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The Corsa Corona, swept past the stars with a seductive slink, a tail between its legs at a retreat speed matched only by the most advanced engines the Imperium could now develop. The Corsa had taken a loss of almost 50% of its scouting fleet, tainted Apothecaries worked vigorously on the more valuable wounded, the meat grinders produced a constant flow of drug materials from the fallen militant to be consumed and fuel the madness from which created it. The Corsa now reached an acceptable speed for a limp and the external roar of the Corsa’s engines were finally audible to the crew. The loudest in the galaxy, living engines and the dull hum of the machine spirit as it sang for its family.

Aboard the Corsa Corona.
“I want them to hold that up for the rest of eternity.” Spat Lucius.
“But why? They’re Marines; it is such a waste to use their talents to just hold the throne that you never gather on. Could you have them guard it and at least pretend to be useful?” elucidated the Dwarf.
“I should have your head for even questioning my motivation Tastling. If they had of been in ear shot your life would have been forfeit.”
“Master, please, just answer me this; why will you have them do this?” “Because it’s tragic art Tastling, something you are but don’t even know it.” Lucius turns and hastens out of the large dark hold he is decorating.
“Other business elsewhere Stunty, follow.” He orders.
Tastling mumbles an unrecognisable mumble of displeasure at the thought of what this business Lucius may mean, probably watching his master gorge himself senseless and have disposable euphoric slaves feed off his waste while he flop around aggressively fondling everything in sight, maybe even Tastling himself.

The Corsa was still limping through space with imperial ships closing in. The Corsa had nowhere to run and almost nothing to defend itself with except its fleshy cargo and proximity defence weaponry. The Council of leaders were meeting and formulating a plan for defence when they are confronted again.
The largely ornate and decorated lord in the corner stood up. Bathed in white light as the pressure sensors in the seat released. The champion had a staunch muscular Demi-human of unrecognisable sex or race standing at the entrance of the council room holding the lords chosen pair of golden gauntlets with long obdurate mandible like claws.
This leader was the Company lord and Champion Hamlet. The muscle which held the armies sword arm and the man to come to when inquiring about his marines’. He was thousands of years old and had all the experience they needed if the corsa was boarded or to board the attacking ships he would also be the one to enquire for how the marines would be best deployed.

His voice a Tenor like husky tone that led you to believe he had taken choir and speech lessons began to give his report. The other Council members were all familiar with what he would say.
“The Marines will be best used to their advantage in a surprising brash assault if we make a sudden change in plans. If we let the enemy think we are preparing to slow and give them a broadside but only to release the siege boarding ships from the crown and a light broadside targeted at their engines. If we time it right they may believe that we will continue to target their engines in order to escape, but instead we will eat them from the centre.”
“Do you plan on capturing the broad-siding Ship?” a psychic voice penetrated. “Perhaps if the rest of the fleet is easy to deal to but that may take a few days, I’m not the one to consult about capturing vessels.” Hamlet retorted.
The animated room’s attention switched much to the demi-humans bedazzlement and then the council member’s eyes and attentions followed after towards the one that spoke.
“Yes, we do want these ships. We have lost many and will forever be referring to this event as our gods punishment if we do not seize this opportunity, it may takes years to find a fleet worth plundering……”
The collective mind of the council paused as if assessing the probablity.
They knew the zealous Imperials will be sending for backup and if they are lucky they will be a week away.
A small girl verbally interrupted. “Psychic logistics provided us with confirmation that an astropathic message was sent and we were able determine that relief will take them 5 days.” The girl quickly fell silent and the council members looked on her in perplexity.

This girl was able to change her form but stays in her submissive form customarily as not to make council members envious. She was the lowest ranking of the council but still a rival with skills worth looting; she was prophesised to lead the company in the undetermined future so they took this opportunity to have her involved in all high ranking matters. She was well on her way to daemon-hood and had been blessed with gifts of resilience, strength and an unholy aura even though she seemed like an angel to the sightless. The Council was surprised because they assumed her ignorant to the workings of the ship, an assumption that was localised in the words of her servants that waited on her at all times. They report her movements and education to the council as so they can keep close tabs in case she becomes a danger.

The council now debated directly in front of her whether her servants be executed. The girl whose old name was Luna and first Daemonic name Silas knew that if she protested then the fate of her servants would be execution within the hour, so callously protested anyway.
“I see no reason they be killed because they chose to enlighten me. Does this information I give find you wronged? If you have my servants executed it would mean I would have to train more, and that may take me weeks breaking them. Plus the one that assigned me these servants in the beginning chose them for a reason; it would also mean that they would have to waste their time finding more.”
At that point Lucius entered followed by an old ill tempered dwarf.
“Thank you for joining us Lucius; you missed our Prodigy’s first input into our meeting.” Spoke the psychic voice.
“I guess you want me to care then?” arrogantly gestured Lucius.
Twenty seconds passed and nothing was said.
“I AM psychic, I can sense what’s going on and learn outside of my teachings you know, they shouldn’t be executed!” Luna childishly demanded. “OoooOoo, gossip” howled Lucius.
Luna sunk into her chair, arms crossed, scowl on face like that of a problem child.

“Then it is decided, they WILL be executed.” Lucius smiled.
“Shut your wide toothy face.” Hamlet said with a joking snap.
“The Servants are not the issue and as far as I care can continue to do their job, right now we are discussing the issue of whether we need to disable the enemy fleet or take it. The back up has been rumoured to take 5 days to intercept us on our current course and they will not be treating us as a minor threat. So I assume they will send everything they have including ships that probably will not reach us by the end of the battle.
The imperials are foolish, and will pursue us even if it is inevitable that they will be defeated, martial pride is not encouraged in maritime warfare but they do because they hate us so much as to sacrifice themselves, even though they may end up making us stronger. I hope these ships are captained by fools and don’t know that.” The psychic voice ended.
“Humans pilot these ships, I do no doubt them but they are still little more than half useful slaves, I don’t expect them to know much more than that. They will try to delay us for the back up.” Hamlet stated.
“Your theory is seconded by Lucius.” Lucius said. Lucius followed on to explain how he would be the one to lead a kill team into the bridge of the lead ship and wipe the officers out. Lucius had cared a small degree for the Corsa and its crew as it was his Legions but it was not his company, he had no company, he was a mercenary getting paid by whatever company had him for the time.
Lucius knew the entire council well; he knew the plan of attack when being followed by ships capable of outrunning them and quite easily outgunning them.

The Corsa, a Chaos Repulsive grand cruiser with a waking Daemon engine that possessed most of the lower half of the ship, even though the Repulsive class has an enormous resiliency it had lost 50% of its engine speed and all of its offensive guns. What remained of the fleet was 2 Iconoclast Destroyers, 1 Idolator Class Raider and 3 Infidel Class Raiders and the fleet were all damaged.
The closing Imperial fleet doubled the amount of space mass and still had a relatively untouched Retribution Class Battleship, which was going to do all the broad-siding. The Imperial fleet had plenty of support ships keeping the Corsa from launching its assaults, and plenty of their own boarding crafts.
The Council was unphased by whatever boarding they tried to muster, the slaves and ship would deal to the invaders.

The battle that broke out was due to the Imperial fleet being docked on the other side of a planet waiting for the Emperors Children Fleet to be as unprepared as possible and take advantage of its blasé and arrogant crew while they raped the planet for all it was worth. The only saving grace was how most of the Marines survived and returned to the fleet due to the transport ships docking directly with the Corsa while the interceptors went to slow the attacking Imperial fleet. About 100 marines and support slave-onal were left and were either taking advantage of the feudal planet or fighting for their lives, either way they were more likely to survive rather than their Fleet, and so the company will live on in them.

25-09-2005, 19:01
The Assault on the Imperial Retributor was the key, if they could get 50% of the assault troops over to the Retributor and turn it against the rest of the fleet, they would be secure for then, the next step was to fix the engines and make an escape, the only way they would escape was if the astropaths in each of the approaching imperial ships were eliminated, then they could break contact with surrounding imperial forces. If all of this was achieved it would not come at a low cost of veteran warriors. The chances were slim but not unreasonable, and even if the chances were zero, what other choices did they have? They would give the Imperial fools a run for their money and leave as much infection on the survivors as they could.

This last passage didnt fit in the character limit.

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That's not really fluff but fiction and we have another forum for that.

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And multicoloured text does not make you a better writer.

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Wow what a constructive thing to say about someones work.
I coloured it to make it digestable.

Sorry for offending you oh mighty Verm1s