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17-01-2008, 05:47
Im thinking about starting tomb kings as im taking egyptian archaeology and the models really appeal to me at the moment. my bro already plays some tomb kings but he has a small army, couple hundred points. it will be a huge change from my nimble wood elves but im thinking of either going with an all-comers list or a magic heavy chariot horde. any particular suggestions would be nice. I have played them proxying before but it didnt really do any good for my tactical sense of this race, dwarf gun lines are unfriendly to light chariots, especially those with characters in them.

17-01-2008, 12:25
Well, TKs suffer from the fact that you are compelled to use at least two characters. Going magic heavy implies that you may like to field a Liche High Priest, but then not taking a Tomb King implies your chariots are special units instead of core. So Chariots + Magic heavy are a bit opposite on the strategic range of the TKs.

Against Dwarves you may have a hard time, specially if you usually play against the same guy. Dwarves have tons of stuff to counter magic and after the second game your friend will start bringing them in and you'll be in trouble.

The rest of the post follows my own taste and reflects the way I have used my army, so it will not reflect other possibilities and others may, rightfully, criticize my approach.

I advise you to read the TK tactica thread in this forum to evaluate other approachs.

TK army is better to use when taking a defensive approach. Nothing in the army can compare, not even close, to the hard hitting power that some other armies have, like Bretonnia or Chaos, Empire Knights, Orc foot units, and so on. Still you have some units that can deliver the punch, but they usually need to be supported to win battles.

Tactically, playing TKs is challenging as you will be balancing out on how to use your magic to boost your chances.

My army revolves around skeletons, mostly for their high survivability and the only that can give you static CR. Usually I take two large units of warriors plus one of Tomb Guard. I never - ever take cavalry, as I find no use for it.

I also usually take a couple of Archers unit, normally 15 + command, as they can reform and become an effective enemy stopper.

One or two units of Chariots may be useful to either front charge lighter targets or better to get flank charges (but for me, normally this is done by Ushabti). Remember this are Light Chariots and will not get much damage until destroyed, so (a) use them carefully and (b) Dwarf or Empire gunlines will eat through them. So, I only take them every now and then, but I will never have my army revolving around these.

As for Special units, I just carry one of each, simple. IMO, Special units are the most appealing part of this army (model wise and combat wise). Sometimes I drop the TG for another Ushabti or the extra Scorpion, and almost always take Carrion for being so effective to go machine hunting when boosted with magic.

As for the rare units, both are great, and I take either one of each or two catapults. I've never taken two giants, though.

One build I have enjoyed a lot is going Shooty + Magic. 3 archer units + 2 catapults. LHP, 2 LP and a Prince, but this is to my taste!

Find your style, and enjoy your models. I do love the TKs look.

19-01-2008, 00:24
i like tomb kings eventhough they failed me at last years gt heats. There good against most things just fear the anvil of doom from the dwarves.

It all depends on wether you want to play defensive or offensive really. The best defensive idea is alot of liche preist and ranged units, ie the catapult or casket. Have them backed up with large spearmen units and of cause a couple of scorpions to attack there artillery crews or to slow the enermy down while you rain death down upon them.

Or the other option is the offensive option with lots of fast moving units like the chariots and a bone giant surported with warriors and tomb kings and tomb princes. And again a couple of scorpions for the same reasons.

May i point out that the reason the tomb kings failed for me was because i took a unit of 40 skelly spearmen, which was fun and scary but there was no speed (unless you got your magic off) and hard to manouvor.

19-01-2008, 04:24
thnks very much for all of your comments they have been very helpful

19-01-2008, 08:36
I started playing Tk about 9 months ago, and the first 2-3 months was the most depressing days of my life. I had lost my first 20 games in a row - and I know you meed to learn to use your army an get to know it and eventually I did. But IME it really takes time to get to know and learn how to use the advantages of Tomb kings.
Everything comes down Magic is what i learned, and since the only upsides about being undead and ITP (huge and usefull upside though) it comes with an expensive price!

All that said, I love my Tomb Kings. Nice minies, i go with a scarab red - Dark angels green theme, all thinned down with water over a base of skull white, so colors looks old and worn. Nice theme IMO! And they are great and fun to play when you get a hang of it, espacially against armies with little magic defence.

So arm yourself with patience if you decide to use the TKs, but it will pay back in the end! :)

19-01-2008, 17:23
That colour schemes sounded cool any chance of seeing a pic of them? I went with just the usual brown/bone colour but used a yellow for the armour. Its abit blinding though which i hope puts my oppent off. lol.

21-01-2008, 13:32
Well im thinking og making a log any day soon with my Tomb kings. So I think i'tll be up tomorrow night or the next day :)

21-01-2008, 17:01
I just made my log dudes. So if you want inspiration or just tjeck out the TK's go here: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123662

21-01-2008, 18:24
I think TK rock, the magic is extremely reliable and the special unit choices are brick! I have also know a good Screaming scull catapult to kill well over 1,000 point of army in a 2,000 point battle, just a recomendation. If you bulk all of your magic together on charriots in the first move phase you can get a 24" charge also, this is kinda cool :p.

Just a few ideas for you, not giving away too much ...yet... :)