View Full Version : 2k Ogre Goodness (yum!)

25-09-2005, 16:42
Here's my idea for an ogre list. I've decided to forego any supporting units and concentrate on overwhelming with ogres. The Bulls are the staying power, while the Iron Guts and Speedy Tyrant flank. Hopefully shooting wouldn't be too much of a problem as ogres are fast. Also, I tried to design each unit with the ability to hold and act on its own, so that the danger of being outmanuevered and flanked will be lessened.

Great Weapon
Heavy Armor
Wierd Stone Necklace
Yeti Pelt
Long Strider
-Luck Gnoblar

-Skull Mantle
-D Scroll

-bang Stick
-D Scroll

5 Bulls= 265pts x2 =530pts
Full Command
-Light Armor and Iron Fist

4 Iron Guts=202pts x4 =808pts

27-09-2005, 02:05
I do like the numbers you have hear but i am a bit worried about what will happen when they hit the field. You have alot of frontage and terrain could be getting in the way alot.

Also it seems to be designed around the oppenent waiting for you, what are the plans if they play more aggresively and attack you and disrupt your line? If your attack dribbles in piece by piece you could find yourself in alot of trouble.

maybe a yhetee unit in there? you would have to lose the pelt but they also move 7 and ignore terrain. also i do fear a cannon ball claiming my tyrant and his ld9.

01-10-2005, 23:33
I'd drop the Champions from the Bull units and get a couple of units of Gnoblars, those guys are VERY useful and ofter underestimated. Use them to bolster flanks and give some get some rank bonuses in there. Other wise I like it, it's nice to see an Ogre army that can't get outnumbered by THE Polyphonic Spree.

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