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Lord Brrrp
19-01-2008, 22:17
Why a Slaan is worth taking?
1. He is your general and extremely good at holding skinks together with LD9 and coldblooded.
2. He replaces the need to take a BSB for a mere 25 pts.
3. He has both high leadership and is a level 4 wizard.
4. He only has to be 325 points. That is only about about 50-100pts over a level 4 mage of other races (orc versus elf)
5. The other races will need to take magical protection and often horses for additional points narrowing the gap. They will often be attacked and die at some point.
6. Even at Generation 5, you have the advantage of lots of wounds, large target and a ward save. You also can +1 dispel and +1 cast. You easily can field a naked Fifth Spawning Slaan as a solid option.
7. The additional points base level 4 Slaan versus base level 4 wizard in another race is explained by:
• LD9 which is coldblooded (significantly better than any other general)
• The ability to be the bsb too.
• The ability to be hidden in a unit where you can’t reach me.
• The ward save
• The ability to +1 cast and dispel
• The ability to take one to four lores.
8. Additional generations cost points but are optional. The second generation makes huge sense if you want to overwhelm the enemy with magic. You simply can cast 6 default or low cost spells (generally 7+ spells or under) spells a turn without any fear of not casting them. Your average roll will be 8. Your opponent will struggle 2d6 to dispel or 3d6? He will run out of dispel options quickly.
9. Slaan don’t NEED magic items. When you start adding magic items and generations, yes you get brutally expensive but that is a choice. A Naked 2cd Generation Slaan is little different than a loaded level 4 mage for some higher cost races like elves.
10. You hardly have to worry about enemy magic. Their key mage will have a hard time as you can use 1d6 plus the free die and the +1 casting bonus to easily make all 5’s and 6’s go away in their casting phase. Any other lower level mage will face the fact you have +1 to dispel and lots of dice.
11. I will grant you that often a second generation slaan is overkill depending on the army you face. But to say a fifth generation slaan is overkill, I beg to differ. You really need virtually no magic items. The 4+ save works depending on the enemy and you have plenty of wounds. Look, if they have that much missile fire take the lore of life and likely you will have the ability to heal yourself and stop their machines. You can always take 15pts of magic to ensure you get virtually any spell in a single lore. You also are the easiest general and battle standard bearer to protect.
12. As for LOS issues, if the enemy can’t get to me (I will know after deployment) easily, then go ahead and get the slaan out on his own. One of the reasons I don’t always take temple guard is because then my Slaan can leave and join the unit as he wishes (to get 360 degree LOS for several early rounds).

My Slaan does a lot for my army for little more than the cost of a level 4 mage. Only against certain opponents do I sacrifice slots and points for a 2cd generation spawning. But against the right opponents, that 2cd generation spawning is brutal.

19-01-2008, 22:23
Everyone knows slaan are amazingly good.

they are the point of lizardmen.

Oh and too add:

You get a free dice to CAST not to dispel with a 2nd gen.
Slaan should always take magic items. Plague of Tepok + Diadem is almost mandatory for full use.

Always take 4th or 2nd gen.

4th gen is a 5th gen that cant miscast for a meger 40 pts. a must have.
3rd gen takes an extra hero slot and awards extra VPs if killed. For drain magic (so bad)
2nd gen is best option.

Lord Brrrp
19-01-2008, 22:46
Exactly right the extra die is to cast. The extra +1 is both cast and dispel.

Some people think slaan can't get their points back (see thread below).

I disagree on taking a 4th level slaan. Give me 40pts of magic items versus worrying about miscasts. I certainly don't worry about miscasts often. 2d6 and 3d6 spells rarely miscast and with +1 casting I generally can go all the way to 12+ on 3 dice. 5th or 2cd for me. But if I use a 5th spawning slaan then you can count on my taking 4 or 5 default spells or spells I can reasonably cast on 2d6.

Magic items are ok but certainly not needed. I have "built in" magic items in wounds, ward saves and better casting and dispelling powers. Plaque of Tepok sure another spell is always nice. I can agree you could take this for 15pts all the time.

Certainly, Slaan have extremely good magic item selection but I don't need all them. There are times that the 40 pts for 4th gen and the 50 pts for magic should go to a coulple terradons or a salamader pack or another 15 skirmishing skinks.

19-01-2008, 22:56

the way i see it this is the only way to field a slaan:

2nd Gen
Plaque of Tepok
Plaque of dominion
Diadem of power
610 pts.

Hes a pre-made magic phase.

20-01-2008, 20:29
Everyone knows slaan are amazingly good.


This is a direct response to my thread... you could have just posted on my thread...

Anyway im proud of the fact that i h8 slann!

I wont post my response here (or maybe just a quick copy paste job) its on my own thread

so to conclude, i respect your opinion but your wrong!

Lord Brrrp
20-01-2008, 20:40
At least the intent of this thread is to show someone who may be new to lizzies what the benefits of slaan are. On the other hand, your thread certainly and and thoroughly demonstrates the potential weaknesses. Both should be read.

20-01-2008, 21:05
I posted both the advantage(s) and disadvantages of slann, but focused on what i thought was more important;

Although you do have a point...

20-01-2008, 21:09
Everybody who has ever played with or against a slann knows that they´re way too good for their points, if they don´t think so, then they or the opponent is using him wrong (don´t know how that could be, he´s basically a point & click model)...

21-01-2008, 01:08
Point him in the right direction, and then he will tell the laws of physics to shut up and sit down? :D

~Vaarsuvias Order of the Stick, www.giantitp.com

21-01-2008, 16:08
These won't include the regular 2 dice you get.

5th gen slann = 4 powerdice for 325 points = 81.25 points per dice
2 lvl 2 skinks = 4 powerdice for 200 points = 50 points per dice

Looks like slann sucks, until you go to 2nd gen:

2ng gen slann w/ tepok = possible 10 power dice for 475 = 47.5 points per dice

At this point it is worth is for the powerdice alone and then on top you have a T6, 8 wound monster with a 4+ ward rather than 2 weak skinks who is also a large target so you can shoot over units. Not to mention the +1 to cast and dispel.

So slann aren't worth it unless you go for the 2nd gen and generate all the powerdice you can, but at that point you're crazy ; )

21-01-2008, 23:06
then im crazy. i take the point eating fat frog in any game that allows me to pack a lord choice. i rarely regret it either.

23-01-2008, 15:48
what would you go for if you are heading for a 2250p tournament where power dice usage is limited to max. 9 per round?

you can "have" more dice in your pool, but are not allowed to use more than 9 per round..

i figure gen 4 slann accompanied by 2 skink, one lvl1 and one lvl2

or is the 2nd gen slann worth going for?
then you can forget the skink, but have hero choice less and less dispell dice which makes you more voulnerable..

23-01-2008, 19:12
Take it anyway and enjoy it when you face someone who has items that siphon off power dice to their dispel pool and you are still at your upper bounds.

Personally I wouldn't play in this format unless similar bounds are placed on cavalry, shooting, and fliers.

31-01-2008, 14:15
I would ask if that üsing 9 dies"includes the free one the 2nd gen gets. If it doesnt take it for sure cos it will slay EVERYTHING.

Commisar BoB
31-01-2008, 15:23
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