View Full Version : 2000 khorne/ nurgle for a tourniment

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16-04-2005, 21:58
Lord of Chaos 296
mark of undivided
sword of might
armour of damnation
gaze of the gods

Exalted champion of khorne 186
barded steed
axe of khorne
enchanted shield

5 chosen knights of khorne 320
full command

12 chosen warriors of khorne 327
full command

25 marauders 200
hand weapon
full command

5 marauder horsemen 93
flails, musican, champion

6 warhounds 36

12/8 beastherd 151
full command

4 minotaurs of nurgle 261
champion, standard

I can ether take 5 furies and a spawn or 9 furies, the only problem is that i dotn have the spawn and I only have 5 furies so what sould i buy 4 more furies or a spawn?

How badly will taking an undivided lord just to get nurgle minotaurs hurt my composition score?

16-04-2005, 23:43
Minotaurs can only have the same Mark as the General.

Why take the effort to give them that 5+ save but don't get them light armour at 3 points each?

You forgot to mention your Warriors have shields.

Six Warhounds will run quickly if the General ain't around, why not take 9? Only costs you 18 points more.

You forgot to mention the weapons of the Gors (two hw, i assume).

Get the extra Furies or they can be taken out too easily by one spell.

I'd make the Minotaurs worship Khorne, the General too to allow it and this would raise your dispel dice from 5 to 7, which really helps alot if you don't have any dispel scrolls.

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17-04-2005, 00:22
I did pay for the light armour on the minotaurs I just again forgot to mention it...

I was leaning toward doing that, since my minos cant be nurgle than thats what im going to do. My army is painted nurgle but i wanted to try a khorne army.