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16-01-2008, 14:17
Good Morning Folks,

Just thought of starting a new thread here dedicated to the creation of new units. Thought it would be fun. The idea is to create units you would like to see in warhammer, be they funny, powerful, effective, or just something you thought a certain army was lacking or needed. I'm hoping to get some good ideas out of this, and a couple of laughs. What I wanted to do with this was just come up with some interesting and fun conversion ideas, new units to house rule, or just coming up with a unit you feel would look cool or be effective on the battlefield. I'm looking for anything from Halfling Pig-knights, to Marauder Sea Dogs, to Fishmen Ambushers, to Four-armed Beastmen of Tzeentch, to Ogre Matrons, anything. Also, the idea is to throw out some good ideas yes, but as it is for fun, it's not wholly nescessary to tell people how terrible/pointless/broken their ideas may be, though constructive criticism is always good.

I'll start off by throwing out a unit I'd come up with a while back. I've never fielded it myself, but I do have the miniatures painted (an excuse to use some of my Rackham figures in Warhammer). Always loved the Pistoliers from the Empire and thought a couple of gun-wielding blokes on foot would be cool. Perhaps a little over the top, but if you're going to be a gunslinger, you've got to back the name up with fire-power.

Thanks in advance for your participation,

Garrell’s Gunsligners
Rare Dogs of War Choice, Special for Dogs of War and Empire armies.
Points: Garrell and 4 gunslingers cost 150pts. No further gunslingers may be purchased.

M 4 WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 4 W 1 I 5 A 1 Ld 8
M 4 WS 4 BS 5 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 6 A 2 Ld 8

Gear: Leather armour, 2 gun-swords. Garrell is equipped with a Hochland Long Riffle as well.

Special: Skirmishers, Gunslingers, Life of Dodging Bullets, Gun-swords

Gunslingers: All Gunslingers (including Garrell) can fire during the shooting phase twice, once with each gun-sword. If Garrell wishes, he may use his Hochland Long Riffle, in which case he is allowed only 1 shot. On a successful stand-and-shoot, Gunslingers (including Garrell) may each fire twice into the enemy.

Life of Dodging Bullets: Living the life of a Gunslinger gives a man a sixth sense for dodging bullets and other missiles. All Gunslingers (including Garrell) have a special 4+ Ward save versus all missile attacks, magic or otherwise.

Gun-swords: Gun-swords are double-barrelled pistols that have a long blade attached to them. They work in two ways: as pistols, and as hand weapons.

Gun-swords function in exactly the same way as pistols (8”, S4, Armour Piercing, Always Stand and Shoot, No penalty for Moving and Shooting), except for the following rules: both barrels of a gun-sword fire simultaneously, thus a successful hit is considered to be 2 S4 hits*. This does not confer a penalty, as it is not considered a multiple shot.

Furthermore, in Close Combat, gun-swords are wielded just like Hand-Weapons, granting the Gunslingers an additional attack. Upon a successful hit in Close Combat, the gunslinger can, on a roll of 5+ fire a shot into the stricken enemy. This shot is not considered to be 2 hits, but rather a single bullet. If the gunslinger rolls 5+, then the enemy model is considered to have suffered 2 S4 wounds (1 for the blade, one for the bullet) and makes a separate save for both hits.

*For example, if 5 gunslingers, including Garrell, stand-and-shoot at a charging unit, each model fires twice and all successful hits count as two hits – thus allowing for the chance that the charging unit is struck by anywhere from 0 to 20 hits.

16-01-2008, 14:27
There's a topic about such things in the rules development forum, maybe you should take a look at it.

16-01-2008, 15:21
I think they only shall get the ward save from mundane missiles.

16-01-2008, 15:25
Something like this:

The Imperial burger van may be taken in any empire army and counts as a single lord choice.


Big AL the Burger man 0 10 0 4 4 5 10 5 10
The Burger van of Altdorf - - - 8 6 10 0 * -

The burger Flipper of Doom
Big Al burger flipper gives him +2 A, +3 S and ASF.

The greasy Appron of terror
This gives Big Al and the van a 2+ ward save against all ranged attacks. This is reduced to a 4+ in CC

The burger van
The burger van may choose a spell from an enemy mage and cast it irresitably once per turn. The burger van is stationary and cant move.

Mmmm smells good
The Burger van makes such good burgers that it draws the enemy to it. During the enemys movement phase you may pick a unit within 24" and declare that it must move towards the burger van via the fastest root possible if the enemy reaches treat it as a charge.

Special rules
Large Target

This would replace the war alter as the cheesy tourny WAAc item.

The Adept
17-01-2008, 06:50
Dark elf slaves. In so many stories, the dark elves use slave warriors (drugged up to the nines, of course) as fodder and shock troops. I know I could use Norse DoW to represent them, but a rare slot and causing panic in the druchii just doesn't feel right! I want a dedicacted, core (but not counting towards minimum), non-panic causing slave unit for my druchii.

Maybe in the new book...