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Death Korp
19-01-2008, 19:04
I was thinking of cunning plans and such when i thought of this idea. :D

I thought when Warhammer and Warhammer 40k get there own tacticas, why don't we LOTR players have one for all races good and evil?

I will start rolling the ball, I was thinking of adding some of the new harad stuff into my mordor army, and i don't know what to get... I like having calvary (well, lots) and raiders seem a good place to start. but waht else?


I have the following models for my Angmar army:

*The Witch king of Angmar on horse
*24 Orc Warriors
*2 Banners
*Shaman (Taken from BaraDur)
*Captain (Taken from BaraDur)
*2x Cave Trolls
*9x Spirit Thingys (forgot what the damned things are called)
*1x Shade
*1x Barrow Wight
*Warg Chieften

I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decent army list out of it (700pts) for me please, as i have had not alot of success with this army. I am willing to add to the army if needed though.

DK (And if a tactica has already been made, please delete if nessecary)

Pitalla Crimson
20-01-2008, 00:52
Well first of all drop the witch king and the barrow wights, those cost alot of points for wath they do, use them in larger battles.

1 orc shaman
1 orc captain with shield
8 Orc warriors with shield
8 orc warriors with spears
9 orc trackers
1 orc with banner

From here on I would recomend you to use some cavalry, maybe drop gulavar since he costs alot of points for wath he does tought I have never used him.