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13-01-2008, 19:08


12 Warriors of Chaos -- 168 Points
-- Musician +6
-- Standard Bearer +12
-- Champion +12
-- Shields +12

[*210 POINTS*]

25 Marauders of Chaos -- 125 Points
-- Musician +5
-- Standard Bearer +10
-- Chieftain +10
-- Shields +25

[*175 POINTS*]


1 Aspiring Champion -- 85 Points
-- Battle Standard +25

[*110 POINTS*]

Total = 495

6 Knights of Chaos -- 198 Points
-- Mark of Khorne +45

[*243 POINTS*]

6 Marauder Horsemen -- 78 Points
-- Throwing axes +24

[*102 POINTS*]


1 Beast Herd *
-- 6 Ungors +24
-- 9 Gors +63
-- Shields +6
-- Musician +5
-- Standard bearer +10
-- Foe Render +20

[*101 POINTS*]

Total = 446

*Grand Total = 941 *

7 Flesh Hounds of Khorne *

[*112 POINTS*]


15 Bestigor -- 180 Points
-- Musician +6
-- Standard Bearer +12
-- Champion +12
-- Mark of Khorne +45

[*255 POINTS*]


1 Exalted Champion -- 100 Points
-- Juggernaut of Khorne +55
-- Mark of Khorne +35

[*190 POINTS*]

Total = 555

Grand Total = 1498

I set it up in increments of 500 and I don't plan on buying all 1500 points right away because I need to learn how to play first.Feel free to make suggestions (thats why I'm posting it) but the only restriction I want to impose is on Slaaneshi units, I really want to avoid using them.Also, I'm aware of the rule for Bestigors that requires you to have the same amount of beast herds but I noticed some of the army examples in the Chaos books show mortal armies using bestigors but no beast herds.I haven't found any documentation in the book that says that rule goes out the window with mortal armies either so I don't know if the khorngors are a legal choice.Clarification would be nice :)

Oh and is the War Banner in the common magic items list the "battle standard" mentioned in the Heroes section, or are they two separate items?

13-01-2008, 19:16
Bigger marauder units work.
ie. 25 strong with full command, hand weapons and sheilds.
Sets you back 200pts but thats a full +5 combat res so you can go unsupported and be likely to beat the enemy.

1 level 2 sorcerer doesnt do a whole lot.
That and you currently have a khorne general and a mage in the army, people may well beat you up for that.

8 knights are decent enough.
Dont deploy them 4 wide though, deploy 6 wide with 2 behind.
Or just take 6, khorne knights dont need full command....infact any command generally isnt needed.

Marauder horsemen could do with having throwing axes instead of javelins ans they hit so much harder despite the slightly lower range.
Again 6 would be a better number and do not deploy them 4 wide in 2 ranks as thats a terrible formation.

You need a beastherd to take that unit of bestigor.

The additional hand weapon does nothing for your khorne character, he cant take a dispel scroll as he isnt a wizard, and he cant take the war banner as he isnt a battle standard bearer, and exaulted champions cant be the battle standard bearer.

No the war banner is not the same as being the battle standard bearer.

13-01-2008, 19:19
The Battle Standard bearer is a character (aspiring champion for mortal chaos), and the War Banner is a magic banner he can choose to take, or any other magic banner available to chaos. They have a few choices of magic banners but some require the bearer to have a certain Mark. A Battle Standard bearer does not have to take a magic banner. The rules for the BSB are in the main rulebook, but I don't have it on hand to give you a page number. It's in the section that talks about the General I believe.

14-01-2008, 01:54
Okay, I made the changes you suggested.Is it better?

I was using the sorcerer mainly because I needed a general for the 500pt army and I didn't have any ranged units so it seemed like a good choice at the time and in all honesty I didn't decide on the khorne general until much later.I was going to keep the army undivided but the juggernaut is just so bad ass and I caved :P.I know a sorcerer in a Khorne army is blasphemy but I wanted to see the suggestions before re-arranging my army.

Why doesn't the extra weapon benefit my general? and thank you both for clearing up the battle standard thing.They are both worth 25 points and I wasn't sure if maybe it was miss phrased on one page

Are the bestigors even worth it at this point?I wanted them because it would add variety but I had to use up another special slot to get them.Would I be better off with like a chariot or some more warriors....maybe centigors?