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18-01-2008, 18:52
Currently I play Skaven and Lizardmen. I have played them since like 1992. Back then they were Slann, not lizards and damn cool. Since then I;ve dabbled in HE, and played Chaos. I am thinking of a new army and was considering WE.

HOWEVER... lol the only things I've heard from our local store is how cheap they are and how much people hate them. Reading here and some other sites I am kind of seeing a similar trend in them being powerful. Not that I;m adverse to this... but I don't want to play a "cheap" or widely disliked army.

w/o flaming them, can anyone give me some real opinons? What makes them so cheap and hated? I haven't seen them actually played in years so I onyl have others stories to go on. I don't remember them being that powerful back in the WFB box set when Lizardmena dn Bretts came out. That's about when i was really playing, just getting back into the game now.


18-01-2008, 19:12
I donīt think they are overpowered or too cheap. Some of the funniest games Iīve had were against WE.

18-01-2008, 19:44
People will complain about just about any army that isn't their own.

Like most other armies, there are a few nasty builds (generally, it seems, centered around a couple treemen and possibly a dragon) -- also much like most other other armies who each have their OTT builds.

On top of that, WE are highly mobile, so require a change in thinking/tactics. Some people only want certain types of games, so don't like like to play armies that don't play on their terms.


I say, if you like them, play them. I've only had a few games against them and although they are very competitive, I've enjoyed the challenge & change of pace. Just my opinion, though.

18-01-2008, 20:16
That OTT army would get really smashed facing my dwarfs (counting the ammount of fire runes I use when I know I am to meet WE.

18-01-2008, 20:53
Well it would seem from reading the book and various forums that the main issue would be the mobilty. I know in at least the games around here they are relatively straight forward, run and smash games. An army that plays opposite of GW's own core game design of big burly units makes sense that it would annoy people.

Are treemen really that nasty? It would seem the killing blow from the shooting would be best.

18-01-2008, 21:07
I have played against them a lot and I have own some of the time but lost most of the games. I don't think they are over powered in anyway (I have killed only one unit and my friend killed my whole army). Yes you can overpower the army but you can do that with any army.

18-01-2008, 22:37
I play against wood elves a lot (my son plays them) and I think that they are quite fun to play against. Sure they are fast and the treemen is very strong especially the ancient with annoyance of nettlings. However they are low toughness, low armour save so if you can get into combat you have a good chance of winning (if you can deal with the treemen). This gives very tactical games that are really determined by movement or lack of movement. They are also one of the armies that can deal with almost any other army if you play with sufficient amounts of terrain. A few woods and tree singing can really ruin the day for many armies (especially slow, shooting armies)