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18-01-2008, 21:40
as i'm in a Super Heavy mood, i thought i would open up specific discussons on specifics tanks going head to head.

so 1st up the Stormsword vs the Hellhammer, what are your views on which tank is best and give your reasons why.


18-01-2008, 22:05
Hello there.

Each of these tanks has its plus points, but overall, I think the Hellhammer just edges it, and makes those extra 50 points well spent. Here's why:

1)It has a turret: for something as slow as a Super-Heavy tank this is important, since you'll want it to engage as many targets as it can. With the short range of the cannon, the ability to aim it in any direction is a definite bonus. Plus, you don't have to risk exposing the weaker side and rear armour. With the Shadowsword and Stormblade and their massive ranges, this isn't a problem, but the Stormsword and Hellhammer have to get well within enemy heavy weapon range to do the damage.

2) It has a proper co-axial weapon, making it potetially more accurate than the Stormsword.

3) It keeps the hull demolisher, meaning it isn't a total write-off in the big blast stakes if the turret gun gets aced.

4) It packs lascannons, meaning that it can protect itself to some extent from big nasty things like attacking dreadnoughts.

The only real downside is the lack of heavy bolters, which means its other anti-personnel capability, especially to the sides and rear, is poor outside of very short ranges. This tank needs its flanks protecting.

19-01-2008, 00:23
hellhammer is worth the 50pts in game terms, but its looks and ideas are kinda lame.

Inquisitor D'selinas
19-01-2008, 00:46
I own a Stormsword (pics in my project log below plug, plug) so this may be a little biased...:angel:

I'll admit that the Hellhammer has a better weapon selection, but personally the Stormsword looks far far better.
Also the Stormsword uses the wonking great 10" blast not the Hellhammer's piffling little 7" lol

The shortcomings of both can be rectified with an appropriate escort of Leman Russ. My tank (the Castigator :D) goes round with a Vanquisher to keep the enemy anti tank at bay, sometimes it even works :p

I can't wait for Forgeworld to release the resin conversion kit for it, a company of three would be fantastic lol

19-01-2008, 09:48
lol! Very true! The Stormsword definitely wins in the looks department, and I hadn't noticed the discrepancy in the template size for the main gun:rolleyes:!

Chalk two points up there for the Stormsword (three for the heavy bolters) - the tanks are more evenly matched than I thought!

19-01-2008, 12:15
I'd go with the Stormsword, because:
A) it looks better
B) the extra template radius and
C) it's much better for infantry killing at range (the Lascannons on the Hellhammer lose out on that ability for me)

19-01-2008, 16:14

Just do no like the idea behind the hellhammer, not sure why, just don't.