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Dasqueek-Master Assassin
15-01-2008, 16:27
How effective are inquisitors and deamonhost in combination with an IG army?

what styles and tactics do you use for both the inquisitor and the IG themselves? As well as the deamonhost

I was thinking a shooty inquisitor with a psycannon, emperors tarot, and a psychic hood, 3 heavy bolters, 3 acolytes with storm bolters, a sage or two, and a mystic
followed by 3 deamon host(purely for fluff reasons)

then build an IG army and then bring in a few more units like a vindicare or eversor and maybe some death cults to make it into a deamon hunter army. but then i would have to lose stuff like rough riders and basalisks...

any input?

15-01-2008, 16:42
You need to play a large scale game if you want to get any real mileage as an "IG" army from bringing along inquisitorial allies IMO.

Yes, you almost always have one dead HQ slot as a guard playerthat you can slot an Inquisitor Lord into. But by the time you start kitting out the Lord with gear and his retinue, you sink points way way too quickly. Points that you need because IG troop choices get pricey pretty quick.

It's really better to build an DH army and splash in conscripted IG as allies.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
15-01-2008, 19:06
what would said army be like?
the reason I ask is that I would fear losing some of the better choices from the guard list.
for example; I would miss using rough riders and hellhounds from Ig, (IMO both are awsome units, but neither are available to deamon hunters)
anoher example would be the DH heavy slot choices. I would miss basalisks with nothing to really replace them save russes in a DH list.

Or I guess it could be infantry heavy, maybe inquisitor lord, 3 deamonhost, vindicare, elite shooty inquisitor, 3 platoons of guard, 2 with heavy weapons, and one built to be foot sloggers. but im kind of stuck on fast attacks and heavies...

15-01-2008, 19:24
In my opinion you can get everything you need from a DH codex to IG army without taking a DH as the parent list. At the same time IMO there are some valuable elite choices and the command platoon is ace too in the IG codex, which you canīt get with DH parent codex. Stick to IG codex, make an IG army first, then continue with DH allies if you really *really* want. Daemonhosts are 255 alone, the =][= lord you described is about 100, and the retinue over 100 too, imagine what you could get to IG army with 500 points? Now replace that with your 200+pts =][= and land raider-equivalent (in points, not even near in power) daemonhost-troupe. Still happy? If yes, then go for it.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
16-01-2008, 00:39
well im not necessarily looking for power as much as fun to play.
I dont know many people who use deamonhost, and I personally think they are an awsomely fun unit to play with and against.
what im asking is what would be the benefits of playing a deamon hunters list with inducted guard -Vs- playing guard list with an inquisitor and deamon host?
Maybe Im asking contradicting things, but humor me if you wouldnt mind

16-01-2008, 01:51
The problem with Daemonhosts is that they suck. They suck because they're unreliable - you can't really predict what they're going to do, so you can't really give them a good role to play in your army. They seem like they'd be dead-hard in melee, but they actually die surprisingly easily - if you find foes they're really good against, chances are you could beat on them without Daemonhosts. The Guard are a 3-statline army which already makes them unreliable from turn to turn - adding Daemonhosts to this is fun and characterful, but it's not efficient.

As for allying and not allying, I'd personally go with Guard with your Inquisitor allied. Unlike assassins, you can't get more than one FOC of Daemonhosts anyway, so unless you plan to get assassins as well, you as might as well choose the option that lets you get more IG tanks and so on.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
16-01-2008, 02:16
ok in response to that, sorry i know this is off the listed topic, if im bad, then please slap me on the wrist, but would deamon hunters list with allied marines be a better fit then?
maybe something like
elites-3 deamonhost
3 death cults
3 deathcults
troops- some shooty marines
a few squads in rhinos with combat seargents
something like that?

bottom line is that I know deamonhost arent that great, but they are one of the main reasons I want to do the army. so they stay...