View Full Version : Baneblade Armour Shirts (no, not skirts)

16-01-2008, 15:48
Seen today in GW Croydon:


I'll probably see someone wearing two.

16-01-2008, 15:54
Got the one with three Baneblades on it. Didn't know they had any in-game benefits thought. :p

16-01-2008, 16:11
Hehe sweet, might get one.

Does set a dangerous precedent however:

-Wearing a Slanesshi mankini gives +1 inch to your lash.
-Shooting your partner in a doubles tournament give all Guard Units a reroll on failed ld tests.
-Grafting a multi limb attachment to your spine allows rerolls of fabius bile mutation chart and tech priest repair tank role.
-Sacrificing the nearest virgin with our limited edition 'Chaos Knife' complete with book made of human skin allows all demons in reserve to appear on the table according to the standard deep striking rules.

Anyone else think up any new additions?

16-01-2008, 16:14
Carrying a real sword increases all your models WS by 1.

16-01-2008, 16:15
If i saw someone wearing that and claiming the bonus id laugh in their face and then slap them.

Thats just silly marketing, itd work but seriously...

(and ive played two apocalypse games, both in store involving like 30 noobs who dont know the rules. I found it my duty to cheat to the extreme both games.)

Thou to be ontopic:

Carrying a shotgun and lookign threatening means you win the game by default.

Funny enough i do it and no one argues.

16-01-2008, 16:25
Oh great, cheat on the new players, best way to introduce them to the game. Very nice of you. Great job!

16-01-2008, 16:33
wear power armor to the game get a free ASsult canon in every squad.

bring a harry potter book with you acn turn every member of your army into a sanctioned psycher

bring a flame thrower to the game get free SOB allies

16-01-2008, 16:43
Does this mean that if I wear two shirts the side and rear armour of my baneblade is increased by +2? :D

16-01-2008, 17:41
Does this mean that if I wear two shirts the side and rear armour of my baneblade is increased by +2? :D

Dont go there please!!!!

what a crazy marketing ploy! id refuse to play anyone who claimed a bonus becuase of what they had on!

16-01-2008, 17:57
Does this mean that if I wear two shirts the side and rear armour of my baneblade is increased by +2? :D

damn beat me to it

16-01-2008, 18:21
I didn't know WYSIWYG extended to the players as well ;)


16-01-2008, 18:28
its not that unusual a marketing/collecting idea. i believe the game Munchkin has an additional rules t-shirt that gives you an in game bonus, simply by wearing it. if you can get it signed by the game's artist or designer you get a bonus on top of that, if you get both you get an even bigger bonus. they don't sign many shirts.

i've always wanted to open up my own gaming store, at which i would run competitions (tournaments, painting and the like) and would give pin badges as part of the prizes. the pin badges would have different rules on them and as long as you were wearing them in store you could use them in game.