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15-01-2008, 18:42
hre is my idea of a dark elf 2250 pts army, this army is filled with the models i love but designed to perform effectivley, i wouldnt mind making alterations to the list and so i am asking for your help. my usual opponents are -vampire counts, high elves, empire and chaos-nurgle + khorne. i would like your advice on both gaming tactics and painting/modelling.


heavy armour
cold one mount
sea dragon cloak
enchanted shield 122

level two wizard
tomb of furion B]145[/B]

level two wizard
dispell scroll(2) 180

level two wizard
seal of ghrond
dark star cloak 175


10 warriors with repeater crossbows 110

10 warriors with repeater crossbows 110

19 warriors with shields,standard bearer and musician 167

19 warriors with shields,standard bearer and musician 167

5 dark riders with repeater crossbows 120


5 cold one knights 145

5 cold one knights 145

10 executioners 110

10 executioners 110


24 black guard
full command
dread banner 494


dd:6 + 2 scrolls

thanks, please comment

here is the plan for deployment

cok ==rxbows== spearelves blackguard spearelves ==rxbows== cok darkriders
execut spearelves blackguard spearelves execut

15-01-2008, 19:18
Nice army!

Maybe drop some models in the Black Guard unit and ditch a unit cold one knight? You could then include some Dark Riders with repeater crossbows. Always handy to take care of small units, war machines, frenzied chaos units...

15-01-2008, 21:55
Where are the BTs???? They are GREAT!

Second thought: I've recently played against High Elves without any BTs, and the units more than made up for it. Give it a try, I'd say. Perhaps, you will miss the BTs against HE and Empire. Perhaps you won't.

17-01-2008, 14:49
against some armys i will use the rbt, maybe against the nurgle and khorne. anyway im going to buy the rbt anywat because im sure i will use them. any more suggestions anyone. or just general tips against my usual foes?

Little Aaad
17-01-2008, 18:04
I think those executioners are a bad choice. Your battle line has enought smack for a start backed by light shooting and heavy magic. Might I suggest combine the Execs with a 6x3 unit, 18 man and full command/banner of murder. These execs will be well at going around the side of the boards clearing the fast cav/warmachines/magic. If they then choose to shoot these, make sure you use terrain respectivly. If not, destroy them. It works well because 10" is a real large movement for a ranked unit.

With so much combat prowess, I would not bother with shooting and make this a full moving combat/magic army. These points better invested in an assasin (see below) to scout with a unit of 6 shades for march-blocking and mage/warmachine hunting or to hide in a unit annd kill teir general when they meet combat.

Do not be scared to use Lords. Maybe a Level 4 and a Level two to free up another hero choice for an assasin maybe in a unit of spears.

17-01-2008, 18:07
If you're going to use msu with Druchii, I highly suggest that you pay some points and get musicians for all of your units, especially since you do not have a Highborn. It is key that you rally after fleeing from a charge and recover. Also put shields on your x-bows. You'd be suprised to see how well these guys can hold their own in combat; they are also a suprisingly great flanking force.

Maybe you'd want to invest some points in the Soul Shadows Standard? A little pricey at 50pts. but can be potentially devestating for bait charges.

18-01-2008, 16:23
thanks guys, i think it would be a good idea to drop the shooting altogether and only include it against some armies. mostly because that i dont realy like sitting still and shooting i would rarther be moving around or smashing into the enemy. but i have some more questions... what should i buy first...what colour to paint them(im thinking dark angles green to scally green cloth boltgun-chainmail metals but what else?) and finally does anyone have any general tip about building or painting dark elves?

Little Aaad
18-01-2008, 18:22
Buy in this Order:

Cold Ones x 5
Dark Riders x 5
SpearMen x 19
Noble + Kit

Enough choice for 500p/750p then get
18 Execs (2 units of ten will not work!)
1 mage

Then you have 1k.

Then buy the rest. Basically, get a 500 point army to get used to some basic tactics then buy all else like so.

20-01-2008, 18:12
well i im using the horses from the new vc blood knights as cold ones and they dont come out until around march so their one of the last things im going to buy, first im going to buy the plastic kit of 20 and build them up as rxbows. this will let me try out some colour schemes and get a feel for the dark elf models. i plan to have one unit being buit at the same time as one is bieng painted then i wont get bored.