View Full Version : Original Ork books.

Sgt Biffo
18-01-2008, 12:56
Am I right in remembering the original Ork books for the RT era to be

Waaagh! Orks
'Ere we go

Spelling corrections too if you can...

18-01-2008, 12:57
yes they are the ones, although for spelling i cant help,

Leftenant Gashrog
18-01-2008, 20:27
spelling-wise it was Freebooterz, 'Ere We Go and Waaargh Orks (no exclamation mark)

18-01-2008, 22:01
I have Waaagh! Orks it's awesome,

18-01-2008, 22:59
I have the set, they are outstanding for material.

Watch out, in 'Ere we Go, there are templates in the back. Many people cut them out. Mine is complete. :)