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25-09-2005, 22:43
I suppose this question is not so much a question regarding set in stone rules, rather a question out of curiosity.

In your gaming groups, how do you typically handle terrain placement?
The people I play with usually do like this:
Each player rolls three times on a terrain table. Next we set all the terrain aside and roll off. Whoever rolls highest places the first peice of terrain and then the players take turns placing terrain until it is all down.

What methods do you use?

25-09-2005, 22:49
In our club, the table is divided into 6 2'x2' squares, and each player rolls for 3 of them. 50/50 chance of their being terrain. They then dice off to see who rolls for the centre, and agains there's a 50/50 chance of terrain being there.

Each player then places a piece of terrain in each of the areas they rolled for that resulted in a positive for terrain.

Then players roll off for sides and begin deployment.

25-09-2005, 22:52
For a friendly game we usually set up whatever we feel is appropriate.

Usually one player sets up the table and we roll dice to select sides. It's unusual that the terrain is placed to the obvious benefit of one player. In short, it's not in placing terrain one wins the battle.

The most "fair" way would of course be that one player sets up the table and the other player selects which side he will have.


26-09-2005, 08:21
Another way still is to have an impartial third person (not participating in the game) setting up the terrain.

26-09-2005, 09:28
Typically we either get a third party to position it the dice for side OR divide table into 6 sectors. Have 6 pieces of scenery (not more than 2 of each type) usually woods, hills, buildings. Give each sector & each item a number 1-6

Roll a dice if you roll 2 then item 2 goes into sector 1 & so on. reroll any duplicates. After that use 3D6 & scatter dice to reposition items. 'Hit' = stay where it is.

Then roll for side

Means Dwarves, Empire & other shooties don't necessarily get their hills!!!

Major Defense
26-09-2005, 11:40
We agree on a random number of terrain pieces, like 1D6 or 1D4+1. Then we either select one of the six terrain lists or roll if we're not going for a theme. Then we temporarily mark the center of a 4'x4' table with a penny. Then we roll 2D6 to select a terrain piece from the list in the book. For each terrain piece we roll D20+D12+direction die for how many inches from the center in which direction it is placed. Then we randomize all features of the terrain piece. Hill or forest? On a 4+ it's a forest. D6+6" in diameter. And so on. Sounds like a lot but it goes quick.

26-09-2005, 12:05
First which terrain table to use is determined by rolling a dice. After determining the table each player in turns selects one square and rolls on the terrain table to generate a piece of terrain which is placed in the centre of the square. Then roll the Scatter and Artillery dice. If a Misfire is rolled the terrain piece is removed. Otherwise the piece is moved in the direction of the Scatter dice a distance in inches equal to the roll on the Artillery dice. If a Hit is rolled the number on the Artillery dice is halved and the little arrow on the Hit-symbol is used. A further roll of the Scatter dice can be used to determine the orientation of the terrain piece, if necessary.

26-09-2005, 16:44
If we're being intense about it, we divide up the table into 6 squares and roll a D6 for each section. 1-2 = no terrain, 3-4 = forrest, 5-6 = hill. Then we scatter each piece using the artillary die.

Usually we just arrange the pieces in a way that both players agree.

27-09-2005, 08:55
Well I use different ways, depending on circumstance.

First, we place terrain and roll to choose side.

Second, we use the terrain generator (where we choose one) and roll 3 or 4 times, depending on size of battle.

Third, I'm working on a terrain generator of my own, where we roll again 3 or 4 times. This works on a D66 principle.

Crazy Harborc
27-09-2005, 19:40
"Most" of our games use the "Realms of Men" OR "Ulthuan & Naggar-whatever" selection I have correct/suitable pieces for the lists).

When games are at my place, I roll up eight pieces (4 by 8 table). They are all placed the length of the centerline, ready for selection at gametime.

I always ask if the randomly rolled terrain is okay? We roll a D6, high die desides first pick. After all are selected, we place them as we see fit.

Sometimes, I roll it and set the table up a day (AT the least) in adavance. Then the opponent(s) picks the side.

One opponent does think terrain should "interfere" with movement?? He's the only one, so he's usually outvoted.

We don't play a blood sport game, we play for fun.

28-09-2005, 12:06
One opponent does think terrain should "interfere" with movement?? He's the only one, so he's usually outvoted.
I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you elaborate?

Crazy Harborc
29-09-2005, 02:45
He makes terrain part of what you must overcome. He will try to set up the field in a way that neither opponent wants to fight a battle on it. The rest of us, like terrain that can aide not hinder a game. Whenever he's been an opponent, he wants both players to place terrain on both sides of the centerline. He likes armies that are HtH, low on shooters so, "we don't need hill this time".

We aren't doing campaigns, no prizes are involved and it's for fun NOT keeps. To us, the table should be set up the way a general would like for a coming battle. Why have a table that favors one and or works against the other player. We prefer to toll for the terrain, pick our side of the table and set it up. If there are no woods/hills/whatever, this time it should be because the dice were against it. Not because one opponent "selected" it to be that way.