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11-01-2008, 01:39
Many have named off numerous ways to beat me yet all have failed. this is my list for the slayers as follows:
deamonslayer w/ master rune of swiftness, beastslayer, skavenslayer
dragonslayer w/ bsb, master rune of grimnir, beastslayer
dragonslayer w/ beastslayer, 2 runes of strengh
20 slayers w/ 3 giant slayers, standard
20 slayers w/ 3 giantslayers, standard
24 slayers w/ 3 giant slayers, standard
9 doomseekers

the bsb joins the big unit, the deamonslayer joins one of the 20 man units and the othe dragonslayer runs about alone.

just a few questions: how would you beat it and what wuold you change?
thanx in advance

11-01-2008, 05:21
First (and this is simply personal preference), and mainly, I would never field a Dwarf Lord that is only Strength 4. He's got to be at least Strength 6. Therefore, Master Rune of Kragg is a must. That's 26 points, equal to a single Giant Slayer (11 base, plus 15 for the upgrade). You've traded at least 8 attacks at only Strength 4 (Lord) and either 3 attacks @ S4 or 2 @ S6, for at least 8 @ S6. IMO, more than a fair trade. Otherwise anything with lots of armour, regardless of toughness, stands somewhat of a chance.

Second, I would replace a unit of normals for a unit of Bro. of Grimnir. 3 point different to get 1 higher Strength, along with ability to take a magical banner - I'd prefer that trade as well. Plus, the Giant Slayers would only cost 1 point more (11+15 verse 14+13). Also, they have magic resistance 1, along with anyone within 6 inches. Decent trade, I'd say. Plus 6 Doomseekers seems enough to me. 3 of them is 195 points... plenty to go around to make the difference of normals upgraded to Grimnir, as well as another small unit as a flanking or speed bump squad.

Third: BSB? Banners? I suppose if you needed the extra CR, but IMO you shouldn't need it if you counter charge with either another unit or a doomseeker or two.

I'd tweek it up as such.

Daemon Slayer: Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving x2, Beastslayer, Skavenslayer (Goes in the Brotherhood) - 300
Dragon Slayer: BSB, Rune of Cleaving x2, Rune of Speed, Skavenslayer - (goes in unit with 2 Giants) 170
Dragon Slayer: gw, Skavenslayer (lone hero) - 129
Troll Slayers: 20, w/ 2 Giants - 250
Troll Slayers: 20, w/ 3 Giants - 265
Troll Slayers: 15 - 165
Brotherhood of Grimnir: 20, w/ 4 Giants, sb w/Master Rune of Grimnir - 394
Doomseekers: 5 - 325

1998 pts.

Sadly I killed 4 doomseekers to make the upgrade to the Brotherhood and get another unit of 15 normals. Now, I noticed that you prefer the bonus after the kill (Beastslayer) as opposed to before the kill (Skavenslayer). Mine is more expensive, but I feel that it's well worth it's points. And now with a S6 Daemon Slayer, you almost have 8-10CR with him alone (8A = 5.333 hit, S6 = 4.444 wounded on a -3 armour, with double CR). I figure the 6-8 attacks for the Hero A S6 is better than 3 but double CR. But that's just my personal die rolling (and my die do love me tenderly).

12-01-2008, 00:06
sorry i forgot to mention that i have a rune of strength on he deaomn slayer. also what is the advantage of taking a unit of brotherhood i dnt see them as bein worth it. i take a bsb because it is free and it allows me to take the shooty ward save rune. also the reason i take so many doomseekers is to be able to corral my opponenets units into mine.

bigbear bailey
12-01-2008, 09:47
To beat it.... A lizardmen army would make you cry man... Skinks are the bane of slayer and his sauris can fight as well as any other guy in your army.... Something to think of though...

12-01-2008, 19:39
slayer armys are broken theres a reason its not touney legal

idk the slayer list but have you got the thing that lets you move before the game?

skinks arnt that good against his army hes got nine doom seekers nothing makes that army cry!

12-01-2008, 22:53
sorry brosef the slayer army is not banned in the U.S. so i can pown all the noobs i want in a tourney around here. also the lizardmen have fallen numeruos times tto this army. they always try the same thing and i always end up beating them.

13-01-2008, 10:04
idk the slayer list but have you got the thing that lets you move before the game?

The Slayer army gets a special rule for free which works out better on average than the Rune you are thinking of, thus the Master Rune of Grimnir is a better buy.

13-01-2008, 10:50
Only 9 doomseekkers? Divide those slayers to 4+ units and take more of doomseekkers.

13-01-2008, 16:05
i have another army list i use in which i have around 20 doomseekers, but i only use that when im playing against someone who is a bully

13-01-2008, 16:33
I play Wood Elves, and IMO I could easily finish this army in 6 turns. First, I'd shoot every Doomseeker and let all of them find their doom.

The more solid blocks will have to face a Hail of Doom Arrow and my Dryads. I'd try to avoid using my treekin and Wild Riders, as you get 10 VP or so for every kill by S5 of T5.
I must admit, 9 Doomseekers do worry me, but I have Waywatchers, Scouts, Warhawk Riders, 2 blocks of Glade Guard and my characters to shoot 'em to bits. And maybe some lucky magic...

13-01-2008, 16:37
slayer armys are broken theres a reason its not touney legal

idk the slayer list but have you got the thing that lets you move before the game?

Anyone else see the irony here? Typical online member. You say the army is broken/cheesy, and then admit you have no clue about the army itself.


And as a second point, the slayer list is not tourney legal at GW tourneys because the SOC book becomes illegal for an army as a new book comes out for it, not because the army, in your extremely limited opinion, is broken.

He is looking for help with his list, thats all. He doesn't need his army bashed.

13-01-2008, 19:38
Everyone knows that Doomseekers are sweet. *******' sweet, at that. But should I always take more if given the chance? Like only having 5 units of 10 normal slayers with 15 Doomseekers verse 2 units of 20 and another of 10 with 9 Doomseekers? They are cheap for a lone model who can do a lot of damage, but still... 65 points for one guy verse 66 points for 6?

13-01-2008, 22:11
Doomseeekers are really really good, so you might decide to take as many as possible, though this will indeed make it hard to create a decent army. When playing against Slayers, I don't think I'd appreciate more than 10 or so of them, keeping it a fun army to play against.

13-01-2008, 22:45
i have played against a WE army set up simialr to yours and i beat them as well. where i come from we play a lot of scenarios, so sorry no pitched battles. the player tried to shoot the crap out of me but you can only run for so long b4 you are cornerd and what lil i have left powns your shooty army in combat. also like i said earlier the slayer list is NOT banned in the US i can still use it in GW tournaments and the reason i dnt use so many doomseekers is because i already get bashed enough for having nine.