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14-01-2008, 12:35
My head has been filled with a crazy idea lately... Paying a weeks wages for a single mini... I love the mars pattern FW titan, and really want to buy one, but could it be justified? Would it make sense, fluffwise, for an imperial titan to be sent to war alongside the DA? Could i paint it in DA colors, without the DA iconography, obviously? Or is my plan just ludicrous? :skull:

Chaos and Evil
14-01-2008, 13:03
Sent alongside to war? Sure.

Painted in Dark Angels colours and iconography? Never; That'd be like an Ultramarine spending a week fighting alongside the Space Wolves, and painting his armour grey for the week.

14-01-2008, 13:20
This is more of background thread... but yea.. Titan legions are ran by mars. Space Marine chapters would never be allowed to possess a titan.

Any titan legion could have any colours... so for pure asthetics you can do DA green... but for fluff you need to come up with a better reason why they are the same colour.

14-01-2008, 13:49
I see... Any idea's as to what color it *should* Be?

14-01-2008, 13:53
I see... Any idea's as to what color it *should* Be?

Any you want.
It could just "happen" to be DA green for example. ;)

But that still does not make it a SM Titan as such things do not exist.

14-01-2008, 13:56
Well i seen one guy who painted his warhound half spacewolves grey, and half red, to represent the fact that it was most certainly an adeptus mechanicus titan, but to also tie it in with his spacewolves. sound fair?

El Mariachi
14-01-2008, 13:56
Hi Vaul, the forgeworld link below shows two painted titans. I think you'll like the first one, it'll go nicely with your Dark Angels (I believe the second titan colour scheme is the Fire Wasps although I don't know the name of the legion the first titan is painted in).


14-01-2008, 14:00
I would have thought that a subtly different but complementing colour would be better. Theming an army doesn't mean painting it all the same colour, and it can look terrible. I think a very large centrepiece would do best in a dark but different colour, with different iconography but similar detailing to your ground troops.

14-01-2008, 14:01
Here is a good idea. maybe the titan legion the WH is from has a history of great battles with the DA chapter going back a very long time. Whenever they fight along side each other part of the titans armour is painted in DA green to represent that long standing honour...maybe just one leg plate.

Logarithm Udgaur
14-01-2008, 14:05
I do not see any reason why you idea would not look fine Vaul.

14-01-2008, 14:09
I might not paint it in Dark Angels green, I would not neccessarily even paint it in the colors of a titan legion with similer colors. I would reasearch the titan legions and find one you like in it's own right.
Then, I would add honor badges onto it from the dark angels to represent it fighting alongside them. The badges can even go onto the battle banners if you use them. Look in REALLY old white dwarves or the old adeptus titanicus imagery to see how nice these banners can look.
If the titan's colors are different enough from the dark angels green, the battle honors add for it's association with the Dark Angels will stand out all the more.
Either way you do it, good luck and grats on getting the titan. :)

14-01-2008, 14:09
The odds of the Adeptus painting their sacred God-Machines to compliment Space Marines is lower than Abaddon picking flowers and singing. A banner representing historical and important battles alongside a Chapter is different however. But there are still many Legions and the odds of a space cruising Chapter like the DA fighting alongside the same one many times is small at best.
Just paint it in a good and fitting scheme, that's it.

Acheron,Bringer of Terror
14-01-2008, 14:12
paint him DA green but paint for example legs in other colour [let it be black] and you have your own custom TITAN LEGIO!

14-01-2008, 14:52

It actually depends on a lot of factors.
While the Titan legions are totally separate and distinct from the Adeptes Astartes; there ARE many links between the various Imperial Organizations.

For example - the Astartes are very big on bonds of honor. There are many "fluff" examples of a Space Marine Chapter swearing to come to the aid of a group in exchange or in honor of previous working relationships.

The Titan Legions are also big into heraldry and "honor". Heavens know - heraldry has been changed by notable battles...

It seems perfectly acceptable that a "new" Titan (without a significant battle history of it's own) that fought valiantly and well with the Dark Angels could be honored with an "honorary" Dark Angels paint scheme. It would still have the core markings of it's own Legion - but the base colors could be Dark Angels, and it may even be allowed to wear a winged sword on it somewhere to represent the battle it fought with the Dark Angels.

I would probably put the story something like this:

During the Seige of Horath Septus in M38, no one was more surprised than the Commanders of the Adeptus Mechanicus when a Dark Angels strike fleet, led by the Grand Master himself; showed up in orbit, requesting permission and assistance in striking at the Fortress of Boundless Spite in the Karraka uplands.

The Titan Legions deemed the Fortress a tertiary target at best, but the Dark Angels insisted that the target held information of high military value. The Dark Angels insisted they held information that indicated the Fortress must be destroyed, and offered to spearhead the assault. The Titan commanders insisted that the results would not be worth the casualties - but the Dark Angels were undeterred. For reasons of their own - the Dark Angels insisted the Fortress had to be taken as quickly as possible; and they would do whatever it took. The Titan Legion commander eventually agreed reluctantly; but, unwilling to pull any significant forces from the main battles, only assigned a pair of newly built Warhound scout titans for support.

The primary problem facing the assault was that the Fortress was protected by excellent placement and high power void shields. This made it impossible for the Dark Angels to attack it directly via Drop pod or Teleport attack. The Dark Angels would have to attack via a single, heavily defended rift valley. Once they reached the walls, the Warhounds would cause a breach for the Dark Angels to penetrate the fortress. If the Dark Angels could destroy the Shield generators; multiple squads of Deathwing would teleport in and take the fortress.

**then you go blah blah blah, typical epic battle stuff. One titan is destroyed. The other one, with Dark Angel help, eventually gain entrance to the fortress. The shield generators get destroyed, the Deathwing show up, etc. The Dark Angels finish the job, with the titan sensors indicating a un-reported teleport back up to their ships. The Dark Angel fleet then destroy the fortress with orbital fire, once the Dark Angels and the last titan are clear.

The titan legion then realizes that the Fortress was actually the well hidden campaign headqurters for the enemy, and with it's destruction, the world falls easily. To honor the Dark Angels assitance, the Legion requests that the Titan involved be painted in DA colors, to forever immortalize the way the two forces fought together to defeat the enemy. The Dark Angels say "sure" - because they figure it's the best way to shut the titan legion up and to prevent them from looking too closely at the fact that several "chaos" power armored guys were taken into custody... :D

You can't tell me that ISN'T very much in line with the way the 40k verse works.

14-01-2008, 14:52
paint him DA green but paint for example legs in other colour [let it be black] and you have your own custom TITAN LEGIO!
YEA! +1!

Well i seen one guy who painted his warhound half spacewolves grey, and half red, to represent the fact that it was most certainly an adeptus mechanicus titan, but to also tie it in with his spacewolves. sound fair?

Yea.. more than fair. I think that if you want to tie it into your DA army... campaign markings would be more than plausible. Maybe model on some skull decals too with the DA decals to show that it's campaigned elsewhere as well.

14-01-2008, 16:00
Very interesting story! Heh, something like that could work.

14-01-2008, 16:10
Legio Mallus (back before it meant daemonhunter).


UM blue and woodland green... Looked good next to DA green.

14-01-2008, 16:27
If you wanted to go with one of the actual Titan Legions, Legio Astraman would have the closest colour scheme and you could probably darken the green to suit a DA army.

You can see the scheme at Bell of Lost Souls, here (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/06/legio-astraman-logo-sheet.html)

14-01-2008, 16:54
I see... Any idea's as to what color it *should* Be?

Legio Astorum (Warp Runners): Blue with flames; symbol is a black disc with a blue corona.

Legio Astraman (Morning Stars): Green, yellow, and white; symbol is a morning star on a blue field.

Cockatrices: Black and gold; symbol is a cockatrice on an orange disc.

Legio Crucius (Warmongers): Not sure

Deathbolts: Red and gold with a blue and white check; symbol is a crossbow bolt inverted on a gold triangle.

Legio Destructor (Steel Beasts, Big Death): Not sure

Firebrands: Red with a white carapace.

Legio Gryphonicus (War Griffons): Grey and yellow.

Legio Honorum: Not sure

Legio Ignatum (Fire Wasps): Red, black, and yellow; symbol is a wasp on a white triangle.

Imperial Eagles: Not sure

Imperial Fists: Blue with red trim; symbol is a steel gauntlet.

Legio Invigilata: Not sure

Legio Metalica (Iron Skulls): Red with either yellow/black or white/black striping; symbol is a grey skull with crosshairs.

Nova Guard: Not sure; symbol is a red sunburst.

Legio Pallidus Mor (Pale Riders): Not sure

Legio Praetor: Not sure

Legio Ultima: Not sure; symbol is a fist with a bolt.

Legio Victorum (Foe Slayers): Blue with yellow or bronze trim.

I included some legions that I don't know their color schemes. You can do some research or make up something. You can make up your own legion if you don't like any of these. This is a fairly complete list of known Imperial titan legions as far as I know.

If you like one or two, I might be able to provide some fluff on them. Keep in mind that titan fluff lags way behind the fluff for "standard" armies in 40K. Most titan legions don't have any fluff. The few that do only have very limited fluff.

14-01-2008, 17:40
Thanks for all the help guys! I was thinking maybe i would post up my progress, step by step, of building and painting the titan, so you guy's could give me some tips and maybe i'll incorporate your idea's and stuff. Sound good?

14-01-2008, 22:20

The Orange
14-01-2008, 22:40
Would love to see your progress on the titan, but that would belong in the hobby forums.

My 2 cents. It's your model, paint it however you want. I for one don't like the idea of painting a model a color I wouldn't necessarily like just because of fluff. As for fluff, here's another idea, maybe it was a recovered titan (as that seems to happen often) and the DA were key in it's recovery so it's marked/painted in recognition of their help in recovering it. Heck maybe it would be renamed something tying it with the DA out of respect, etc. At the end of the day were just talking about a coat of paint on a warmachine which I'm sure gets repainted often.

14-01-2008, 22:42
Vaul sounds like a good idea. Maybe the Forge World that supplies the DA with tanks and equipment could have a squadron of titans on alert to help them. And would be painted with DA heraldry in addition to the Legio markings.

15-01-2008, 18:30
Now i just gotta buy me a titan... Donations anyone? :-P