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25-09-2005, 05:21
I've been playing with this for a little bit. I started it as a lark, but I think I like it. Might take it to an RT next weekend. Anythoughts at tweaks?

Chaos Lord, MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Pendant of Slaanesh, Blade of Blood
333 points

Aspiring Champ of Chaos, MoS, XHW, Amulet of Chaos, Chariot
281 points

Aspiring Champ of Chaos, MoS, GW, Chariot
236 points

Chaos Sorcerer, MoS, 2nd lvl, Berserker sword, Chariot
310 points

Chariot of Slaanesh
130 points

6 Chosen Chaos Knights, MoS, full command, Rapturous Standard
390 points

10 Furies
150 points

270 points

5 units of 5 Chaos warhounds
150 points

2250 points
59 models

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25-09-2005, 06:37
drop the hellcannon for more troops or you will not have enough models to kill enough things to win

25-09-2005, 11:07
Ok...lots of problems with this list.

1) You have over 1000 pts on chars...Big mistake.

2) most of your army is chariots: big mistake

3) you have 6 chosen (always fun...)

Alright. Having so many chariots makes you fast but it also means anyone worth their salt will makes this list say 'mummy'. Dwarfs, empire will slaughter you with simple shooting, same with elves (bolt throwers anyone?). Another chaos army will have more than enough Str 7+ stuff to pwn you stuff. Lizardmen will too. Any Undead will simply take your charge and stay there.

IMO, you really need to cut down on chars (with chaos I never take more than 500 pts and it's usually 343pts...). Then take no more than 3 chariots. After that take Marauders. They are incredible. Keep a lord or character around them and take 20 (4 wide so 5 ranks in order to be able to take some losses). Then take small units (12 max) of chaos warriors on the flanks. The thing with warriors is that 5 strike as hard as 1000.

Take some more knights (another regiment should be fine) to run the flanks.

Finally, you can chose to keep the Hellcannon (I use it often and it's awesome fun) but since your going to a tournament people will make it run in cirlces and it will never shoot more than once (suckacge!!!). Thus I would rather take 2 beasts of Slaanesh (the Spawn)

25-09-2005, 13:23
i'd say a character heavy slaanesh does work, just not the way you have it......magic is the way to go! or have fewer characters....i agree chariots are not so good in the way you you are using them...i go for 2 at most! but its up to you!

25-09-2005, 16:53
I have a character heavy 2000 point Slaanesh army that does pretty well,
so I also feel it's very viable. I'd almost want to say it's a shame not to field Chaos characters, since they seriously improve the hitting power of your army.

Firstly, I agree with leeoaks that you have too many chariots (one, maybe two are fine in anything under 3000 points).

Personally I'd only slap an aspiring/exalted champ in a chariot with the berserker sword, and use him as a heavy hitter/shooting target (even if his chariot gets smashed, the berserker sword makes him an excellent flanker).

Giving a sorcerer a berserker sword is a waste of points, since you'll be denying yourself the excelent slaanesh spells if you get him into combat, and if he doesn't get into combat you've wasted a really good magical item.
The sorc is better off packing a couple of dispel scrolls.

Your lord is a great hitter, but since I often use magic in my armies (main army is Tzeentch) I'd go for an excalted sorcerer myself...you can give him the daemonblade if you still want him to be able to get hits him as well, which is nifty.

I definitely agree on taking at least one 20-odd marauder unit...put a character in there and they can hold their own against more things than you'd expect.

For warriors I prefer to take units of 16 or 15 plus character myself, since I feel chaos warriors can use rank bonuses very efficiently in combat.

Also, consider dropping a few warhound units...they're only good for screening purposes usually, and two or three units can do that just as well.
Maybe get some marauder light horse instead.

Finally, the Hellcannon is an extremely cool, if unpredictable unit...(but then again, I play Tzeentch...unpredictability is my middle name). In battles under 2500 points, it does take a big chunk out of your points though.
You could get a very nice mounted daemonette unit for flanking and some spawn that could pretty much do the same thing instead...
Then again, the hellcannon is the most fun unit in the chaos army IMO, and if it hits, it can cause TONS of casualties...so this one's up to you.

Hope my ramblings were a bit useful...

26-09-2005, 01:28
As I'm sure you're aware, its an 'extreme' list... and I know you're aware what a tactically sensible list looks like so tweaks it is..

If you're going character heavy, why not stick them on steeds of slaanesh (after upgrading to exalted champions)? The lord and two champions all working together with a 20" charge is frankly terrifying. You'll easily free up the necessary points for a couple of units of marauder horse to fulfil your core...

I'd also be boring and drop the sorcerors sword for something a little more bland like dispel scrolls. Also, I'd prefer a war banner to rapturous standard on the knights.

Might be an idea to find the points for a fiend of slaanesh, it'd be nice to have something to throw in the way of the enemy that won't run like the dogs.

26-09-2005, 03:29
I created this just because I own 4 chariots & wanted to run them all at once. Then I wanted to see how "elite" I could get an army. And it is so different from what I normally do with Chaos.

Anyhow, I expected to be spanked, & spanked hard.

But I got a draw from a good player pushing DE's. So I tried it again. And again. So far it is 2 Wins, 2 Draws, no Loses. I can't explain it. It's so weird that I haven't changed a thing with the list, and I usually rebuild my army for every game (or at least make tweaks). Now I have an RT next weekend & I am tempted to see if the weirdness can continue.

To defend some of this list...
I love the Chaos Knight unit. They are a standard config for me & are rock solid dependable. A 2nd rank is too expensive. 6 wide maximizes my frontage. With that standard most hit me on 5's & my steeds hit on 3's. They are so good, I often let my opponent charge my knights.

I, also, love the sword on the wizard in the chariot. With the size of the chariot base, she gets a large number of attacks (especially when charged in the flank). Only 1 Slaanesh spell requires line of sight, so only 1 spell cannot be cast while she is in combat. She's a nice little surprise for my opponent when they get into HtH with my "soft" target.

My downsides...
Very low magic defense. Scroll caddies just aren't cool. This will hurt me. I know there are armies I will not be able to stop. But for some reason, that's not a good enough reason to be less cool. At least today.

I don't like my Lord config. Everyone likes to talk about this combo, but it hasn't paid off for me yet. I think he needs more defense.

5 units of 5 dogs... I think I should go for 4 units of 6 dogs. More Slaaneshy.

Amulet of Chaos of a chariot base is cool on paper. But its only in my magic phase they have to take a test. So, it doesn't help much when I get charged. And I always forget it in my magic phase. I'm thinking of dropping it just because I don't use it.