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17-01-2008, 19:06
Basically I have a 40k tournament coming up in a few months time. This will be the first i've been to even though I have played for a while.

I have two main armies, Sisters of Battle and Imperial Fists. But which one do I take?

I have had my Sisters for the longest for around two years and are good fun to play with. I win a few games, but lose the same amount too. This army has the potential to be something different as it were rather than the steretypical "generic marine army".

However, I have been collecting and building an Imperial Fists army recently, just because it was different (for me at least). I have only played once with them and have spent a lot of time building and painting them.

Which army do the Warseer public think I should take?

17-01-2008, 19:18
I think your opponents might like playing against the Sisters, instead of another Space Marine army.

If you really don't have a preference yourself, I'd take the Sisters to the tourney.

17-01-2008, 19:19
First off you should get in a bunch of practice games, and directly compare them, not just for your win ratio but for the feel you much prefer. A few months is plenty of time to get enough experience in either of them so its more about which one you grow the biggest liking to between now and then.

Play lots of games with both, preferably versus similar armies/lists. A bit like a training regime...go forth Estavez! Your journey begins here!

With saying that, Space Marines tend to do better but only cheesey lists (I believe) usually make it far, Sisters offer a higher limit for your skill. Marines tend to hold that back abit IMHO.

EDIT: and to further Molotovs point, most armies in tournies are designed to kill Marines. A Sisters army would require a completely different set of tactics which will more likely be lacking in your enemies. I say go for the feminist army of whoopi goldbergs.

17-01-2008, 19:21
problem here for us is by only knowing that much info we can't say much beyond personal preference and, I agree with what the commmisaur said.

17-01-2008, 19:22
Take the Sisters. You've played with them for a while, so it will be easier to remember things during the tourney and concentrate on enjoying yourself.

That would be my recommendation.

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17-01-2008, 19:25
practice helps,

But you say you seem to win and lose in similar quantities with the sisters then i say take them, my old iron warrior tournie force either won or lost(usually via massacre or getting massacred)

I like forces that are more varied when it comes to par-taking in a tournie, man playing space marine after space marine player sux, even if some are chaos marines, but if your force of iron fists is more than just a different colour typical smurf list than take it, if not use the sisters, at the end it does come down to personal preference, however, if you have more experience using the sisters take them purely for that reason.

17-01-2008, 19:38
My preference has been that i'm undecided. If that makes sense.

Basically I have played sisters a while, I know what i'm doing with them, and know what tactics to use. Logic dictates I take them. Plus there are a couple of interesting conversions in there.

My view on my marine army is that there almost a pickup and play force. There are tactics involved, just more subtle. Thanks for the advice, espcially Radish with an interesting viewpoint. They perhaps wont be expecting them :)

17-01-2008, 20:26
I don't know if my friends just don't know how to fight sisters, but i have never lost with them (to be fair though, i haven't used them in awhile so i dont know how they compare to new codexes). To me, they're a damn good army, they have enough units dedicated to various tasks so you always have something to deal with everything.

17-01-2008, 23:36
Read the Withhunter Tactica: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151
You will find some useful advice among its 6600 posts to strengthen your army ;)
It is a very good Tactica thread, even if you only read a part of it.

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