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Rabid Bunny 666
19-01-2008, 18:34
Reet then, another log that will be getting updates occasionally.

I've got next week off which means i'll be spending the days painting up my Red Corsairs. They're gonna be like Gen.Steiner's (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53300) with the majority of the marines being in different colours.

Link to my Hellhammer and Lord (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121366)

Stuff i have to paint;

Red=not yet undercoated/fully WYSWYG
Normal=not yet purchased

15 CSM (from Havocs, Chosen and Troops)
Chaos Lord
6 Noise Marines
Slaanesh Sorcerer
Slaanesh Lord
Nurgle Posessed Hellhammer

3 Predators

31 CSM (from Havocs, Chosen and Troops
9 Posessed
15 Terminators

1 Posessed
20 CSM (from Havocs, Chosen and Troops
1 Terminator

I've got 5 squads of 10 CSM, with an Icon, Plasma Gun and Meltagun as well as an Aspiring Champion, 2 squads of 5 havocs, one with Heavy Bolters, one with Rocket Launchers, polished off with 6 chosen. I'll write up a list later.

And now a pic of everything apart from the Slaanesh part, the Lord and the Hellhammer.


updates coming tomorow or later on.

edit: Bunging the Army in a list form here, this is only the stuff i have currently.


Chaos Lord; Terminator Armour, Lightning Claws.
= 130

Chaos Lord; Mark of Slaanesh, Daemon Weapon.
= 135

Chaos Sorcerer; Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission.
= 125


10 Chaos Terminators; Champion with Lightning Claws, 4 Combi Meltas, 2 Reaper Autocannons, Chainfist, Powerfist
= 465

6 Chaos Terminators; Champion with Icon of Chaos Glory, Reaper Autocannon, Chainfist, Powerfist.
= 250

10 Posessed; Icon of Slaanesh, Aspiring Champion.

6 Chosen; Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 Power Weapons, 2 Combi Plasmas, Aspiring Champion.
= 178


10 Chaos Space Marines; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Meltagun.
= 225

10 Chaos Space Marines; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Meltagun.
= 225

10 Chaos Space Marines; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Meltagun.
= 225

10 Chaos Space Marines; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Meltagun.
= 225

10 Chaos Space Marines; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Meltagun.
= 225

6 Noise Marines; 6 Sonic Blasters, Aspiring Champion.
= 165

Heavy Support

5 Havocs; 4 Heavy Bolters.
= 135

5 Havocs; 4 Missile Launchers.

Super Heavies

Hellhammer; Armour Plates.


= 3653 points

Spartan-001: Master Chief
20-01-2008, 00:18
some nice stuff there jack i want to see more pics and my guard want to kill some more chaos scum :-D

Rabid Bunny 666
20-01-2008, 11:08
Thanks Josh, don't worry, i'm sure my luck'll pick up before next time >: )

Update number one, Chaos Space Marine from the Raptor Legion;
NB: The head is mutated to have a half-crown of Horns, only the armour is fully done.


Its going to be single posts for each other marine to come.

Rabid Bunny 666
20-01-2008, 11:18
Next up is a Scythes of the Emperor from my Heavy Bolter Havoc squad. Again, only the armour and the face done.

The white Horse, a symbol of the Scythes, instead of an Aquilla. The background behid this guy is he ditched his chapter after they were almost wiped out by the 'nids, joined the Red Corsairs, but refused to remove his insignia as hes a bit egotistical and pictures them as beneath him (The Scythes of the Emperor helped quash the Badab uprising)
the Kaboom Devastator symbol.
The undefaced chapter symbol with a Chaos Star underneath.
Edit; this pic shows off the true colour of the yellow armour, the others make it look brighter.

Rabid Bunny 666
20-01-2008, 11:24
a Test marine from an unnamed (as of yet chapter) taken from one of my basic CSM squads.

You can't see it very well, but the things on his riht shoulder and left leg are flayed faces :evilgrin:

Rabid Bunny 666
20-01-2008, 11:30
ANOTHER one, i may just leave the other 5 for tomorrow.

Soul Drinker;
Defaced Chalice
Showing his (other) helmet

edit: thought i'd bung in the list of the other WIP marines;

1 Imperial Fist
1 Raptor
1 Grey one (like Pre Heresy SW grey)
1 Angel of the Apocalypse (old homebrew chapter)
1 Orange Marines (no name, but the background on them is they refused to kill civilians, were declared excommunucate, and are now mercs hired out by Gangs on hiveworlds)
1 Minotaur
1 Son of Medusa
1 Lamenter
1 Blood Angel
1 Mortificator
1 White Scar
1 light purple
1 Crimson Fist
1 Dark Blue
1 Green
1 grubby (green/blue mix of stippling)
1 Yellow Terminator (may be bone)
5 Red Corsairs

Started making my Sorc (will do another one in Termie armour) and another Lord to lead smaller battles.

21-01-2008, 00:34
Josh u would'nt fit in spartan armour lol,
im liking it Jack mate you need to stop showing us up lol

Rabid Bunny 666
21-01-2008, 00:36
But i need to prove i'm painting stuff :D

21-01-2008, 00:49
No you don't lol

Spartan-001: Master Chief
22-01-2008, 23:09
Jack do you remeber my solar fists you should do one of them. they are simple.

but realy good work. i might see a painted army by this man !!!!

Mr Feral
22-01-2008, 23:18
Great start, nice highlighting. I would suggest to make the red Chaotic symbols tarnishing the armour a bit more prominent, to make them easier to identify as Red Corsairs ;) Nice work.

05-07-2008, 09:08
i like how your doing the many different chapters instead of the overall corsair scheme.

05-07-2008, 09:15
Cant wait to see them all finished and together!

05-07-2008, 09:16
some really really nice stuff here, i'm keepin an eye on this thread.



Rabid Bunny 666
05-07-2008, 14:10
Thanks for the comments sanderskid, redstarone and G.Hawke, but this log died long ago to be replaced with The idiocy of two Sluffians (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132128)