Protectyness.

I've used him to KB characters in the past, and the little fella would have killed Grimgor if the big orc hadn't passed his ward save. :D

Against Tyrion the amulet might keep him alive for a good while, but I can't remember exactly what Tyrions sword does.
I have doubts about the goblins ability to actually kill Tyrion though. :rolleyes:

14-01-2008, 08:42
Played some games yesterday, and my gobbo big boss with Wollopa's one hit wunda charged a bretonnia knights lance with paladin, and actually managed not to be slaughtered in turn one, despite the paladin doing his prayer and having a ward save that saved one out of two wounds, and a banner, outnumbering and a rank. All on his own!

14-01-2008, 11:33
... I have doubts about the goblins ability to actually kill Tyrion though. :rolleyes:

For the sake of the game, I really hope so :p

Being me an Orc player :eek:.

14-01-2008, 12:49
Well the easiest way was always to run tyrion down but if you wanted you could get a wizard lord (empire) and give him the mirror and armour of tarmous (3 + armour and 5+ ward) and then a sword of striking for +1 to hit :D a mean that should do it :D (btw the mirror swaps stats for ws,s,t,a)

14-01-2008, 13:42
(btw the mirror swaps stats for ws,s,t,a)

I really dont see that working anyway since Tyrion still has 3 saves. And his fancy sword.
So Tyrion would still be the "superior" one in the duel, even after the stat switch.
And i cant see a 4 attacks on S4 would ever have any decent chance of hurting a T4 (thank you mirror) guy with a 3+ (after armour modifier), followed by a 4+ followed by a 4+ save...

I still vote for the giant stuffing him in the pants is the best way (if a giant can still do that)

warlord hack'a
14-01-2008, 14:37
static CR followed by a solid overrun, can kill any character out there ;-). Tyrion only has 4 attacks, okay they are WS 9 S7 but even if they all hit and wound then he will still lose combat by 1 versus any ranked up unit (assuming that his mount misses his two attacks). So he can only win versus a ranked up unit by being in a bigger unit, but that means that the enemy has the option of fighting against the unit, thereby making Tyrions mega saves useless.

but of course, a giant stuffing him down his pants is more fun!

Da GoBBo
14-01-2008, 17:26
Personally I couldn't be bothered with a great lord which is either awfully expensive (überdwarf) or still expensive (grimgor 375 pt, ouch) but still no match. Best is probably to render the bugger useless (Frep's dwarf?) or tangle him up (couple of cheap units?). With only 4 (very good) attacks, he's not that scary I guess. He rides a horse? Face him off with a big (screened) block. He's on foot? You should be able to draw him away from the rest of your army (sacrifices must be made of course).
This why I never take expensive fighters anymore. Guys like gorbad and skarsnik are ok I guess, since they effect whole armies :D That's something worth buying.

Giant ... pants ... :D
Quiet impossible though I guess.

15-01-2008, 08:06
I usually only use the special characters on very few occasions, just to give them a try. Lots of orcs&gobbo's is much better. Only one I might make an exception for is probably Skarsnik&gobbla, since he is only about 200 points or so, and is the only use for the really cool model they have.