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19-01-2008, 12:18
here is the next installment of the 'Super Heavy Choice' post that i am doing.

These 2 are the what i believe are the Tank Killing Super Heavies in the IG Range, so as with the Stormsword vs Hellhammer thread, please make your choice and give you reasons.

Its the Stormblade for me as the 2 types of Shot the Plasma Blastgun puts out beats the Shadowswords's BS4 and Volcano Cannon

19-01-2008, 16:14
Stormblade, plasma appeals to me more than a super las cannon.

Chaos and Evil
19-01-2008, 16:52
In Epic Shadowswords are undoubtedly superior at killing war engines, whilst Stormblades can put out more attacks per turn, and at closer ranges become superior against most target types.

Being as 40k battlefields are so small compared to Epic, in a 40k battle I think I'd prefer to have a Stormblade in my army, rather than the long-range titan sniper Shadowsword, as there won't be the range available on a 40k sized table to make use of the Shadowsword's big advantage (Extreme long range, plus virtual immunity from aircraft strikes due to its heavy armour / structure points).

In Epic, I reckon I prefer the Shadowsword, as they're a very reliable way of constricting the enemy's Titans (I set it up in a position with a good line of sight to the battlefield and stick it on overwatch).

19-01-2008, 18:31
If they did the stormblade right (titan killing missile and missile rack on the sponson), then I'd vote for the stormblade. Since FW left the missiles off of the stormblade, I feel the shadowsword is better at killing warmachines.

Against tanks, it's almost a toss up. I do believe that the volcano cannon has better range though. The shadowsword gets my vote in tank killint too.

19-01-2008, 18:56
Who cares! I'm getting both!
I prefer the look of the stormblade though. I think plasma weapons are the coolest weapons GW has designed, so a super heavy with a superheavy plasma cannon just appeals to me more than a big lasgun.

inquisitor solarris
19-01-2008, 19:46
i would go with the stormblade as plasmas are cool but with it's gun you can take more out then the shadwowsword can (especially against things like ork or tyranids).