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Plague Lord
13-01-2008, 18:17
Yeah what do the DArk Eldar think of the craft world ones?? Do they hate em like Dark elves in WFB???

P.S. Sorry for the stupid question but I have 0 knowlege on DE fluff... :(

Chaplain of Chaos
13-01-2008, 18:26
Hate works, or loath, or despise, those work.

I thought I saw it written somewhere that it is the Dark Eldar's greatest pleasure to get their hands on an Eldar to torture.

13-01-2008, 21:36
The Dark Eldar hold the Craftworld Eldar in contempt and despise them. In their point of view, the Craftworld lifestyle is a denial of what the Eldar should be and that the Craftworlds are sterile boring prisons. Dark Eldar society is essentially a snapshot of the decadence and degeneracy of the Eldar immediately pre-Fall, which the Craftworlds deliberately turned their backs on.

13-01-2008, 23:18
They hate each other and yet both are closest to each other than they are to anybody else (possibly excluding the Harlequins). They each see the other as a twisted horrible reflection of themselves, yet at least it is a reflection. Given the choice between letting all Humans die or letting an opposite faction of Eldar die, they would save the Eldar in a heartbeat, bizarre monstrosities that they may be.

13-01-2008, 23:56
The Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar have a more fraternal relationship than the pure and utter hatred that the Dark and High Elves have for each other. They don't like each other, per se, but they can get along when they need to.

14-01-2008, 00:31
The Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar have a more fraternal relationship than the pure and utter hatred that the Dark and High Elves have for each other. They don't like each other, per se, but they can get along when they need to.

I was under the impression they have the same relationship as an Imperial Fist and an Iron Warrior ;)

14-01-2008, 00:38
Thing is, CWE are not just High Elves, they're part Dark n' Woody too.
I figure in the original intention of the Eldar, at least in 2nd ed they represented this well.
3ed having Dark Eldar though, they make CWE look relatively less dark elfy

Banshees were styled after Witch Elf models when they first came out. They have enshrined in their craftworlds a fragment of the Dark Elf (in WHF) god of murder.

CWE would rather kill humans than DE generally, though DE really enjoy eating other Eldar psyker souls. So it's a mostly hate relationship.

That Eye of Terror campaign, DE and CWE players just teamed up and stomped everybody else out of the webway.

14-01-2008, 16:59
The hate you direct against your brother is far more intense than your hate for any stranger. That said, the Harlequins firmly believe in reuniting the disparate factions of the Eldar, and opinions among the Craftworlders are as varied as they are among the great Houses and kabals of the Dark Eldar. Some examples from Medusa V:

The Druchii are more our kin than the screeching humans, the naive Tau or the barbaric Ork...As abhorrent as it is, do you know why they consume souls? Because they fear Her, because Her hunger leeches away their unprotected souls and they must fill the void that remains. They are not blessed with the protection of Soulstones. The Great Enemy of our kind cares not for which kindred we name ourselves part of; we are all the same to Her. Their acts are deplorable, but they are not the worst of our kind, by any stretch of the imagination - that dubious honour falls to those who stood awaiting She Who Thirsts, who welcomed Her into being and were rewarded for it, not the Dark Kin, who were to be sacrificed to Her on that final night of darkness before She awoke.

Lord-Seer Tethosan Dranath of Craftworld Menengau-Tuis

And why did they not have that luxury <of fleeing She Who Thirsts>? Because they refused to repent their hedonistic ways as we did. They had the same choice as us - they could have joined us on the Craftworlds and been saved. They chose instead to continue their perverse self-indulgences. And within a few short years, they paid the price. I have little pity for them.

Farseer Maté of Crafworld Reia-Hal

No, the dark eldar do not deserve to exist. Under their cruel tortures my kin suffer, hundreds of exodite worlds have known their ways and the forces of my craftworld have faught and lost many in our wars to keep the webway out of their hands.

To the dark eldar, their fate is thus. Imagine vile raiders blown apart in huge fireballs and dark eldar scuttling from the wreckage into the massed fire of our warriors and bieng torn to shreds. Imagine shadow fields collapsing under the weight of fire and dark eldar lords joining their kin in the warp.

Only in this way can our people be safe from their enslaving ways, Craftword Garidiac knows this better than any. Commoragh must be destroyed, the dark eldar exterminated in their millions for any of us to truly be safe from their barbaric and twisted ways.

A speaker of Craftworld Garidiac

Are we and the Dark Kin not cousins? Do we not all despise chaos? Are we not all friends of the harlequins? Are we not all aflicted by she who thirsts? Are we not all responsible for the protection of the webway and almost more importantly the black library?

Bretheren of comoragh of the craftworlds of the corsairs and of the mighty troupes i beseech you all eldar alike put down your grudges and fight against chaos to protect the webway our last place not fouled by the filthy mon-keigh and the black library the last place retaining the splendour of before the fall

The Star Eagle

It seems I am outvoted on this one, my kin, but I fear all we will gain from the Dark Kin for our trouble is a knife in the back. The runes have revealed to me that the leader of the Druchii raiders has not led her forces to this planet with the primary objective of preventing the Great Enemy access to the Webway; her campaign is first and foremost a slave raid of epic proportions, part of some petty scheme for revenge and personal power. I can guess at the fate that awaits their prisoners, and I would not wish it even on the savage mon-keigh. What guarantee do we have that they will not turn on us for torture-fodder when it is we, their one-time kin of the Craftworlds, whom they have shown they hate above all others on so many past occasions?

Farseer Maté of Crafworld Reia-Hal

14-01-2008, 17:58
Hmmm, I view the relationship as a more, lets not go looking for trouble approach.

If they are in conflict with each other they will go at it of course, but really both sides have bigger fish to fry and I think the DE like human slaves more.

Also they also both kinda get each other, even if they do not agree. The DE fear She who Thirsts as much, if not more so, than Craftworld Eldar. Mutural fear can bond you toghther, this is part of the reason they fought toghther in the 13th BC.

So I think a "If a Caftworld Eldar and DE were stranded on a Island" situation would work out more friendly than if a marine and Traitor marine.