View Full Version : Emperors Talons Recon Troop...Any Good?

brother clavero
15-01-2008, 14:45
I was thinking about building an Emperors Talons Recon Troop for apoc. but wanted to see if anyone has done this before and what was it's strengths and weakness.

15-01-2008, 14:48
er it's made out of sentinels isn't it?

nuff said, but apocalypse isn't about strengths and weaknesses, it's about having a laugh, so I say go for it.

15-01-2008, 14:53
Well I've used it once, but I seriously blew it.

I kept them in reserve, and because of the strike force rules, they were too tightly packed to do much. Squished a cocky ravenor though :p

My advice would be to definetly deploy them, and use the scout move to get them where you need them. Remember that they'll die quickly, but man, they can dish it out.

I was running a mix of guns - Heavy flamer command, 1 squadron with multi-lasers, 1 with Autocannons and 1 with Lascannons.

One Idea would be to take lots of heavy flamers, and bid for first turn, scout across, move and flame the hell outta your opponent!

Sorry, I know it's not much help

15-01-2008, 16:39
looking at the rules for them, id say they would make a great addition to a army, especialy with there special rules, prob best to take a look at the apoc book tho and make your own mind up.

as with most things, some people will like them ( like me ) and some people wont.

15-01-2008, 18:08
Actually, the Emperor's Talon is a very precise instrument. If all of the Sentinels have HK missiles, with some having Lascannons, some Autocannons, you can EASILY do serious damage even against super-heavies. One round of HK missile shooting saw two Baneblades go down in one of my games with the Talon, but I haven't played since then.