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17-01-2008, 10:56
Hey guys. What do you think of this list? Is there enough skellies. Take mind these are the mini's I have and I don't want to go out and buy a heap of crap before the new rule book comes out.

This will be held in an Australian 3K tournament so it needs to be comp fair as well as competitive. What do you fellers think?


Unnamed3000 Pts - Vampire Counts Army

1 Von Carstein Vampire Lord @ 435 Pts
Level 3 Wizard
Ring of the Night
Book of Arkhan
Sword of Might
Dispel Scroll

1 Von Carstein Vampire Lord @ 741 Pts
Level 3 Wizard; Lance
Cursed Book
Black Periapt [
Crown of the Damned

1 Zombie Dragon

1 Von Carstein Vampire Thrall @ 134 Pts
Great Weapon
Flayed Hauberk
Wolf Form

5 Dire Wolves @ 55 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

4 Fell Bats @ 80 Pts

4 Fell Bats @ 80 Pts

4 Fell Bats @ 80 Pts

2 Spirit Hosts @ 130 Pts

20 Sylvanian Militia @ 225 Pts
Spear; Full Command

17 Sylvanian Militia @ 195 Pts
Spear; Full Command

15 Grave Guard @ 225 Pts
Shield, Full command

15 Grave Guard @ 225 Pts
Shield, Full command

9 Black Knights @ 294 Pts
Barding; Standard, Muso
Banner of the Barrows

Casting Pool: 8

Dispel Pool: 6

Models in Army: 109

Total Army Cost: 2999

17-01-2008, 16:03
You know that a vamp lord is 0-1 right?

I would give the one possible vamp lord a lance, barded horse and carstein ring.

And get a master necromancer or 2 more necro's.

Ditch 1 unit of grave guard and make the other unit 25-30 models. get 2 more black knights or so. and get 2 units of 20 zombies, ditch the milita and get a unit of skellies.
and 2 banshees.

17-01-2008, 19:40
Sylvanians there is no cap on a 0-1 vampire lord... Sylvanians you can't have any necro's you get grave markers instead.

This is a storm of chaos list. Militia ARE skellies. They include spear, sheild and light armour.