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Lapsed Pacifist
18-01-2008, 19:15
I wonder if someone could help me, I've noticed that the newer plastic mini's seem bigger than the older ones, for example the Rangers seem much chunkier than the WoMT (almost a different scale), although they are about the same height.

Just at what point did they get bigger? (I know the metals have always been bigger).

How do the Haradrim on foot compare to the new Corsairs? (has anybody got them yet?)

How do the Morannan orcs compare to the standard ones?


18-01-2008, 19:55
I have some warriors of Minas Tirth and a Minis Tirith Command and the size in the helmet is very noticable. The Metal ones have much larger helmets than the plastic ones

18-01-2008, 20:55
The difference is noticable but negligible. I think the Minas Tirith plastics are the worst as far as size difference with others. They seem a little small compared to the metals.

18-01-2008, 21:13
The Warriors of Minas Tirith heads arnet really that detailed. The only part of them with detail is the tree on their chestplate. I thik they havnt put much effort into thses mias tirith warriors, they just look pants